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  1. Quesooo

    Headgear: Staff Signs

    @Haziel can you add 2 or 3 more head gear like this like (PM) premium member , (NP) new player , and other sign just ignore the name for headgear i made just an idea for normal players so that they can also enjoy using this great headgear thank you ^_^
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/?i3uutvdp00jw4r8 better to look carefully i download the wav files a day ago and its working fine
  3. thank you for the answer the problem is im not using 64bit im just using 32bit thats why its hard for me to do it
  4. Hehehe thank you but i figure it out my problem now last is how to recompile my server i try using virtual studio but when i open rathena.sln with it my vitual studio cant read it he just display a code and nothing to do to build it I cant find any solution how to read sln using vitual studio since on this guide is no details about it
  5. i already fix my problem before thank you for tip ^_^ my last problem is adding custom npc's and other npc's like instance since i already add them all and restart server i cant see it ingame also on my console said that he cant see "npc/re/instaces/DevilsTower.txt but when i check it its already there
  6. can someone help me how to solve this i try almost all method ive search around but i cant still fix my problem
  7. Quesooo

    R> @ii command with item view

    yes i do always a search before posting but i cant find it thats why i make a forum topic
  8. Quesooo

    R> @ii command with item view

    good day masters i would like to request a source editing or a solution how make this @ii command something like this if you use @ii command you can see items on chat table but you can also right click it and see the item description just like when you use shift + right click on the item on your bag thank you
  9. Quesooo

    [atcommand] whobuy

    yeah i notice that heheeh thank you for pointing out btw is there a new released for this command?
  10. Quesooo

    [atcommand] whobuy

  11. @Secrets how to solve this please
  12. Quesooo

    Alayne's Scripts Collection

    im not sure but as i tested the sky fortress instance i encounter that problem
  13. Quesooo

    Alayne's Scripts Collection

    @Alayne just a report for your sky fortress instance when 1 team enter the instance they can go inside the instance and finish it but when someone enter the instance also with deifferetn party all players inside the instance will be kickout
  14. Quesooo

    [Dead] Costume NPC and @costumeitem

    anyone can update this working on rathena latest rev?