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  1. have you try to change this? as default from centos is net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout = 60 to fin_timeout = 30 ?
  2. can i know the diff?(patch file) i found different structur with default rathena.
  3. can i see ur script.h and script.c and map.h?
  4. bump please help this O_Oa
  5. player_skillfree: yes (ignore)not effect?
  6. but sir how to backup from ssh??first time using ssh to backup.because from phpmyadmin is only read (if i'm import) maximum only 2mb.
  7. i think please dissable ur config... O_oa..because im using old rathena like this (set in group 99).
  8. im using centos 5.9
  9. guys can u help me how to reinstall mysql? (include mysql-devel,mysql-lib)... and how to set my install from yum maximum version of this is 5.0 not 5.5. because my mysql now is 5.5 O_Oa..(i just install from yum) and then i can't recomplie it now.(rathena) preview my compile
  10. somebody knows what's the most stable version ragexe?
  11. sorry nana kiwutz this is the sign npc http://svn.code.sf.net/p/rathena/svn/trunk/npc/quests/the_sign_quest.txt i found like this...O_oa..i found to set time zone.but how to set timezone?
  12. tq it's work
  13. hm...need lua files mastery for fix this error O_Oa