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  1. Deadly Brothers

    Card Remover

    like this script ?? card_remover.txt
  2. Deadly Brothers

    R> Pvp Warper

    thank you Stalao i will get it now
  3. Deadly Brothers

    Whitesmith Weapon Refine

    i will resolve this problem thank you!
  4. Deadly Brothers

    Whitesmith Weapon Refine

    i mean how to show it a plus on message in character like sampol +1 Knife[3] +2 Knife[3] +3 Knife[3] but not appearing a plus message on character
  5. Deadly Brothers

    Whitesmith Weapon Refine

    how to make show a plus on client but not show to plus a weapon how to fix it???
  6. Deadly Brothers

    R> Pvp Warper

    am requesting for pvp warper with announcer and selectable rooms and random waiting room pub thank you and god bless to sharing this
  7. Deadly Brothers

    Mvp Rank

    to all? sir and how to fix this debug for reward??
  8. Deadly Brothers

    Mvp Rank

    how to fix this i will find a error to annieruru MVP ladder script @hendra814 @Stolao this topic Here
  9. Deadly Brothers

    Mvp Rank

    thank you guys i will try this later
  10. Deadly Brothers

    Mvp Rank

    I need this Mvp Ranking With Sql for my project anyone this script thank you for sharing this to me and god bless
  11. Deadly Brothers


    welcome here in rathena enjoy!
  12. Deadly Brothers

    Panu gawing 0delay ung asura

    para maging 0 delay ang asura ay gumagamit sila ng lower ping apps
  13. Deadly Brothers

    How to fix this

    vote for point sql files and upload your database
  14. Deadly Brothers

    Help! Punching Bag Npc

    kaya siya ng kakaganyan dahil my timer ung punching bag na kuha mo kaya naka hide ung npc pero tama naman ung npc id 844 prontera,224,79,0 script PunchingBag#0 844,{ end; OnMyMobDead: OnInit: getunitdata(getnpcid(0), [email protected]); monster strnpcinfo(4),[email protected][UNPC_X],[email protected][UNPC_Y],"Punching Bag",2411,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMyMobDead"; [email protected] = atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); .gid[[email protected]] = [email protected][0]; .mhp[[email protected]] = strmobinfo(4,2411); setunitdata .gid[[email protected]],UMOB_MODE,[email protected][UMOB_MODE]|0x4000000|0x0200000; // Set MD_STATUS_IMMUNE (0x4000000) because EDP/burn/%MHP based status can skew the DPS counter so much. initnpctimer; end; OnTimer5000: [email protected] = atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); if(unitexists(.gid[[email protected]])){ getunitdata(.gid[[email protected]],[email protected]); [email protected] = (.mhp[[email protected]] - [email protected][UMOB_HP]); if([email protected] > 0){ npctalk "Punching Bag : I've taken " + ([email protected]/5) + " DPS in last 5 seconds."; setunitdata .gid[[email protected]],UMOB_HP,.mhp[[email protected]]; specialeffect EF_HEAL; setmapflag( "Punching Bag",mf_monster_noteleport ); } } initnpctimer; } prontera,184,156,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#1 844 prontera,177,156,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#2 844 prontera,177,161,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#3 844 prontera,184,161,0 duplicate(PunchingBag#0) PunchingBag#4 844
  15. Deadly Brothers

    Help! Punching Bag Npc

    paano hindi gumagana ung punching bag mo?