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  1. @TheKingDinoIt works ! Thank you very much!
  2. Eden gives only Base Level EXP no job exp, How can I change this to be for Base and job level?
  3. @Haruka Mayumi It means I should send the new patcher to the players manually to start from it.
  4. Hello , I tried to update thor patcher, I added the new patcher to an thor file to be updated I used checksum to get the sum of the new Thor patcher I added it to main.ini at PatcherSum=XXXXXXX Also added the thor update file name here PatcherPath=patcherupdate.thor and plist.txt >> 1 patcherupdate.thor The old patcher typed updating patcher and it already downloaded the new patcher and named it tmp.exe But not opening or changing to the new patcher When trying open the old patcher it types Updating patcher then close. I named the new patcher [StartGame.exe] like the old one , and tried to make it different and it's the same problem. Any help please? Thank you all!
  5. @Start_ Hello ! , Time not missing I used the command like ( @mute 5mn Lieon ) to mute for 5 minutes But still telling me no player with this name
  6. Hello , I can't use the @mute command in my server , Every time it tells me there's no charachter with this name even I carry about using the player upper/lower chars lile ( Akram or leoNal ) Any help please?
  7. Hello , If I want to check with [If statment] if the user has VIP or not to give a custom buff for them, There's a statement for the VIP? like : if(vipuser){ specialeffect2 EF_INCAGILITY; sc_start SC_INCREASEAGI,240000,10; specialeffect2 EF_BLESSING; sc_start SC_BLESSING,240000,10; }
  8. Hello , I'm looking for Marriage script with only Marriage Covenant , No choice to make the player pay 1,200,000 zeny to apply to marriage Any one have it? Thank you all! The Main script : //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Player Marriage //===== By: ================================================== //= L0ne_W0lf //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.5 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= [Official Conversion] //= Official Marriage script. //= Added isloggedin() check, even though Aegis doesn't do it. //= Currently does not support same-Sex marriages. //= Old script located in: npc/custom/marriage.txt //= - Variable in use: wedding_sign (max 1) //= - Variable in use: [email protected] (max 1) //= - Variable in use: [email protected]_groom$ [email protected]_bride$ //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 First version. [L0ne_W0lf] //= 1.1 Fixed a missing ")" [L0ne_W0lf] //= 1.2 Corrected duration of Wedding status. [L0ne_W0lf] //= 1.3 Changed permanent global variables to temporary ones. [Euphy] //= Added GM NPCs (commented). //= 1.4 Added GM management function. [Euphy] //= 1.5 Added Marriage Covenant item and VIP features. [Euphy] //============================================================ prt_church,97,100,4 script Wedding Staff#w 71,{ cutin "wedding_marry01",2; if (countitem(6026) == 0) { // If the VIP system is enabled: // - Non-VIP players must use a Marriage Covenant to get married. // - VIP players may either pay the Zeny fee or use a Marriage Covenant. if (VIP_SCRIPT && !vip_status(VIP_STATUS_ACTIVE)) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Sorry but you can't get married right now."; mes "The wedding is only available for subscribed players."; mes "But if you have a ^FF0000Marriage Covenant^000000, then you'll be able to get married!"; goto L_End; } } else set [email protected],1; if (Upper == 2) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Hello~"; mes "My name is Marry Happy"; mes "and I'm here to provide you"; mes "with information related to"; mes "marriage. Now, did you"; mes "have any questions?"; next; if (select("I want to get married.:I don't need your help!") == 1) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Oh, I'm sorry, but"; mes "adopted characters"; mes "aren't allowed to get"; mes "married. For now, why"; mes "don't you enjoy the simple"; mes "pleasures of childhood?"; goto L_End; } mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Oh, of course you"; mes "don't! Little children"; mes "can't get married-- there"; mes "are too many laws against"; mes "that~ Aren't you the most"; mes "adorable little thing?"; goto L_End; } mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Marriage is the beautiful"; mes "union of two souls that have"; mes "chosen to be together forever,"; mes "to share their joy and lives."; mes "Is there a special someone"; mes "like that in your life?"; next; switch(select("Ask about Wedding Ceremony:Ask about Procedure:Apply for Wedding:We are the Invincible Single Army!")) { case 1: mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Wise and benevolent"; mes "King Tristram III used to"; mes "conduct wedding ceremonies,"; mes "but he's no longer able to do"; mes "so because of his royal duties"; mes "and freneticly paced schedule."