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  1. The sharpshooting damage does not increase even when I use the paper card or any other items with critical increase damage.
  2. So nag apply ako ng custom diff to make shadow weapons sprites appear kahit nasa costume tab siya, Eto yung sample item ko: 32211,Infinity_Hunter_Bow,Infinity Hunter Bow,12,2500,,600,90,,5,0,0x000A0848,7,2,131072,1,4,1,113,{ skill "RA_ARROWSTORM",10; bonus bMaxHPrate,3; },{},{} What happens is kapag sinusuot ko, bumababa yung base atk ng character, diba pwedeng mag act lang to as costume? Without Shadow Weapon: With Shadow Weapon: Patulong po ako. Thanks po
  3. Hello, my server is already up and running. Got around 200-300 average online players, but this happened to me once a while ago and I think this might cause problems in the future. What happened is this happened for a short amount of time, players who logged out had a hard time logging in back, some got dc'ed. After like 10-15 minutes server is fine again and is not showing this warnings anymore. Map Server didn't crash but I think this might lead to map-server crash. I also have memory leaks when I close the map-server but I suppose this is the only one I'm concerned right now. What should I do to fix this? Note: When this occured, there are still 200+ players online. After 15 minutes, players can log back in again. I asked the host provider if we're experiencing ddos and no, traffic is low and normal
  4. Last time I tried I think it was way back 2019, I tried applying extended vending system but got errors. Anyone can guide me?
  5. How to change this? I'm already using zackdreavers and ash translation?
  6. I cannot patch Increase Headgear ViewID here? anyone help?
  7. Greetings, are you still selling this design?


  8. Hello, I'm using 2017-06-14b client How do I remove/change this floating icon?
  9. Thanks guys! Problem solved!
  10. Hmmm. Where do I put my packet keys now? It's been a while since I used rAthena. It seems db/packet_db.txt is missing.. hmmm
  11. Thank you for this I really wanted a dark theme for rA.
  12. Rate Please This was supposed to be for a client but he decided to rename his server.
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