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  1. Can I make War of emperium rewards with IP device ? Because in my server i had a problem in this
  2. Missing Silvervine Quester and Silvervine Exchanger npc's what is that? look here in irowki
  3. I've solved this problem by using this script Castle Manager Thanks to NovaRo and And all who work there.
  4. Please I want to delete occupation of guild from the Castle I tried to make a deletion via the database in guild_castle But nothing happened please help me
  5. Awesome, I hope they release this update soon, Thanks for your response and I apologize for the inconvenience.
  6. Oh really, that's great can i ask? when this update version up to Rathena?
  7. Looking for a way to update to episode 16.2 of Ragnarok, I've watched the Nova ro server they add the latest update to game But there is no information about how to update our servers to this version. NovaRo Terra Gloria Information
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