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Bishop Vomars, the bishop"; mes "of love, is now the officiator"; mes "of the marriage ceremony."; mes "He is truly a treasure to the"; mes "Rune-Midgarts Kingdom."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "When you marry someone,"; mes "it's for the rest of your life, so think carefully before making or"; mes "accepting a marriage proposal."; mes "Keep in mind that a man can only"; mes "marry a woman and vice versa."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "If you're lucky enough to"; mes "find someone that you really"; mes "want to spend the rest of your"; mes "life with, you might want to pop the question. I hope everyone"; mes "finds their perfect match~"; break; case 2: mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "The first part of the"; mes "wedding procedure is to"; mes "complete the application."; mes "Once the bride and bridegroom"; mes "have finished applying, they"; mes "must form a party of two."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "After forming a party of two,"; mes "the couple must then speak to"; mes "Bishop Vomars. The bridegroom"; mes "speaks first and must tell his"; mes "bride's exact name to the Bishop. Otherwise, the ceremony will stop."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Afterwards, the bride will"; mes "speak to the Bishop and tell"; mes "him the name of her groom."; mes "If these names are correctly"; mes "told to the Bishop, they will"; mes "be able to exchange rings."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Once the wedding rings are"; mes "exchanged, the couple is forever bound in matrimony. Of course,"; mes "before this point, there are many chances to change your mind, so..."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "If there are too many"; mes "couples who want to get"; mes "married at one time, please"; mes "form a line and speak to Bishop"; mes "Vomars in order since only one couple can be married at a time."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Finally, be sure to tell"; mes "Bishop Vomars your partner's"; mes "exact name without wasting too much time. If you take too long,"; mes "the ceremony will automatically stop and you'll have to try again."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Brides need to remember"; mes "that they only have 3 minutes"; mes "to finish speaking to Bishop"; mes "Vomars after their grooms"; mes "have finished speaking to him."; next; if (select("Thanks, that helps a lot!:Easiest way to say my partner's name?") == 1) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Well, I'm here to help"; mes "weddings proceed as"; mes "smoothly as possible."; mes "If there was something"; mes "you didn't understand,"; mes "feel free to ask me again."; goto L_End; } mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "The easiest way to write"; mes "your partner's name for the"; mes "bishop is to send a private"; mes "message to your partner, and"; mes "then left-click the name section that is left of the chat prompt."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Press the ''Ctrl'' and ''C''"; mes "keys to copy the name. Then,"; mes "you can paste the name into"; mes "the input prompt by pressing"; mes "the ''Insert'' and ''Shift'' keys. That sounds easy, right?"; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Alright, now let's try"; mes "it. Practice giving me the"; mes "name of your partner using"; mes "the method I just described."; next; input [email protected]$; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Alright, after you've"; mes "decided to get married,"; mes "come back to me and"; mes "submit your application."; mes "I'll see you later, adventurer~"; break; case 3: cutin "wedding_marry02",2; if (VIP_SCRIPT) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "^FF0000Wait!^000000"; mes "^FF0000If your account in not a premium, you must have a Marriage Covenant to get married.