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  1. Hi @Radian can you add a baracade npc where you can test your speed on destroying barricade.? in additional you can summon 5 different barricade formations or something like a npc where you can test your speed and damage by breaking a guardian stone.
  2. didn't look on this before lol. kindly share the scripts to everyone too
  3. Hi good day. im using this NPC > https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/re/merchants/card_exchange.txt how to make it like this.? - It reads more cards on your pocket ( Example i have 100 pupa card on my bag ). it will generate all of that items and exchange it same value on the card coins? 100 Pupa = 100 Card Coins. etc. - The default is, it just reading 1 by 1 card only. thank you so much.
  4. hi @Slyx do you have update here?
  5. @Abeiy there are still missing bmp's at the map
  6. i can't see those lines, im using search and notepad ++ something change on the script please check.
  7. @crazyarashi the 1st quest of illusion moonlight, "Go back and talk to Muyeon inside the Detached Payon Palace. She'll reward you with 5 Illusion Stones and more experience." -> I get no illusion stone when finish quest daily kill 20 angry soldier and 20 angry ninetail give 2 illusion stone
  8. Error? kudos @NotKappa thank you for this, hopefully some illusion dungeons will be share also.
  9. Want to request illusion of vampire or any illusion dungeon except the illusion moonlight made by @crazyarashi credits to him for a great work and didn't hesitate to share. hopefully someone can share this