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  1. Slammer

    Aspd tidak sesuai

    untuk ASPD Formula kRO berbeda dengan yang lain. jadi jangan kaget jika aspd tidak memakai senjata dan memakai senjata kRO dan idRO berbeda.
  2. Update @first post January 2018 any miss or etc just reply post
  3. @Ai4rei thank you for awesome update now jRO is up to date.
  4. maybe this can help you.
  5. @Ai4rei jRO lite patch stuck @3977 2017-12-19aPatchup.rgz have a new version or else? thank you.
  6. Slammer

    Critical rate @asssin use weapon tipe katar

    pre renewal last version rathena.
  7. Need Info, it's normal about this? if not abnormal, what can i do to fix it?
  8. Slammer

    Disable the new character creation window in 2015 client

    Works with me.
  9. Slammer


    nicely Done. Works. thx
  10. Slammer


    after edit n recompile. compile not succes, i try #if PACKETVER < 20080102 const int cmd = 0x73; #else const int cmd = 0x2eb; it''s succes can login in game. no error any more. have alternative? I fear at future becomes a problem.
  11. Slammer


    all Done, no error... login succes, char succes, map stuck... still can't connect server. Hercules / rAthena The client's login and character select will function. But after selecting a character, the client will sit for a moment and then time out. This is because Gravity is no longer using the ZC_ACCEPT_ENTER3 packet and went back to using the older ZC_ACCEPT_ENTER2. So you have to edit the source to have it use the 2nd version of ACCEPT_ENTER or else the timeout issue will happen. Im not going into tech details on how to apply the change. Thats for you to do or just wait for someone to do it. what mean for that? #if PACKETVER < 20080102 const int cmd = 0x73; #elif PACKETVER < 20141022 const int cmd = 0x2eb; #else const int cmd = 0xa18; to #if PACKETVER < 20080102 const int cmd = 0x73; #else const int cmd = 0x2eb; it''s right?
  12. Slammer


    menggunakan patcher apa? tidak diharus patcher menggunakan .patch yang penting patcher itu berjalan dengan benar dan support semua file.
  13. Slammer

    Tentang hat effect (animated headgear)

    untuk stable gunakan exe terbaru. support win 7, 8.0, 8.1 dan 10. jika erro pada exe 2013 dan 2014 silahkan gunakan 2015 dikarena new future kRO hanya bisa digunakan pada exe 2015 seperti new prontera original. bisa digunakan pada exe 2015.
  14. Slammer

    Character screen crash

    client kRO have patch till 20151104? if not your client will be crash.