^000000"; mes "^FF0000Please check the current state of your account, and the one of your lover, before register for a wedding.^000000"; next; } if (Sex == SEX_MALE) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "So you'd like to get married?"; mes "As a groom, you need to prepare"; if ([email protected]) { mes "^3377FF1 Tuxedo^000000 and give me your ^3377FF1 Marriage Covenant^000000."; mes "Brides have to provide their own Wedding Dresses and pay a fee"; mes "of 1,200,000 zeny or also bring a Marriage Covenant."; } else { mes "^3377FF1 Tuxedo^000000 and pay ^3377FF1,300,000 zeny^000000."; mes "Brides have to provide their own Wedding Dresses and pay a fee"; mes "of 1,200,000 zeny."; } } else { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "So you'd like to get married?"; mes "As a bride, you need to prepare"; if ([email protected]) { mes "^3377FF1 Wedding Dress^000000 and give me your ^3377FFMarriage Covenant^000000."; mes "Grooms must bring a Tuxedo and pay"; mes "1,300,000 zeny or also bring a Marriage Covenant."; } else { mes "^3377FF1 Wedding Dress^000000 and pay a fee of 1,200,000 zeny. Grooms must"; mes "bring a Tuxedo and pay 1,300,000 zeny to get married."; } } next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Brides and grooms also need"; mes "to have ^3377FF1 Diamond Ring^000000 to be"; mes "exchanged with their partners."; mes "You'll need all of these items"; mes "prepared when you submit your"; mes "wedding ceremony application."; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "The prospective bride and"; mes "groom must both complete"; mes "application process before"; mes "the wedding can take place."; mes "Now, would you like to"; mes "apply for marriage?"; next; if (select("Yes:No") == 1) { if (getpartnerid()) { cutin "wedding_marry02",2; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "I'm sorry, but you can't"; mes "apply for another marriage!"; mes "I can't allow you to betray"; mes "your spouse like that, and"; mes "besides, polygamy isn't"; mes "legal here in Rune-Midgarts."; break; } else if (wedding_sign == 1) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Didn't you already"; mes "complete the application?"; mes "Hmm, make sure that your"; mes "partner also finished the"; mes "application process, and"; mes "then talk to Bishop Vomars."; break; } else if (BaseLevel < 45) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Hmm, you need to be"; mes "strong enough to protect"; mes "the one that you love before"; mes "you can consider marriage."; mes "After you grow stronger,"; mes "come and talk to me again."; goto L_End; } else if (countitem(2613) < 1) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Mm? Did you forget to"; mes "bring the Diamond Ring"; mes "to exchange with your partner"; mes "during the wedding ceremony?"; mes "Look for it carefully and come"; mes "back after you find it, okay?"; goto L_End; } else if (Sex == SEX_FEMALE) { if (countitem(6026) == 0 && Zeny < 1200000) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "I'm sorry, but all brides"; mes "must pay the 1,200,000"; mes "zeny fee or bring a Marriage"; mes "Covenant to proceed with the"; mes "wedding ceremony. Perhaps"; mes "you could ask your partner"; mes "to help you with the funds?"; goto L_End; } else if (countitem(2338) < 1) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Oh dear, did you forget"; mes "your Wedding Dress?"; mes "Hurry and find it, then"; mes "bring it to me-- you"; mes "absolutely need it"; mes "for the wedding!"; goto L_End; } } else if (Sex == SEX_MALE) { if (countitem(6026) == 0 && Zeny < 1300000) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "I'm sorry, but you don't"; mes "have the 1,300,000 zeny"; mes "or the Marriage Covenant"; mes "that all grooms must pay"; mes "for the wedding ceremony."; mes "Did you misplace your money?"; goto L_End; } else if (countitem(7170) < 1) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Where's your Tuxedo?"; mes "You absolutely have to"; mes "wear it during the wedding"; mes "ceremony! Find it, bring it"; mes "to me, and then we can finally"; mes "begin the wedding, okay?"; goto L_End; } } mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Well, it looks like you"; mes "have everything ready."; mes "Although I'm not sure who"; mes "your partner is, let me be"; mes "the first to congratulate you"; mes "on your upcoming wedding~"; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Now, let's