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I've seen many people having issues with the RSU patchers ("Failed to retrieve x file"), so this software attempts to fix these problems.

Here's what the appliction looks like :


Key features

  • Current downloads can be stopped at any time and resumed later on
  • Downloads can be refreshed by renewing the connection (sometimes, the FTP server doesn't send you as much data as it should, slowing you down a lot)
  • Each patch is applied right after it's been downloaded, so you don't need to start from the beginning everytime
  • The merging is done via GRF Editor's library
  • The GRFs are defragmented automatically (due to the library's speed, there's no need to specify a limit on when to defragment the GRF; it's done everytime the GRF is modified)
  • Sometimes, the FTP server sends the wrong stream offset (causing damaged gpf/rgz files); the software can detect those and ask for a new stream automatically
  • Embedded resources, so only one exe file is required
  • If there is a problem while downloading a file (ex : connection lost or the FTP server closed the stream for no apparent reason), the program will attempt to renew the connection

It uses a self-assembly editing "technique" to create new patchers. I've added this feature because of the different official patchers out there. By default, it uses :

http://webpatch.ragnarok.co.kr/ with patchRE.txt and ftp://ragnarok.nowcdn.co.kr:20021/Patch/

If you need to change patchRE.txt to patchRE3.txt (to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what the difference is between those two, now I do, thanks Ai4rei), you can generate a new assembly with the Properties icon at the bottom like this :


General information

This application requires .Net 4.0. This is the major con, because players may not have this library installed by default (even though it's advised to install the .Net libraries for the renewal client). This application has been tested on Windows XP/Vista/7. This is not a replacement for the RSU patchers nor your own patcher (but I don't see why it wouldn't work?).

Due to its implementation, if you do not provide a .inf file, the patcher will start at the beginning of the patching list. This means that if you're using patchRE.txt (you should), make sure you have provided all the patches from patchRE3.txt first in your installer, otherwise they will just get skipped (because the patcher only deals with one list). It's also strongly recommended to include the .inf file with your installer, whatever patcher you use.

Leave a comment or suggestions ;o, thank you!

What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


  • Again, left the debugging console on - just to be sure everything runs smoothly
  • The GRFs will be created automatically if it doesn't exist
  • The .inf file will get created automatically as well

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