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  1. yay. back out of my hiatus!

  2. set #New_Player,1; if(#New_Player == 1 || Class!=Job_Novice ) goto L_Done; This is your problem, You have to set the variable after every case you make before the "close;" command or it won't run the rest of the script. Also, you must have the "if" command checker in the beginning of the script to check, if put at the end it will run it at the end, or if put after the "close;' command it won't run at all.
  3. iFoxkun

    PvP Announce

    Something like, (I.E. I haven't made any scripts in months, im rusty again.) mes "Would you like to enter"; next; if(select("Yes:No")==2) close; announce getcharid(2) + " has entered the PvP Room."; warp "map",x,y; end;
  4. ._. I checked the time-stamp, he posted 4 seconds ahead. = = 881
  5. This is basically an NPC which starts an event, as in broadcasting, creating warps, closing warps, etc. This doesn't actually do the whole event. This is more or less because you either edited something important in the script, or you did not change the location [map,x,y,direction] of the NPC
  6. Seven Hundred Thirty Four.
  7. Seven + Three + One != 731
  8. Try clicking out of the client then back, probably that's the case.
  9. A Script for this would be like... map,x,y,direction <TAB> script <TAB> NPC Name <TAB> NPC Sprite.{ if(getcharid(2) != "<Guild ID For this>") close; sc_start .... }
  10. I can make this script, but you will need to make a monster "Treasure Box" to drop the item. **Edit** Here is a rough script that I made, it has not been tested yet, Sorry! I'm sleepy right now ._. prontera,157,190,4 script Garden Entrance 793,{ OnInit: set [email protected]$,maze // <Customizable> set [email protected],50; // <Customizable> set [email protected],55; // <Customizable> set .playersmax,15; // <Customizable> set .playersin,0; disablenpc "Garden Entrance"; end; if(gettime(4)==6) && (gettime(3)==12) { enablenpc "Garden Entrance"; Announce "The Mystical Gate of the Secret Garden has opened! Fifteen players may enter.",bc_all || bc_blue; mes "Rumor has it that there was once an ancient secret garden located near prontera!"; if(countitem(7559) < 1) close; next; mes "I see that you have the key... Very well, since you have the key, I can warp you to the gate."; next; mes "Do you want me to? Only [" + .playersmax - .playersin + "] can enter."; next; if(select("Yes:No") == 2) close; if(.playersin == .playersmax) { mes "Sorry the max players has been reached."; } else { warp "[email protected]$",[email protected],[email protected]; set .playersin,.playersin + 1; close; } } else { disablenpc "Garden Entrance"; } maze,60,60,4 script Ancient Hero of the Garden 793,{ OnInit: set [email protected],1902; // <Customizable> set [email protected]$,maze // <Customizable> disablenpc "Ancient Hero of the Garden"; end; if(getmapusers(maze) == 15) { monster "maze",0,0,"Treasure of the Secret Garden",[email protected],10,"Ancient Hero of the Garden::L_MDeath"; } else { end; } if(getmapmobs([email protected]) == 0) { mes "I see you have found the treasure ..."; next; if([email protected] == 1 ) { goto L_First; } else if([email protected] == 1 ) { goto L_Second; } else if([email protected] == 1 ) { goto L_Third; } else if([email protected] > 3) { mes "I see that you did not get the sacred mark of the treasure..."; } end; L_First: mes "Wow... You got the ultimate mark of the treasure ..."; next; mes "I believe this is yours then..."; getitem 2862; set zeny, zeny + 100000; close; L_Second: mes "Wow... You got the legendary mark of the treasure ..."; next; mes "I believe this is yours then..."; getitem 5682; set zeny, zeny + 50000; close; L_Third: mes "Wow... You got the holy mark of the treasure ..."; next; mes "I believe this is yours then..."; set zeny, zeny + 20000; close; L_MDeath: set [email protected], rand(1,15); if([email protected] == 1) { set [email protected],1; } else if([email protected] == 2) { set [email protected],1; } else if([email protected] == 3) { set [email protected],1; } else if([email protected] > 3) { end; }
  11. Added Game Master Event Starter Script. Made Public due to a server using it as a "this server-only" script.
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