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  1. bykass1

    Client does not run

    Hello, first of all I'm sorry I'm using google translate, I'm having a problem with my hexed above 2015+ versions that when I run it does not work and it needs to run several times to work, everything in the game is working perfectly, just to run the problem Does anyone know how to solve it?
  2. bykass1


    How to add this function in nemo ?
  3. How to edit .IMF files to organize heads in game?
  4. Hello everyone, I needed to edit a certain file, I believe this file is responsible for the order of the head in relation to the body, but I do not know how to do it. I would love to know how to edit this.
  5. bykass1

    Ragnarok Index

    How can I translate to portuguese this tool?
  6. I can use this extended vending with Shopping persistence? this :