begin the"; mes "application. Please write"; mes "down your exact name here."; next; while(1) { input [email protected]$; if ([email protected]$ != strcharinfo(0)) { mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Hmmm, you have to write"; mes "down your name exactly as"; mes "it is displayed. Maybe you"; mes "need to copy and paste it?"; mes "Anyway, let's try it again."; next; } else break; } mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "Great, it looks like we"; mes "finished your application."; mes "Remember that you'll need"; mes "to tell Bishop Vomars your"; mes "partner's exact name when"; mes "you talk to him later, okay?"; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "When your partner is"; mes "finished with the application"; mes "process, both of you should"; mes "speak to the Bishop to begin"; mes "the wedding ceremony."; emotion ET_THROB; next; mes "[Marry Happy]"; if (Sex == SEX_FEMALE) { mes "Since you're the bride,"; mes "you need to wait for the"; mes "groom to speak to Bishop"; mes "Vomars first. When he's"; mes "finished, it'll be your turn"; mes "to speak to Bishop Vomars."; if ([email protected]) delitem 6026,1; //Marriage_Covenant else set Zeny, Zeny-1200000; delitem 2338,1; //Wedding_Dress } else { mes "Since you're the groom,"; mes "you need to speak to the"; mes "Bishop first. When you're"; mes "finished, it will be your"; mes "bride's turn to speak to"; mes "Bishop Vomars."; if ([email protected]) delitem 6026,1; //Marriage_Covenant else set Zeny, Zeny-1300000; delitem 7170,1; //Tuxedo } delitem 2613,1; //Diamond_Ring set wedding_sign,1; goto L_End; } mes "[Marry Happy]"; mes "No...?"; mes "Well, when you're"; mes "ready for marriage,"; mes "feel free to come back to"; mes "me so that you can apply,"; mes "okay? Have a good day~"; break; case 4: cutin "wedding_marry02",2; donpcevent "Single Army#Prontera::OnEnable"; donpcevent "Single Army#Geffen::OnEnable"; donpcevent "Single Army#Morocc::OnEnable"; donpcevent "Single Army#Payon::OnEnable"; donpcevent "Single Army#Amatsu::OnEnable"; donpcevent "Single Army#Kunlun::OnEnable"; emotion ET_HUK; mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^CC9933You have to refine"; mes "items on your own to"; mes "make great equipment!^000000"; emotion ET_ROCK, getnpcid(0, "Single Army#Prontera"); next; mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^330099It's a waste to"; mes "form parties in"; mes "dungeons! I can"; mes "make it on my own!^000000"; emotion ET_ROCK, getnpcid(0, "Single Army#Geffen"); next; mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^666666Hell, I've trained"; mes "all by myself since"; mes "birth, all the way"; mes "to my job change!^000000"; emotion ET_ROCK, getnpcid(0, "Single Army#Morocc"); next; mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^666600I CHOOSE to spend"; mes "Christmas alone..."; mes "playing Solitaire and"; mes "doing crossword puzzles!^000000"; emotion ET_ROCK, getnpcid(0, "Single Army#Payon"); next; mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^CC9966Women may break my"; mes "spirit, but they'll never"; mes "take... my FREEDOM!^000000"; emotion ET_ROCK, getnpcid(0, "Single Army#Amatsu"); next; mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^669900...We're the free! We're"; mes "the Invincible Single Army!^000000"; emotion ET_ROCK, getnpcid(0, "Single Army#Kunlun"); close2; cutin "wedding_marry01",255; emotion ET_SWEAT; donpcevent "Single Army#Prontera::OnInit"; donpcevent "Single Army#Geffen::OnInit"; donpcevent "Single Army#Morocc::OnInit"; donpcevent "Single Army#Payon::OnInit"; donpcevent "Single Army#Amatsu::OnInit"; donpcevent "Single Army#Kunlun::OnInit"; end; } close2; cutin "wedding_marry01",255; end; L_End: close2; cutin "",255; end; } prt_church,97,102,0 script Single Army#Prontera 105,{ mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^CC9933You have to refine"; mes "items on your own to"; mes "make great equipment!^000000"; close; OnInit: hideonnpc "Single Army#Prontera"; end; OnEnable: hideoffnpc "Single Army#Prontera"; emotion ET_GO; end; } prt_church,98,102,0 script Single Army#Geffen 705,{ mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^330099It's a waste to"; mes "form parties in"; mes "dungeons! I can"; mes "make it on my own!