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  1. How to fix this

    vote for point sql files and upload your database
  2. Help! Punching Bag Npc

    kaya siya ng kakaganyan dahil my timer ung punching bag na kuha mo kaya naka hide ung npc pero tama naman ung npc id 844 prontera,224,79,0 script PunchingBag#0 844,{ end; OnMyMobDead: OnInit: getunitdata(getnpcid(0), [email protected]); monster strnpcinfo(4),[email protected][UNPC_X],[email protected][UNPC_Y],"Punching Bag",2411,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMyMobDead"; [email protected] = atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); .gid[[email protected]] = [email protected][0]; .mhp[[email protected]] = strmobinfo(4,2411); setunitdata .gid[[email protected]],UMOB_MODE,[email protected][UMOB_MODE]|0x4000000|0x0200000; // Set MD_STATUS_IMMUNE (0x4000000) because EDP/burn/%MHP based status can skew the DPS counter so much. initnpctimer; end; OnTimer5000: [email protected] = atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); if(unitexists(.gid[[email protected]])){ getunitdata(.gid[[email protected]],[email protected]); [email protected] = (.mhp[[email protected]] - [email protected][UMOB_HP]); if([email protected] > 0){ npctalk "Punching Bag : I've taken " + ([email protected]/5) + " DPS in last 5 seconds."; setunitdata .gid[[email protected]],UMOB_HP,.mhp[[email protected]]; specialeffect EF_HEAL; setmapflag( "Punching Bag",mf_monster_noteleport ); } } initnpctimer; } prontera,184,156,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#1 844 prontera,177,156,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#2 844 prontera,177,161,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#3 844 prontera,184,161,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#4 844
  3. Help! Punching Bag Npc

    paano hindi gumagana ung punching bag mo?
  4. Hello everyone

    welcome here enjoy
  5. FPRO Gaming

    FPRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment Are You Looking For A Good Ragnarok Private Server Midrate Type? And You Are A Talented Player? Come And Try And Show Your Talent In PVP/WOE/Quests/Automated Events Grand Opening On December 16, 2017 Server Releasing PH Time: 5:00PM GMT +8 See You There. FPRO Gaming Important Link's Website Forum Board Facebook Group Facebook Page • ( Usable Delay Item ) • Yggdrasil Berry Delay 1 Second To Use Yggdrasil Seed Delay 1 Second To Use • ( Server Setting Information ) • Max Base Level: 99 Max Job Level: 70 Max Aspd: 190 Max Stats: 99 Max Zeny: 2B • ( Server Rates Information ) • Base Exp Level: 100x Job Exp Level: 100x Normal Common Usable Drop Rates: 100x Normal Drop Item Rates: 100x Normal Drop Card Rates: 3% MVP-MINI Boss Common Drop Rates: 100x MVP-MINI Boss Item Drop Rates: 100x • ( Server Feature's ) • » Episode: 13.1 Ash Vacuum » Farming & Quest Economy Based On Server » RMS Database On Quest » ROCShield Protected » Main Town Prontera City » Guild Of The Month » Agit King » Pre-Renewal Setup » Transcendent Job Class » Expanded Job Class » Baby Job Class » Party Gap 10 » Max Party 12 » No Costume Item Equipment » Irc Chat Channel » No Multi Level-Up » Disable MVP-Mini Boss Card » No Guild Package » No Solo Package » Vote For Points » Instant Cast 150 Dex » Legit Dual Login Client • ( NPC's And Quest's Npc ) • » Reset Stats Npc » Warper Npc » Job Changer Npc » Removing Card Npc » Nurse Healer Npc (No Buffs) » Donation Machine Npc » RP Shop Npc » Quest Shop Npc » Best Breaker Point Npc » Pvp Warper Npc » Pvp Ladder Npc » Gold Mvp Coin Exchanger Npc » Tcg Card To RP Exchanger Npc » Refine Ticket Npc » Lotti Npc » Fishing Npc » Private Mvp Room Npc » Treasure Hunter Npc Quest » Thanatos Tower Npc Quest » Satan Morocc Npc Quest » Nydhoggs Nest Npc Quest » Angelic Npc Quest » Endless Tower Npc Quest Guide Npc Information • ( Useful @Command's ) • go request refresh time jailtime hominfo autoloot alootid mi iteminfo whereis whodrops noks autoloottype autoattack And Many More Check To In Game • ( Automated Event's ) • Dice Disguise Juggernaut Poring Catcher Bomb Poring Hourly Points (Get Rok Points) The Monster Invasion Attack In Field New Last Man Stading Battleground War Defence Automated Event Information • ( Automated Happy Hour Exp Boost Event Daily ) • Starting Monday To Friday: The Happy Hour Exp Boost Event 6:00 PM Until 12:00 AM Base Exp Level Bonus: 150x Job Exp Level Bonus: 150x Item Equip Drop Rates Bonus: 150x Then Come Back Again 6:00PM Daily Day And Saturday To Sunday: The Happy Hour Exp Boost Event Starting In 12:00 AM Within 48 Hours Base Exp Level Bonus: 200x Job Exp Level Bonus: 200x Item Equip Drop Rates Bonus: 200x The Ending Is Monday 12:00 AM Come Back Again To Regular Time. • ( Freebies Starter Pack ) • » 10 Field Manual (50%) » 10 Bubble Gum (100%) » 100 Light White Potion Box » 100 Light Blue Potion Box » 1 Beginner Flying Sheep (Lowergear) » 1 +0[4] Weapon Choice Your First Job » 3000 Free Ammunition To Archer And Gunslinger So What Are You Waiting For? Call Your Friends Now! And For New Experience An Adventure! Come & Join Us At FPRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment
  6. R>Race Event System

    nice thank you for sharing your race
  7. R>Race Event System

    ok sure no problem
  8. R>Race Event System

    thank you for sharing i will try this later and modification this script to change eveything
  9. R>Race Event System

    thank you for the advice i will try to modified this script.
  10. R>Race Event System

    anyone this script thank you for sharing.
  11. Forums Upgraded to IPS 4.2.2

    nice job
  12. R> schg_cas01 map

    images of schg_cas01 did you have?
  13. R> schg_cas01 map

    sorry wrong type error
  14. Patulong Naman Dito Sa Schg_Cas01 Map

    thank you jhomz
  15. Patulong Naman Dito Sa Schg_Cas01 Map

    ayun lang wala ako kRO san nakakapag DL nun?