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  1. hi is there any solution for this im having a same problem also.
  2. hi anyone can help me how to add waiting room in LMS but to shuffle the players before entering?
  3. cadz

    lvl 99 reward

    hi sir radian thank you so much!
  4. hi anyone can help me to change this to cashpoints rather item? CCTO for the script sir radian // -- A very simple script that made by me (Radian) // -- Compatible with rAthena. // -- I don't mind if you want to optimized this // -- just please include me on the credits prontera,35,270,6 script LvL 99 Reward 864,{ if ( .enable_event ) { if ( getcharid(3) > .aid_end ) { mes "[ ^777777Account ID Checker^000000 ]"; mes "I'm sorry you are late to avail this.."; close; } if ( getcharid(3) < .aid_start ) { mes "[ ^777777Account ID Checker^000000 ]"; mes "It's impossible you are below of the id we required to obtained the special event rewards."; close; } if ( BaseLevel < .max_base_level || JobLevel < .max_job_level ) { mes "[ ^00FF00Race Up to Max^000000 ]"; mes "We're sorry you are not qualified yet on this event, please come back when you are base level is "+.max_base_level+" and job level is "+.max_job_level+"."; close; } if ( #Reward == 1 ) { mes "[ ^FF0000Baj^000000 ]"; mes "We apologize that you are not qualified any more to receive or get a special reward from us."; close; } mes "[ ^0000FFCongratulation Note^000000 ]"; mes "We verified that you are qualified and will receive a reward from us."; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reward); [email protected]++ ) for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.amount); [email protected]++ ) getitem .reward[[email protected]],.amount[[email protected]]; set #Reward, 1; announce "Congratulations! "+strcharinfo(0)+" has claimed his reward for Race to 99 Event This event runs until April 4 2021", bc_all; close; OnInit: // ------------------------------------------------------------ \\ .enable_event = 1; // Set 0 = Disable / 1 = Enable Default. .max_base_level = 99; // Set the maximum base level here. .max_job_level = 70; // Set the maximum job level here. .aid_start = 0; // Set the Account ID here where you want to start. [ set this to 0 = disable ] .aid_end = 0; // Set the ending Account ID here. [ set this to 0 = disable ] setarray .reward,20737,12210,14002,6316,12211; // Set the rewards here. setarray .amount,1,5,10,10,10; // Set the reward amouns here. waitingroom "99 Reward",0; // Waiting Room. // ------------------------------------------------------------- \\ end; } }
  5. thanks i fixed it already changing different points thank you MR L for replying
  6. hi secret is this the answer from my problem? i having a problem in my currency if this is the answer i would love to buy it.
  7. hi im having a problem from hourly points and free cash shop in cash shop when i buy in the npc for (hourly points) it will reduce but when after 1 hour the points will return and added more example: i got 10 kafra points i buy the 5 points in the free kafra shop then it will deduct the 5 points after 1 hour the hourly will announce it will give you back the points of total of 10 again +5 coz of hourly hourly points npc free cash shop i found out that when i buy the item in npc hourly points the free cash shop here does not reduced. when i change char to reconnect that time it will reduced. thank you in advance btw there's no error in map.exe
  8. hi sir how about item to kafrapoints?
  9. hi can you help me? it doesn't remove the item and bugged when i put 0 its still go exchange if i put 1000 but i got only 500 he still give me 1000 - script Board Lady -1,{ mes "[ Board Lady]"; mes "Hi ther adventurer"; mes "do you have board tickets?"; mes "i can convert it to kafra Points"; mes "so you can buy at the free cash shop NPC"; next; mes "[Board Lady]"; mes "^009900 1 ticket = 1 kafra Points"; mes "do you want to continue?"; if(select("yes:no")== 1) { goto ckafra; end; } else { goto czeny; end; } ckafra: next; mes "Input Coupon Amount"; input [email protected]; next; set [email protected], [email protected]*1; mes "Converting "[email protected]+" Board Quest Ticket to "[email protected]+" kafra points, continue?"; if(select("No:Yes")==1) { close; } next; mes "Done!"; delitem .couponid, [email protected]; set #KAFRAPOINTS,#[email protected]; dispbottom "========================================="; dispbottom "Convert: You converted "[email protected]+" Board Quest Ticket to "[email protected]+" Kafra Points."; dispbottom "You now have "+#KAFRAPOINTS+" Kafra Points"; dispbottom "========================================="; close; czeny: next; mes "thank you come again"; close; OnInit: set .couponid, 7338; end; } // -------------------------------------------------- // Duplicates: // -------------------------------------------------- prontera,124,82,2 duplicate(Board Lady) Board Lady#prt 646 alberta,33,240,5 duplicate(Board Lady) Board Lady#alb 646 izlude,134,94,5 duplicate(Board Lady) Board Lady#iz 646 morocc,164,97,5 duplicate(Board Lady) Board Lady#moc 646 payon,166,101,5 duplicate(Board Lady) Board Lady#pay 646 lighthalzen,162,100,5 duplicate(Board Lady) Board Lady#light 646 rachel,136,106,5 duplicate(Board Lady) Board Lady#rach 646 veins,224,125,5 duplicate(Board Lady) Board Lady#vein 646
  10. alright i fix it. kindly close this thread thanks!
  11. hi anyone can help me put an amount on this script i found master emistry script but i can't apply adding amount before the exchange i put the input amount but nothing happens even no error on the script .thanks in advance. prontera,146,107,5 script Board Lady 646,{ [email protected] = 7339; [email protected] = 1; mes "[ Board Lady] mes "Hi ther adventurer"; mes "do you have board tickets?"; mes "i can convert it to kafra points"; mes "so you can buy at the free cash shop NPC"; next; mes "[ Board Lady] mes "^009900 1 ticket = 1 kafra points"; mes "How many Board Quest Ticket do you have?"; next; input [email protected]; if ([email protected] == 0) { mes .NPC$; mes "Umm, please enter your amount!"; close; } [email protected] = ([email protected] * .ID); if ([email protected] > [email protected]) { mes .NPC$; mes "You dont' have enough ticket!!!"; close; } if ([email protected] == 0){ mes .NPC$; mes "You don't have ticket!!"; close; } [email protected] = countitem( [email protected] ); mes "Exchange "[email protected]+" x "+getitemname( [email protected] )+" to "+( [email protected] * [email protected] )+" Point ?"; if( [email protected] ) if( select( "YES","Cancel" ) == 1 ){ delitem [email protected],[email protected]; #KAFRAPOINTS = #KAFRAPOINTS + ( [email protected] * [email protected] ); mes "Done"; } close; }
  12. thank you so much
  13. thank you so much! can you send me those script guides in db so i can learn more.
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