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  1. Where to do this @Haruka Mayumisama! ♥ Onegai desu! Hihi!
  2. I have done this to fresh pull from git. The compiler warning and the memory leak is still there. So i guess it has nothing to do with my other mods.
  3. Hello @Kuneho. Ive checked every line and i must say the only difference with this and secrets were the additions of NINJA and GUNSLINGER. Howerver. The compile warning is still there. And maybe, just maybe thats the reason of the memory leak. https://rathena.org/board/topic/115221-release-soul-link-modification-script-based/?do=findComment&comment=378296
  4. Hello guys. Can i get a help nerfing this skill? It doesnt show in the status so im very confused. Well whats happening is my players are using it. Once they used the lvl 5 they will become somehow like wearing ahuras. They only receives 1 damage. Maybe because of the hidden def increase. I want to nerf in via scr. But i dont know which file to meddle with. Also, heres the translation im using. Does it really gives +100 soft def? as per the status.c as per irowiki Thanks guys!
  5. You can easily achieve this using Not sure about these tho.
  6. Its already been updated. The only problem now is the memory leak and the compile warning.
  7. Try to download this and give it a go.
  8. Thank you for your reply. But i have managed to fixed it my self. The solution is to copy whats on RE skill_db.yml into PRE RE skill_db.yml. That solves my problem.
  9. Hello. I think this is the solution to my problem. But i cannot understand it. Im using annie's mission board. Experiencing the same error. What should i edit again?
  10. thats client side files. What is your client version?
  11. You just need to follow the instruction. _ is very important.
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