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  1. 1st job = tab 1st skill 2nd and trans = tab 2nd skill 3rd job = tab 3rd skill if u wanna custome go edit .lua file of skill
  2. you mean trans job? or job 3rd? are you indonesia?
  3. maybe u can change : [%s] opened [%s] and awarded with '%s'!!# to [%s] obtained from [%s] an item, that is '%s'!!# because if u set item like old blue box, open and announce it. it's use same id at msgstringtable...
  4. share your script. i use last data server.
  5. Try this... maybe can help floating_rates.txt
  6. if (countitem(item_id)<quality || countitem(item_id)<quality) { getitem item_id,quality; dispbottom "You need [ blablabla ]."; } if (countitem(item_id)>quality && countitem(item_id)>quality) { delitem item_id,quality; delitem item_id,quality; getitem callfunc("F_Rand",item_id,item_id,item_id,.......),1; } maybe can help you
  7. here you go weapon lv 1 +8 or high weapon lv 2 +7 or high weapon lv 3 +6 or high weapon lv 4 +5 or high and armor/acc/headgear +5 they will annouce refine_announce.txt
  8. refine.txt use this. maybe can help
  9. u can find file with name ÁöÅ©ÇÁ¸®Æ®ÀÇÅõ±¸
  10. gan boleh tanya2 soal star emperor and soul reaper ga gan


    1. Slammer


      knp gan?


    2. andryowyeh19


      ente udah coba ragnarok offline ny belum gan??
      buat job SE dan SR udah ada skill ny belum pny ente gan??

    3. andryowyeh19


      gan ada discord, wa , line atau apa gtu gan, ane mw nanya2 tolong gan

  11. help me how to fix this effect item of Costume Digital Space.
  12. @arturzanca u can edit here : data\luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz\skilltreeview.lub if nil ~= JobSkillTab and nil ~= JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName then JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_NOVICE, "Novice-1st", "2nd", "3rd") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_NINJA, "Novice-1st Expanded", "Top Expanded") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_GUNSLINGER, "Novice-1st Expanded", "Top Expanded") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_SUPERNOVICE, "Novice-1st Expanded", "Top Expanded") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_TAEKWON, "Novice-1st Expanded", "2nd Expanded", "Top Expanded") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_STAR, "Novice-1st Expanded", "2nd Expanded", "Top Expanded") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_LINKER, "Novice-1st Expanded", "2nd Expanded", "Top Expanded") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_STAR2, "Novice-1st Expanded", "2nd Expanded", "Top Expanded") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_DO_SUMMONER, "Summoner") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_DO_SUMMONER_B, "Summoner") end
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