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  1. Hi is there anyone who can provide a script for a quest shop that requires multiple currencies and items. Example: Valk Armor Requirements are: 20 Donation Points 30 PVP Points 40 Arena Points 50 Hourly points 100 jellopy 100 sticky mucus.
  2. Already did i think Haziels not active recently.
  3. Anyone has a working script / src diff for Costume weapon? EX. I have a custom weapon with sprite. When i equipped it as shadow weapon (costume) the sprite will be shown instead of the actual weapon that is currently used. If you have one can i request if you can share. Or if you are willing to sell with guide please send me a PM.
  4. Hello, Can i request for a Time based WOE KOE reward system? Functions: Reward will be triggered for WOE / KOE time only. If you stayed for total of 20mins in WOE / KOE you will receive 10points Then after that every succeeding 5mins you will receive 2points Check idling every 2mins if player is idle the timer will pause and when move again the timer will resume the counting. Willing to pay if you have a working script. Thanks!
  5. Highly recommended. Very approachable, and he can offer and suggest ideas for your server. Don't hesitate to avail his services. 100%!
  6. Hi @Mabuhay hope you can help me with this. This is the error i received upon updating.
  7. Hi @caos51 can you make help to add a menu for this script that will work for single brewing? So there will be the single and bulk. Hope you can help thanks! Hi Bro do you have the full script that is working? I have a lot of errors encountered. See one below. set [email protected][0],713,970,607; - parse_line: expected ';'
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