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  1. i'm stuck here... can someone tell me why that's happen and how to get rid of that thing? thank you
  2. can someone tell me why that is happen and how to fix that? i've try to imitating contents of data.grf, of course with the translation ones, but that still happen to me... i've try to replace contents of data.grf with translation too, but the same thing happen please explain *FIXED*
  3. i'l check sclient... i'm sure that clientinfo is changed
  4. done, still same.... forget it, i'll patch it on nemo to skip service... how about the 2nd? must i replace it with the translation?
  5. display have been changed, but still "local" 2nd, i've found the .bmp file, must i replace it?
  6. i wonder how to change this i've change windows title in nemo... and use llchrisll translation project as 1 of my grf file... but service name isn't changed....
  7. Tearz


    how can i get translate client? i've download chris' translation files i got it on wiki, sorry
  8. Tearz


    i have an issue, again... can someone tell me why that warning is popping up then forced close my ragexe after i patched it with nemo?
  9. *FIXED* thank you for the advice, the issue is because of i copy the job_exp in the import folder to renewal
  10. i made this error how to fix this? thank you all
  11. Tearz

    GRF files

    okay i'll try... after i made my custom grf, what should i do with the kRO original one? can i just delete it, or must i save it for another day? or must i just let it there and collaborating it with my own custom grf on data.ini?
  12. i've download it... what should i do to that files? must i import it inside my grf, or make my own data.grf?
  13. Tearz

    GRF files

    so, you mean, i must make my own grf too? do you have any tutorial link to make it?
  14. Tearz

    GRF files

    i've merge that... but the result is my menu become hangul
  15. how to fix this? i cant read it as you can see, every button is translated as hangul... and as far as i know, i bad at eastern asian language XD so help me fix it, and idk why my chat tab title can be like that
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