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  1. Thanks Skorm! for those have a problem regarding on the prices of the items -it was based on the official price on rwc client. I hope rAthena will add this feature to the git
  2. Thanks! It's been a long process haha xD its a long process for long term use. keep it up!
  3. do you encounter the error mt.exe on compiling? i hope you can help me regarding on this issue. Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Host OS: Windows XP SP2
  4. I hope those mentioned clients have the correct translation files
  5. they will stream it for sure
  6. i hope there is something new in RWC 2014
  7. Resignation Papers

  8. This is interesting, cant wait for it credit to bROwiki and zerozaku, irowiki forums
  9. unbalance? hmm, we can add it for a costume without effect.
  10. Ziu, we can use these updates to add some new items like hats. Cydh Loves those hats. Auriga Emulator can be source of jRO things since Auriga is based on jRO Updates
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