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  1. try pony vps..just message me
  2. Hi can anyone help me how to patch costum item sprite on thor patcher.. i can patch but its seems the items sprite is not put on on my server.grf... . thanks a lot for those who will reply
  3. i send message sir..`..
  4. Sorry `...can u help me about @afk code sir from SRC?..
  5. Go to your system folder then edit iteminfo.lub
  6. does anyone has @afk plugins?.hope someone help me thanks a lot
  7. i want to read it but i just can understand the language's.
  8. Sinu sinu pa pong active sa RO CLASSIC . .
  9. The asura delay u mean or what?
  10. Anyone know how to costumize login interface using 2015 client?.thanks have a nice day
  11. Can anyone help me how to fix the delay ?... this is the sample video i want to have ..thanks for all who response
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