^000000"; close; OnInit: hideonnpc "Single Army#Geffen"; end; OnEnable: hideoffnpc "Single Army#Geffen"; emotion ET_GO; end; } prt_church,99,102,0 script Single Army#Morocc 707,{ mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^666666Hell, I've trained"; mes "all by myself since"; mes "birth, all the way"; mes "to my job change!^000000"; close; OnInit: hideonnpc "Single Army#Morocc"; end; OnEnable: hideoffnpc "Single Army#Morocc"; emotion ET_GO; end; } prt_church,100,102,0 script Single Army#Payon 708,{ mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^666600I CHOOSE to spend"; mes "Christmas alone..."; mes "playing Solitaire and"; mes "doing crossword puzzles!^000000"; close; OnInit: hideonnpc "Single Army#Payon"; end; OnEnable: hideoffnpc "Single Army#Payon"; emotion ET_GO; end; } prt_church,101,102,0 script Single Army#Amatsu 767,{ mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^CC9966Women may break my"; mes " spirit, but they'll never"; mes "take... my FREEDOM!^000000"; close; OnInit: hideonnpc "Single Army#Amatsu"; end; OnEnable: hideoffnpc "Single Army#Amatsu"; emotion ET_GO; end; } prt_church,102,102,0 script Single Army#Kunlun 780,{ mes "[Single Army]"; mes "^669900...We're the free! We're"; mes "the Invincible Single Army!^000000"; close; OnInit: hideonnpc "Single Army#Kunlun"; end; OnEnable: hideoffnpc "Single Army#Kunlun"; emotion ET_GO; end; } prt_church,100,128,4 script Bishop#w 60,{ cutin "wedding_bomars01",2; if (Upper == 2) { mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Greetings, child."; mes "Are you lost? Hmmm."; mes "Do you know where your"; mes "mommy and daddy are?"; close2; cutin "wedding_bomars01",255; end; } if (!getpartnerid()) { if ([email protected]) { if (wedding_sign == 1) { getpartymember(getcharid(1)); set [email protected],[email protected]; if ([email protected] == 2) { if (Sex == SEX_MALE) { set [email protected],1; initnpctimer; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Young lovers, please"; mes "remember this moment for"; mes "the rest of your lives. May your future be blessed with peace"; mes "and joy. May the love you share"; mes "grow with each passing day."; next; mapannounce "prt_church","It's the marriage proposal from the groom, Mr. " + strcharinfo(0) + "...",bc_map; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Until the end of the"; mes "world, may you stand"; mes "by the side of the one"; mes "whom you love, to support"; mes "her and protect her. Now, may"; mes "I know the name of your bride?"; next; input [email protected]_bride$; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Mr. " + strcharinfo(0) + "..."; mes "Do you swear on your life"; mes "that you will forever cherish"; mes "and care for your bride,"; mes "Miss " + [email protected]_bride$ + "?"; next; select("I do."); set [email protected]_groom$,strcharinfo(0); mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Now, it is time for"; mes "your bride to make"; mes "her wedding vows."; mes "If she will come forward..."; close2; mapannounce "prt_church","The groom, Mr. " + strcharinfo(0) + ", has made his vows to Miss " + [email protected]_bride$ + "...",bc_map; cutin "",255; end; } mes "[Vomars]"; mes "I'm sorry, but the groom"; mes "must speak to me first in"; mes "order to begin the wedding."; mes "It's old fashioned protocol,"; mes "but I'll admit that it does"; mes "keep things running smoothly."; goto L_End; } mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Before you can be"; mes "married, you must"; mes "first form a party of"; mes "two with your partner."; mes "Then, we can proceed"; mes "with the ceremony."; goto L_End; } mes "[Vomars]"; mes "You must apply for"; mes "marriage with Happy Marry"; mes "before you can get married."; mes "Happy Marry will let you know"; mes "what else you'll need to do"; mes "to prepare for marriage."; goto L_End; } else if ([email protected] == 1) { if (wedding_sign == 1) { getpartymember(getcharid(1)); set [email protected],[email protected]; if ([email protected] == 2) { if (Sex == SEX_FEMALE) { if (strcharinfo(0) == [email protected]_bride$) { mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Young lovers, please"; mes "remember this moment for"; mes "the rest of your lives. May your future be blessed with peace"; mes "and joy. May the love you share"; mes "grow with each passing day."; next; mapannounce "prt_church","Let's hear what the bride, Miss "[email protected]_bride$+", has to say...",bc_map; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Miss "[email protected]_bride$+"..."; mes "Do you swear to stay"; mes "true to "[email protected]_groom$+","; mes "to be by his side, no matter"; mes "what the dangers may be?"; next; if (select("^FF0000No.