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  1. Well then... I guess the only thing we use Also, I already tried that. Renaming all 4th job classes with costume_2. can you share yours? Thanks
  2. We use the same server settings. What i advice to you is to make another stylist exclusive to Doram and those expanded classes (star emperor, soul reaper). On my test server. i have 2 stylist. 1 for normal 3rd job base classes and another one for 3rd job who is using bodystyle. Understood? Special thanks to @Balfear.
  3. Just go to "special place" where no one is around.
  4. What i posted is PROMOTIONAL CODE. not like. Peace
  5. Original thread here https://herc.ws/board/topic/18975-promotional-code/ I somehow stumbled upon this thread and decided to ask if this is working on rathena. Luckily annie replied. Link here: https://herc.ws/board/topic/18975-promotional-code/?do=findComment&comment=98439 @topic This will be a nice feature indeed. And i think its a must.
  6. Like i said in your other post. Your client side is dirty. Re create your whole client side.
  7. Your client side is dirty. It means re create your client. Re diff it.
  8. I have reported it but im not sure it meant to be. If it is how to enable headgears to appear when using @autotrade when server restarts. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/5408
  9. Anyone? This is still my unresolved mystery. Hehe!
  10. Oh! lemme check body instead. Wait. *Edit (Result) Nope. It doesnt work. I know when it comes to database, you have to re log to take its effect. This ive tried if(body <=1){ mes @header$; mes "bahu ka!"; mes " "; mes " "; mes " "; mes "bantut!"; close; } doesnt work. Unless someone tell me how to query like that on npc. But i guess thats the only way to do because we dont have @bodystyle checker?
  11. Well we have weight check, zeny check, base level and job level checker and class checker. I wonder if we have @bodystyle checker? Im trying to set condition. Thanks! Idea: if(@bodystyle <=1){ mes @header$; mes "bahu ka!"; mes " "; mes " "; mes " "; mes "bantut!"; close; } But it doesnt seem to work. Ive tried many variable. No map error tho. But it doesnt work. Ive tried the following: if ([email protected] < 1 || [email protected] > [email protected]) if (!bodystyle <= 1) if (bodystyle <= 1) if (@bodystyle <= 1) if (body_style <= 1) Thanks!
  12. Look for the word that display on your equipment window. (use, eqp etc etc etc)
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