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Community Answers

  1. it's already implement on latest rathena?
  2. so how to get that via query? im try using this query (in attachment) but the result is different ahhhhhhh thanks it's solve
  3. hi i want to ask how to correction this script Dress changer ~ Change your appearance between classes. - Utilities - rAthena because when i try using stalker it can be change to shadow chasser. and when i try use shadow chasser and change skin stalker my skill is following changes.like job change. and i want to create only vip can using this and must be trans job 3rd. how to format that?
  4. hi i want to ask.how to get All costume item on database sql? how to query get that item?any specifiec type to detect what is costume item?
  5. ahhhhhh i try to implement i got the issue to add monster to sql server sir
  6. hi anyone have illusion moonlight and illusion vampire,and magma dungeon 03 sql? i have issue when i try to convert txt database to sql it's always error cannot match colomn count. i got script for illusion moonlight from Illusion Moonlight - Games, Events, Quests - rAthena Illusion Vampire - Games, Events, Quests - rAthena rAthena-Scripts/unofficial at master · llchrisll/rAthena-Scripts (github.com)
  7. hmmm how to join just pull request to github?
  8. Hi Do you have instance on episode 17.1 like old glast heim,magma dungeon 3,moonlight instance and it's compatible with client 2020? why rathena didn't update that?
  9. why it's doesn't work with latest rathena version?because structure has been change
  10. have you try to change this? as default from centos is net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout = 60 to fin_timeout = 30 ?
  11. can i know the diff?(patch file) i found different structur with default rathena.
  12. can i see ur script.h and script.c and map.h?
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