^000000:I do.") == 1) { cutin "wedding_bomars03",2; mapannounce "prt_church","Next couple, please proceed...",bc_map; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "So "[email protected]_groom$; mes "isn't the one you"; mes "want to marry? Hmm."; mes "I'm truly sorry for this"; mes "misunderstanding..."; set [email protected],0; close2; stopnpctimer; cutin "",255; end; } mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Do you truly swear"; mes "fidelity and patience?"; mes "Will you marry "[email protected]_groom$+"?"; next; if (select("Yes, I do.:^FF0000No.^000000") == 1) { if (isloggedin(getcharid(3,[email protected]_groom$))) { if (marriage([email protected]_groom$)) { //Call Wedding effect wedding; //Give ring to Bride, and change to wedding sprite. sc_start SC_Wedding,3600000,1; getitem 2635,1; //Bride_Ring //Give ring to Groom, and change to wedding sprite. attachrid(getcharid(3,[email protected]_groom$)); sc_start SC_Wedding,3600000,1; getitem 2634,1; //Bridegroom_Ring detachrid; //Switch Script progression back to Bride attachrid(getcharid(3,[email protected]_bride$)); cutin "wedding_bomars02",2; mapannounce "prt_church","I now pronounce you, "[email protected]_groom$+" and "[email protected]_bride$+", husband and wife.",bc_map; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "By the power invested"; mes "in me as Royal Bishop of"; mes "the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom,"; mes "I now pronounce you husband"; mes "and wife. May your future be"; mes "blessed with many great joys."; next; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "And lastly..."; mes "Always be happy,"; mes "dear "[email protected]_bride$+"..."; set [email protected]_groom$,""; set [email protected]_bride$,""; set [email protected],0; close2; stopnpctimer; cutin "",255; detachrid; end; } } cutin "wedding_bomars03",2; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Hm. It seems that"; mes "your groom left before"; mes "the ceremony has finished"; mes "Please try again once he's"; mes "returned."; goto L_End; } else { cutin "wedding_bomars03",2; mapannounce "prt_church","Alas! "[email protected]_bride$+" has rejected "[email protected]_groom$+"'s marriage proposal!",bc_map; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Hm. It seems that"; mes "you've changed your"; mes "mind. Although I feel"; mes "sorry for the groom, you"; mes "must do what your heart"; mes "tells you is right. Now, run!"; } set [email protected]_groom$,""; set [email protected]_bride$,""; set [email protected],0; close2; stopnpctimer; cutin "",255; end; } callsub S_Busy; } callsub S_Busy; } callsub S_Busy; } if (strcharinfo(0) == [email protected]_bride$) { mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Hm? It appears that"; mes "Happy Marry still hasn't"; mes "received your marriage"; mes "application. Please speak"; mes "to her so that we can begin"; mes "the wedding ceremony."; goto L_End; } callsub S_Busy; } callsub S_Busy; } mes "[Vomars]"; mes "I wish you eternal"; mes "happiness. No matter"; mes "how dark the present may"; mes "be, always stand by your"; mes "loved one's side and look"; mes "to the future with hope."; L_End: close2; cutin "",255; end; S_Busy: if ([email protected]_groom$ != "" && [email protected]_bride$ != "") { mes "[Vomars]"; mes "The wedding of"; mes "Miss "+ [email protected]_bride$ +" and"; mes "Mister "+ [email protected]_groom$; mes "is currently in progress."; mes "Please keep your voice down."; goto L_End; } mes "[Vomars]"; mes "I'm conducting a wedding"; mes "for another couple now, so"; mes "please wait patiently for your"; mes "turn. Thanks for understanding..."; goto L_End; OnStop: stopnpctimer; end; OnReset: set [email protected]_groom$,""; set [email protected]_bride$,""; set [email protected],0; end; OnTimer180000: mapannounce "prt_church","You've responded too slowly... Next couple, please proceed.",bc_map; donpcevent "Bishop#w::OnReset"; stopnpctimer; end; } prt_church,28,178,4 script The King of Rune-Midgarts 108,{ callfunc "F_GM_NPC"; mes "[Vomars]"; mes "Wh-who are you?"; mes "You must know the"; mes "password to invoke"; mes "my awesome powers."; next; if (callfunc("F_GM_NPC",1854,0) < 1) { mes "[Vomars]"; mes "This is"; mes "no place for"; mes "fooling around."; close2; warp "prt_church",101,102; end; } mes "[Wedding Switch]"; mes "Is there a problem with"; mes "the wedding ceremony?"; mes "I can reset the Bishop"; mes "Vomars NPC if you like."; next; switch(select("No, thanks:RESET")) { case 1: mes "[Wedding Switch]"; mes "Alright, then."; mes "However, if the"; mes "Bishop Vomars"; mes "NPC is stuck, it may"; mes "be best to reset it."; close; case 2: donpcevent "Bishop#w::OnStop"; donpcevent "Bishop#w::OnReset"; mapannounce "prt_church","You've responded too slowly... Next couple, please proceed.",bc_map; mes "[Wedding Switch]"; mes "The Bishop Vomars NPC"; mes "has now been reactivated."; mes "It should now be possible"; mes "to proceed with weddings."; close; } } prt_church,20,179,4 script Divorce Staff 71,{ callfunc "F_GM_NPC"; mes "[Bad Ending]"; mes "Uh oh..."; mes "You know I can't"; mes "do anything for you."; next; if (callfunc("F_GM_NPC",1854,0) < 1) { mes "[Bad Ending]"; mes "Hmm..."; mes "You really"; mes "shouldn't be"; mes "in this place..."; close; } mes "[Bad Ending]"; mes "Great, you know the"; mes "password! Now, did you"; mes "want me to remove the"; mes "Wedding Ring in your"; mes "inventory?"; next; switch(select("Drop 1 Wedding Ring.:Keep it.")) { case 1: set [email protected], (Sex == SEX_MALE)?2634:2635; //Bridegroom_Ring, Bride_Ring if (countitem([email protected])) { delitem [email protected],1; mes "[Bad Ending]"; mes "It's done!"; } else { mes "[Bad Ending]"; mes "I couldn't find"; mes "the Wedding Ring..."; mes "Please make sure"; mes "that it's not equipped."; } close; case 2: mes "[Bad Ending]"; mes "You sure you want"; mes "to keep that ring?"; mes "Alright, but if it becomes"; mes "a problem, you come to me."; close; } } prt_church,22,179,4 script Remarry Staff 71,{ callfunc "F_GM_NPC"; mes "[Wedding Again]"; mes "Hmm...?"; mes "What exactly are"; mes "you doing here?"; next; if (callfunc("F_GM_NPC",1854,0) < 1) { mes "[Wedding Again]"; mes "Ahk!"; mes "An adventurer"; mes "like you shouldn't"; mes "be in this place!"; close; } if (getpartnerid()) { mes "[Wedding Again]"; mes "Hmm..."; mes "I can only create"; mes "a Wedding Ring if the"; mes "character is married."; close; } mes "[Wedding Again]"; mes "Ah, I see that you"; mes "know the password."; mes "Alright, if you somehow"; mes "lost your Wedding Ring,"; mes "I can make you a new one."; next; switch(select("Make new Wedding Ring.:Cancel.")) { case 1: set [email protected], (Sex == SEX_MALE)?2634:2635; //Bridegroom_Ring, Bride_Ring if (countitem([email protected]) || isequipped([email protected])) { mes "[Wedding Again]"; mes "Wait, wait..."; mes "You're wearing your"; mes "Wedding Ring. I better"; mes "not make you another since"; mes "you don't need more than one."; } else { getitem [email protected],1; mes "[Wedding Again]"; mes "Here you go~"; mes "It's your brand"; mes "new Wedding Ring!"; } close; case 2: mes "[Wedding Again]"; mes "Alright. If you ever"; mes "lose your Wedding Ring,"; mes "come to me if you happen"; mes "to need a new one, okay?"; close; } }
  9. Hello , It's not working the two version , I can see the spots and I can talk to it normally , but when try to use the vending skill it tell me that I can't open shop in this area , I don't use mapflag or something just the mapflag of the script [ I'm using the latest version of rAthena ] No errors or bugs I think the problem is in this line setcell .map$,.x_line[[email protected]],.y_line[[email protected]],.x_line[[email protected]],.y_line[[email protected]],cell_novending,0; Maybe the server not able to set the cell noveding to 0 after we set the whole map to 1 Any help please?
  10. Hello , Please I just updated my rAthena files , I can see there's to much updates in src and other files And I can see there's SQL files updates , Should I upload the Update files to the database or re upload the main? And Thank you all!
  11. @Emistry Thank you very much , You helped me a lot !
  12. @Start_ using CentOS 7 no apps just git command I know?
  13. @Naruto No it's all in the BGM file I added the files of @Haruka Mayumi and worked like a charm! Thank you guys !
  14. Hello , I wan't to update my current server I will lose my custom files in src and item_db or not? and what's the commands to do this I see in other topic using git but I can't find the commands Any help please?
  15. Hello, The official BGM not working in my server I checkd the mp3nametable.txt and the setup.exe and tried but not working Any help please?
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