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  1. Hi Guys, hope you could help me as I've been trying to achieve this for about three days now but still stuck with a particular bug: The goal: I want to create a system where players could join a temporary (fake) guild to do some role-play. This data doesnt need to be saved in the DB and can/should be merely visual. What I've done so far: * I managed to create the temporary guilds and get the emulator to run them from a .txt file * I managed to get players in fake guilds successfully Where I am struggling: When players log in and pick join one of these fake guilds they receive all the information I meant to send: their new name, their new guild name even the guild emblem. Players that are in the range see these changes applied to their peer succeessfully but, someone arriving after that first player got into their fake-guild they can only see their (new/fake) name and guild name but not their guild emblem. It is like I am missing something in the clif_sendfakeemblem_single or something like that. Would any of you guys be so kind to help me with this? I think I dont understant it right how the emulator deals with the spread of information to players when the are in range My clif_sendfakeemblem_single is like this atm: void clif_sendfakeemblem_single(int fd, struct map_session_data *sd) { nullpo_retv(sd); WFIFOHEAD(fd,32); WFIFOW(fd,0) = 0x2dd; WFIFOL(fd,2) = sd->bl.id; safestrncpy(WFIFOCP(fd,6), sd->status.name, NAME_LENGTH); WFIFOW(fd,30) = sd->status.fake_guild_id; WFIFOSET(fd,packet_len(0x2dd)); } May you need more info please ask. thank you very much in advance!
  2. Do you use it for WoE TE too? for me it shows only the first two castles in Gloria 1 and Gloria 2. I can include the others when building up a session but in the schedule screen it wont show any of them. Any help would be really welcome. thank you in advance
  3. Hiya! Does anyone have this working in the newer versions of rA? if so, would you mind sharing the patch? I went halfway through it but I am receiving an error and I am kinda of lost about this one... <command-line>:0:0: note: this is the location of the previous definition LD map-server obj/script.o: In function `buildin_areamonster(script_state*)': /home/test/src/map/script.cpp:10918: undefined reference to `mob_once_spawn_area(map_session_data*, short, short, short, short, short, char const*, int, int, char const*, unsigned int, unsigned int, int)' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** [map-server] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/test/src/map' make: *** [map] Error 2 Thank you in advance!
  4. same thing here. It started after we've implemented the attendance system
  5. Can u share the fix with us mate? Thank you
  6. Hiya! Did you guys manage to have the packet obfuscation working in this client? Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi! I am getting an error when I try to make (or make install) rathena/src/map/discord/discord_core.cpp:259:68: error: no matching function for call to ‘regex_replace(std::string&, std::regex, const char [1]’ content = std::regex_replace(content, std::regex("^\\s|\\s$"), ""); Centos7 cmake version 3.6.2 gcc (GCC) 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-39) any help would be greately appreciated!
  8. Hi Mael! Thank you again! I managed to do it yesterday, I will leave it here just in case someone else is interested: in item_randomopt_db.txt, I've included a line in the end: RDMOPT_NONE,{} in item_randomopt_group.txt, for each group, I've set: RDMOPTG_OHStaff,1,RDMOPT_NONE,0,0 in const.txt, I've set: RDMOPT_NONE 194 Server-side that is it. You are gonna receive a warning when (re)starting the server but that doesnt seem to cause any harm. On the client-side, I had to change two files: On addrandomoptionnametable.lub , before the last line: [EnumVAR.NONE[1]] = "A classic equipment.", and on enunvar.lub, again before the last line, add: NONE = {194, 0}, That is it! You now have a chance to have items with no extra "buffs" at all along with the buffed ones.
  9. Hi guys! is it possible to have the random option system in place but have the original equips dropped too with a certain probability? thank you in advance!
  10. Thank you very much, Mael!! It is all sorted. Thank you a million!
  11. Hiya! I honestly have no idea how to know the hash of the rAthena I am using. All I know is I've downloaded it from git about a month ago. Abracadabra is crashing map-server. Have any of you experienced this problem? Do you know any possible fix (apart from commenting skill 290 in the skill_db lol) Any help will be really appreciated! Best
  12. Sucesso na sua nova empreitada @Zell e muito obrigado por compartilhar seu trabalho com a gente! Sentiremos sua falta!!!
  13. hiya! @shadowscreen did u manage to do that? make skills execute a script? I've been looking for that too... I tried to do that myself but I am not that good with C. thank you in advance!
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