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  1. also encounter this problem when entering hunting ground thank you for nice script release.
  2. btw im using hunting ground, also can i request how to make hunting quest no spammable like a party can enter the dungeon only 1 day only and if you die you can't enter it again
  3. i download the latest kro client seems i can't find it inside the rdata even data.grf
  4. im also encounter this how to solve this chris please advice
  5. Anyone can tell me how do i implement this? if we don't have the sprites for this pets inside new pet_db.yml? anyone can share it source is from > https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/484897dee18fda73001910fdc21efe1701ff6233/db/re/item_db.txt yeah the when i use item then get the pet egg its working but when i use a pet incubator nothing happens or the pet not showing, when i click the pet lots of missing files are throwing out an error like on collection/item/sprites please help thank you
  6. can someone updated this using pet_db.yml
  7. I test it, when the item is +11 and failed its still remain on +11 it should be +10 if failed from +11 or more and if the item is +10 and failed it wont break anymore
  8. the +10 item wont break anymore or downgrade to +9 it should be remain to +10 and if +11 it will go down to +10 the point is the save point for the item is just +10
  9. someone can update this? thank you
  10. How can i do this on blessed refiner? using latest rathena database //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Blessed Refiner //===== Description: ========================================= //= [Official Conversion] //= Refiners that use Blessed ores to refine equipment. //= Upon failure, the equipment is not destroyed. The success //= rate is identical to that for Enriched ores. //= - "Blacksmith Dister" only refines from +6~12. //= NOTE: This NPC is currently disabled on official servers. //===== Changelog: =========================================== //= 1.0 First version. [Euphy] //= 1.1 Removed re-roll behavior. [Secret] //============================================================ // Main NPC :: new_smelting612 //============================================================ - script ::BlacksmithDister -1,{ disable_items; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "In this highly competitive society, we must be different in order to survive!"; mes "I only refine equipment at the +6 ~ 12 levels."; next; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "I will need ^ff9999Blessed Oridecon^000000 for weapons, and ^ff9999Blessed Elunium^000000 for armors."; mes "Failed refines ^FF0000will not break or reduce the refine level^000000."; next; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "How about it? Do you want to refine?"; next; setarray [email protected][1], EQI_HEAD_TOP, EQI_ARMOR, EQI_HAND_L, EQI_HAND_R, EQI_GARMENT, EQI_SHOES, EQI_ACC_L, EQI_ACC_R, EQI_HEAD_MID, EQI_HEAD_LOW; for(set [email protected],1; [email protected]<=10; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + ( getequipisequiped([email protected][[email protected]]) ? getequipname([email protected][[email protected]]) : F_getpositionname([email protected][[email protected]]) +"-[Unequipped]" ) +":"; set [email protected], [email protected][ select([email protected]$) ]; if (!getequipisequiped([email protected])) { mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; switch([email protected]) { case 1: mes "I'm a blacksmith, not a hairstylist."; break; case 2: mes "With my hammer, I will make you a star of the sky."; break; case 3: case 4: mes "Making artificial hands is not my specialty."; break; case 5: mes "Bring out the item so I can refine it!"; break; case 6: mes "Where is this weird smell coming from?"; break; case 7: case 8: mes "Where is the accessory?"; break; case 9: mes "What do you want me to refine?"; break; case 10: mes "Huh? What do you want me to do?"; break; } close; } if (!getequipisenableref([email protected])) { mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "This item cannot be refined."; close; } [email protected]_id = getequipid([email protected]); [email protected]_refine = getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]); setarray [email protected][0], getequipcardid([email protected],0), getequipcardid([email protected],1), getequipcardid([email protected],2), getequipcardid([email protected],3); if ([email protected]_refine < 6 || [email protected]_refine > 12) { mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "This equipment has refined to "[email protected]_refine+". I only handle items with refine levels from +6 to +12!"; close; } set [email protected]_lv, getequipweaponlv([email protected]); switch([email protected]_lv) { default: case 0: set [email protected],20000; set [email protected],6439; //Unbreakable_Def set [email protected]$,"Armor"; break; case 1: set [email protected],1000; set [email protected],6438; //Unbreakable_Weap set [email protected]$,"Weapon"; break; case 2: set [email protected],2000; set [email protected],6438; //Unbreakable_Weap set [email protected]$,"Weapon"; break; case 3: set [email protected],20000; set [email protected],6438; //Unbreakable_Weap set [email protected]$,"Weapon"; break; case 4: set [email protected],40000; set [email protected],6438; //Unbreakable_Weap set [email protected]$,"Weapon"; break; } set [email protected]$,"^ff9999Blessed "[email protected]$+" Ore^000000"; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "This "[email protected]$+" has been refined to "[email protected]_refine+". To refine it, I need "[email protected]$+" and a "+callfunc("F_InsertComma",[email protected])+" zeny refining fee."; mes "Do you want to proceed?"; next; if(select("Yes:No") == 2) { mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "I am busy, don't joke with me!"; close; } if (getequippercentrefinery([email protected]) < 100) { mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "This "[email protected]$+" has been refined many times. Although it will not disappear upon failure, the "[email protected]$+" will disappear!"; next; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "Of course, the refining fee will not be returned! Do you want to continue?"; next; if(select("Yes:No") == 2) { mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "Good. I'd be sad if it failed, too."; close; } } if (countitem([email protected]) == 0 || Zeny < [email protected]) { mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "Materials insufficient."; mes "To refine "+(([email protected]_lv)?"a level "[email protected]_lv+" weapon":"armor")+", I need "[email protected]$+" and a "+callfunc("F_InsertComma",[email protected])+" zeny refining fee."; close; } delitem [email protected],1; set Zeny, [email protected]; // anti-hack if (callfunc("F_IsEquipIDHack", [email protected], [email protected]_id) || callfunc("F_IsEquipCardHack", [email protected], [email protected][0], [email protected][1], [email protected][2], [email protected][3]) || callfunc("F_IsEquipRefineHack", [email protected], [email protected]_refine)) close; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "Tac! Tac! Tac!"; if (getequippercentrefinery([email protected], true) > rand(100)) { specialeffect EF_BLESSING; successrefitem [email protected]; next; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "Hahahahahaha!!!"; next; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "Refine was a huge success~ Hahaha!"; close; } specialeffect EF_CURSEATTACK; specialeffect2 EF_SUI_EXPLOSION; next; emotion (!rand(5))?ET_ANGER:ET_HUK; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "Oh my goodness!!!!"; next; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "Oh! Although it was blessed by "[email protected]$+" to retain the equipment..."; next; mes "[Blacksmith Dister]"; mes "My mood is worse when I fail!!"; close; } prt_in,52,56,3 duplicate(BlacksmithDister) Blacksmith Dister#prt 826 payon,148,172,3 duplicate(BlacksmithDister) Blacksmith Dister#pay 826 alberta_in,20,56,3 duplicate(BlacksmithDister) Blacksmith Dister#alb 826 yuno_in01,175,18,3 duplicate(BlacksmithDister) Blacksmith Dister#yuno 826 ein_in01,26,82,3 duplicate(BlacksmithDister) Blacksmith Dister#ein 826 lhz_in02,280,15,3 duplicate(BlacksmithDister) Blacksmith Dister#lhz 826 thank you.
  11. Hi Chris i got a debug on my console saying that script debug : 20000131 110109701 : 'C_Mobs = 635 and more ! is this normal? im using your hunting ground instance