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  1. Just a quick post to let you know I no longer contribute to rA and will not be updating/offering support for this release.
  2. Hi all, posting a quick message here to say I no longer contribute to the rA community and will not be offering support on this or any of my releases.
  3. The moment you join an open source community and begin to develop for it, you (happiness aside) agree to the licensing terms of the program. This community works on the goodwill of others. Imagine the amount of money the original developers of *athena would be rolling in right now if the project had been made closed source and a paid application? The truth of the matter is the fact that nobody here is slimy enough to charge anyone and we dedicate the time to this project due to our love of the project, the game, or almost as a community service which is the way I see it at times. This "attack" isn't about who gets to cry and be sad cuz they spent 10 mins making a script that someone else used. This is about a legal process that could land you in jail for international copyright and licensing infringement (laws/legal agreements which could have you prosecuted in every country any current or previous developer is a citizen of, if their laws recognise GPL). We understand that yes the things that have been mentioned in this topic are potentially upsetting, but you really, as a developer should have understood the license agreements before releasing your modifications. It was a legal failure on your behalf, so treat it as one instead of acting like its your only income. If it is, you sir, need to get a job and a life. Perhaps instead of trying to make money off the kindness of the developers who actively work on the project and who have worked on it in the past you should release your project open source and experience some of the warm fuzzy feelings all of us feel when contributing to the betterment of the project. I'm not one to judge, but the credit infringement was an asshat thing to do. Your own argument applies to yourself. You have taken something we (the athena developers) have coded and tried to make money from it. That's the irony of all this, and you should stand to realise and correct it.
  4. The website is currently offline due to an absolutely INFURIATING failure on behalf of my web host. Not only did they take my service offline for 3 days while they worked out a bug in solusvm that caused them to get hacked, they wiped my VPS losing ALL my data. I only had backups of my configs. In short - I'll need to completely rebuild the miruku site and torrent server.
  5. @ping
  6. Pointing out a spelling error: in the table where you have "pt('s)" ... there is no need for ' as it's plural (should actually be "pt(s)". Perhaps you should fix it next update
  7. I believe he means "is there a fluxcp with rathena support by paradox924/byteflux". No. I discussed having one made with them but was answered rudely by Paradox924 and byteflux saying they have no intention to support third party projects, before receiving an IRC kickban.
  8. I'm tempted to ask why there's no milk.
  9. Or you can just use cloudflare :3
  10. Just pushed JayPee's birthdate support mod to the repo. I also added birth date viewing
  11. Fair enough. I've always wanted to get rid of eAscript, tis so limited. You can't even explode strings.
  12. How will you be going about the conversion of scripts?
  13. I will also be adding the birthdate system haha. When I say facebook integration I don't mean facebook login enforcement. Like on many websites - just allowing those who wish to make accounts use the "login with facebook" button so they don't have to fill out user details constantly. For those of you who wish to "update" easily, I don't see what you're updating. Just copy paste your old config folder across. If you modified the template, do the same with the theme folder.
  14. Hi All, Just making this project public. This is just an interim project for now while the team works out what to do in the future about raCP. I basically forked the original fluxCP project and have applied Xantara's rA patch for those of you who are too lazy/don't know how. I have installed it to github because it allows you to easily download a zip copy of the latest SVN with no client necessary. Find the project here: If anyone wishes for commit rights, let me know. I'm interested in getting a team together for Facebook login API integration. Calcium NOOB TUTORIAL: To download the latest copy of fluxcp-renewal, simply go here: Extract and install as you would FluxCP.