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  1. Pleased to work with s1 lykos, very responsive to all inquiries and HAS A LOT OF PATIENCE. Don't hesitate to deal with them, they have a reputation to keep and very trustworthy. Will be using their services for all my RO-related needs. 100% Recommended if you need your work done. Cheers.
  2. Any information about this? I've been lurking around herc/rA for sometime now but I only see half baked information. My server is getting DDoS attacked frequently right now and I want to not get hit anymore. Yes, I am considering getting dedicated servers with good anti ddos protection but some server owners are using rDNS and it is very effective. but I don't have the knowledge to do it. I'm not sure whether it is a rDNS or Proxy server, but If I'm wrong, let me know. Thanks No, I am not interested on buying the information from you, its an easy job to be honest, but I don't know how to execute.
  3. Where did the hell did you get this idea? copy-paste? from other servers? This is most likely everyone in 255/120 servers want because it gives a specific boost to skills/jobs that are useless imo, the idea was made from DarkRO and OsRO, and I have already done this myself because no one tried to help me. Thank you.
  4. I'm still sorry about it. If you're into facebook. try to join some advertisement groups and you'll see bunch of people trying to sell stuff. Everyone's work here has been already ripped server to server. By the way, I might get a service from you soon. Not really much but only a customized cap. Does it have any pack? example : http://i.imgur.com/FiXalot.png
  5. I don't understand what's goin' on this thread. o_o This is really a thread encouragin' people to steal from others server's GRF? Is that it? And also: Apart from the steal atempt, let's talk about 'retards trying to sell it'. Since it's someone who converted and made it works to RO, why it doesn't deserve to be paid (not abusive prices, but yet)? I'm pretty confused right here. I make a living of making custom stuff for games and RO and, thanks to Tokei, who developed the amazing GRF Editor, I could use an alternative, teach people to encrypt, even made a guide for that, but that wouldn't be needed if people respected that custom stuff has people who spend hours, days, and sometimes, weeks, to deliver something, and then, someone just steals it. And then, same people still comes to my PM box asking for freebies. Damn. Yo, No offense. What I'm trying to imply was people who has the files and selling it without the owner's permission or stuff. There are alot in some FB Groups selling some stuff that they ripped off. I respect every gfx artist here so don't be mad at me and I'm sorry. I didn't bother to reply to get it legit because I assumed that he's looking to get it for it for free and as for what I've said, It is true that you can just get it from their grf. I am also pissed off about that kind of people because I support every GFX's works by buying it for the real price then later on saw it someone selling for what? 90% off. LOL. Again, I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you.
  6. Bad luck, You just need to find the server that has some of it. There are alot of leaked stuff. Always remember to not pay for it. Some retards try to sell it. :3
  7. I suggest you get into rAthena. If you have some cash to spend you can convert them for 20$~30$ on paid service and I think they will also provide a client for it. Goodluck.
  8. You can get it anywhere on every server. You just have to take it from their grf.
  9. China

    Custom Jobs

    Hexed Client: RagExeRE 2012-04-10 I already did everything that I saw in the search bar about adding custom jobs on the admin folder @ luafiles.
  10. China

    Custom Jobs

    I've been trying to add custom jobs in my server but it shows as a Novice and a name poring :/
  11. Madali lang sya basahin pero ituro hindi boss. Kung gusto mo ako na mag ayos ng vps mo
  12. Hi functor, I am a customer of Phyton hosting and was wondering if you can make me a new client because I've been wanting to upgrade my client files since the file itself was made 2 years ago, It seems that I'm a bother to Dev Mark since he gives good service and have lots of customers? :) How can I contact you anyway so I can talk to you directly, I also have alot of questions about the shield :D. Thank you very much!

    1. Functor


      Please, check PM.

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