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New Forum "Dark" Theme

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Since the update yesterday, it's become more and more obvious that the new and additional white areas are.. a little unforgiving on the eyes.

Last night I began to tailor a new forum theme for us to use. It's called "Dark" and is inspired by the Discord Dark theme. It's available to all users from the Theme dropdown at the bottom of any page.

There are a few limitations though, the most prominent being the Editor. I've managed to restyle the codebox syntax highlighting and various other elements that are created inside it, but the loading code of the editor itself (hardcoded into IPS4) doesn't allow me to change the silver toolbar above the content area. Various textboxes are also still default until i thrash out the theme files and apply new classes, otherwise textboxes that should be lighter go darker and then you can't actually see what you've been typing. I'll fix it though.

The rA Staff have been testing this for the last 24 hours and I think we've managed to cover all the glaringly obvious changes - but if you find a page element that I've missed, please feel free to screenshot the area and post a topic under Forum Issues.

Hopefully this new theme won't make your eyes bleed quite as much as the new default theme!


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15 hours ago, Kakaroto said:

Honestly I did not like the dark version much, I prefer the same white, cleaner, more beautiful and more interesting.


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On 8/11/2017 at 3:29 PM, Dev Blaze said:

I agree much better clean and white ;)

Friendly reminder that you have options and nobody is disputing the pleasantness of the default theme- but when you lurk on the forums at 2AM - the blinding white light can cripple your eyeballs.

~Azura Skyy

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