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  1. Still not working do i need to change some line or just use this script?
  2. Thank you @Emistry already tried the script but it seems like the rates going to increase more for example my default rates is x8x8 and when i load the npc it becomes x3000x3000 do i need to edit some line or i edit some line incorrectly? Base on my understanding this line should be change to what exp or job rates should be when the event starts setbattleflag "base_exp_rate",[email protected]*100; setbattleflag "job_exp_rate",[email protected]*100;
  3. Anyone can give me a hint how to make this automated?
  4. How to make this script to automated event? - Event will run everyday 2x at 10:00 and 16:00 no need to whisper the NPC. here's the script thank you for those who help - script HHE -1,{ end; OnWhisperGlobal: if(getgmlevel()<.Access) end; if(@whispervar0$ == "Start"){ if(.Event == 1){ dispbottom "Event already started"; end; } else { dispbottom "Input New Base Rate"; input [email protected]; dispbottom "Input New Job Rate"; input [email protected]; setbattleflag "base_exp_rate",[email protected]*100; setbattleflag "job_exp_rate",[email protected]*100; dispbottom "Event has been started."; initnpctimer; set .Event,1; announce "Happy Hour EXP: Floating rates event started. New rates: Base - "[email protected]+"x, Job - "[email protected]+"x",0; } end; } if(@whispervar0$ == "Stop"){ if(.Event == 1) goto L_STOP; else dispbottom "Event not started."; end; } end; OnInit: set .DefaultBaseRates,getbattleflag("base_exp_rate"); set .DefaultJobRates,getbattleflag("job_exp_rate"); set .Access,80; // GM access lvl end; OnTimer3600000: // After 1 hour L_STOP: set .Event,0; stopnpctimer; setbattleflag "base_exp_rate",.DefaultBaseRates; setbattleflag "job_exp_rate",.DefaultJobRates; announce "Happy Hour EXP: The floating rates event have been ended. Rates back to the normal.",0; end; }
  5. Awesome guide! thank you for this @iraciz it is possible that this skill can be a quest skill before the player can use it.
  6. Thank you for this @Emistry how to make the hair style NPC need cash as payment or an item to change hair style?
  7. Hi there, here's the screenshots Even the default and new Open setup file is the same.
  8. Hello there! i tried to search around here on the forum but i can't see any solution on my problem. The problem is everytime i run my ragnarok client the error shows " d3d or grf file has problem Error". My graphic card is updated but something weird that when i open "Open-setup" i cant see any option to choose "DirectX" or something that will fix my problem. i also tried to replace my open set-up to updated one but i got the same problem. any help will be appreciated thank you in advance.
  9. Don't use any RO Hosting, especially this one who doesn't support their clients, just for everyone idea 5 of my friends been here for long and the host only needs money but the support is not good.
  10. You can view your clientinfo.xml by opening it using notepad but i recommend to use notepad++. all you need to do is find your clientinfo at data folder ( if you are using read data first ) or its located inside your client grf.
  11. didn't look on this before lol. kindly share the scripts to everyone too
  12. Hi good day. im using this NPC > https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/re/merchants/card_exchange.txt how to make it like this.? - It reads more cards on your pocket ( Example i have 100 pupa card on my bag ). it will generate all of that items and exchange it same value on the card coins? 100 Pupa = 100 Card Coins. etc. - The default is, it just reading 1 by 1 card only. thank you so much.
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