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  1. Hi @anacondaq may i request for visual studio you are using for? and it's great when there's a Vs for windows 7 32 bit. thank you so much for this.
  2. use @zackdreaver translated files.
  3. all instance with "//" on it is not already implemented.
  4. @K e o u g h thank you for this... what map are you using looks like a good map for newbies XD
  5. @K e o u g h does the sound also available on the package and its automatically change when you go to other location
  6. thank you for that in what line?
  7. how to make the latest rathena to agi base server? anyone know? thank you
  8. @Sehrentos boss ping me when it done thank you for your fast response
  9. oh i already disable that but it seems still affecting the server rates
  10. @Musika6988 @Sehrentoshi there thank you for your script - after killing the world boss my server rates go down 1/2 for example my server rate is x50 after killing the world boss or reloading the npc the rates goes to x25 where do i change it so that wont affect my original server rates thank you
  11. Anyone can help me about using @storeall command i know that rathena already have storeall command but my request is different on rathena default @storeall command its store all item inside inventory and equipment of the character when player use @storeall the item inside the inventories can be stored (ETC items only) not included the equipment of the character it self thank you so much
  12. Thank you for this @Slyx does designer heidam anywhere not already added inside the script?