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  1. Slammer

    2018-06-20eRagexeRE crashes

    have u try it 2018-06-05b? i use 2018-06-05b no problem.
  2. Slammer

    consulta de arrow crafting

    puedes editarlo aquí : db\create_arrow_db
  3. Slammer

    the translation for 501 red potion say....

    Left is main Server, Right is Sakray Server main and sakray different about descrip and effect. at db_item is itemheal rand(45,65) explain. recover of red pot is 45 for all job. can more than 45 for base job like swordman : effect of Increase HP Recovery : Improves the speed of natural health recovery. The recovery amount will increase more than the basic value. Note : I might be wrong
  4. Slammer

    Perbedaan client Ragexe dengan RagexeRE

    walaupun tidak ada icon cash shopnya kan bisa pakai NPC mas bro. ya balik ke classic.
  5. done. i reupload. check on first post
  6. Slammer

    Perbedaan client Ragexe dengan RagexeRE

    sepertinya 2.2nya ada cash shopnya
  7. Slammer

    Instant 2nd job changer

    for example : novice to lord knight mes "[Master]"; mes "are you ready?"; next; if (class == 0) && (JobLevel >= 10) { jobchange 4008; mes "[Master]"; mes "you become Lord Knight"; mes "goodbye"; close; }
  8. What version of Patch lite you use? if versi is not so you must use patch lite
  9. Slammer

    2015-10-29 Ragexe

    try this lua: luafiles514.7z
  10. Slammer

    Custom kafra NPC

    you learn first on : npc\kafras\functions_kafras.txt then you can configure on : npc\kafras\kafras.txt
  11. Slammer

    2018-05-30bRagexeRE not support langtype?

    try my lua for indonesia and usa. lua files.7z set langtype 1 for usa and 6 for indonesia i try for conf for russian but not work to.
  12. Slammer

    Failed to Read attendance configuration file

    are you sure the file is there? warm is like the file not there. check again.
  13. Slammer

    Error Costume Headgears

    have you update kRO until last patch? if not, go patch until last patch.
  14. @hendra814 august package is update main package. plz check it.
  15. @AinsLord try use 1 item and check timeleft vip. then try use 2nd item same duration. i reminder is calculate of duration 1st 60day + 2nd 60day = 120days try this script for timeleft vip - script Sample -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if (getgmlevel() < 99) end; mes "[Points Viewer]"; mes "Hello "+strcharinfo(0); mes ""+#CASHPOINTS+" Cash and "+#KAFRAPOINTS+" Free Cash."; mes "-----------------------------------"; mes "Time VIP left"; mes ""+vip_status(2)+""; mes "-----------------------------------"; close; }