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  1. Hey Can anyone tell what's going on here? Skill 271 is Asura Strike, but idk what is the problem causing it [Error]: set_sc: Unsupported status change id 700 (Skill: 271. Icon: 88) Thank you!
  2. Hey Client: 2018-06-21aRagexeRE I'm trying to add an item link inside another usable item. Eg: A box containing different wearables. In this box's description will be the item links corresponding to the items inside. In other words, <ITEM>Name of item<INFO>ID</INFO></ITEM> using the above ^ code in an item description from ItemInfo.lua This will crash the client upon clicking on the link ingame, any ideas how to fix it?
  3. Hey My char and login servers are randomly disconnecting, and after a few minutes, they go up again and reconnect. I saw that it's getting more frequent at certains times of the day, because it's not always happening. Also, some quests ingame are being reseted/deleted from the questlog. I tried GDB the login server but it doesn't show any errores, just disconnect/reconnects. Any ideas? thanks
  4. Hey you can fix that easily with just install it, open the act you want to edit, and edit every position of the item (front, sides, back, when char is sitting, on foot, walking) it's very intuitive and easy to use!
  5. @hendra814have you encounter any issues with the effect MERMAID_LONGING? whenever i equip this costume the char becomes unclickable and hp bar seems to move on its own lol..
  6. Hi I wanted to create a temporal 'global share' in one of my custom instances. when the party is inside this map, everyone get shared experience regardless of their base level. is this possible in rA?
  7. Hi i had this message on console, from a player. after the error the player disconnected, not sure if he/she got stuck or something. [Warning]: Invalid menu selection on npc 110004891:'Kiel Hyre#kh' - got 1, valid range is [1..0] (player AID:2000000, CID:150000, name:'Name')! this is the npc in /npc/quests/kiel_hyre_quest.txt kh_mansion,22,28,4 script Kiel Hyre#kh 903,{ if (checkweight(908,200) == 0) { mes "^3355FFJust a second..."; mes "You're carrying too"; mes "many items with you"; mes "right now, so you'll"; mes "need to free up more"; mes "inventory space first...^000000"; close; } cutin "kh_kyel01",2; if (KielHyreQuest < 46) { mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "........."; mes "........."; mes "............"; close2; cutin "",255; end; } else if (KielHyreQuest == 46) { cutin "kh_kyel01",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Ah, you must be "+strcharinfo(0)+"."; mes "I'd like to thank you for saving"; mes "my life. You must have many"; mes "questions to ask me, so I'll"; mes "do my best to give you answers."; next; while(1) { switch(select("Robots?:^3355FFKiehl^000000?:^FF0000Elly^000000's button?")) { case 1: mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I've been researching"; mes "robotics for thirty-two"; mes "years now. I'm proud to"; mes "say that I've succeeded"; mes "where the great Sage"; mes "Varmundt did not."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "It's been my dream to"; mes "develop humanoid robots"; mes "from humans. Those Guardians"; mes "might be robots too, but they"; mes "don't operate using free will."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "If you'd like to know more"; mes "of the specifics concerning"; mes "robotics, why don't you speak"; mes "with ^3355FFAllysia^000000? She can explain"; mes "everything much more succinctly"; mes "than I can. I tend to ramble..."; set [email protected],[email protected]+1; next; break; case 2: mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "^3355FFKiehl^000000 is my only son,"; mes "but the love of my life"; mes "died after giving birth to"; mes "him. I'll admit that he's"; mes "a genius in mechanical"; mes "design and development."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "He's largely responsible"; mes "for the creation of Third"; mes "Generation robots like Elly."; mes "Unfortunately, he's trying to"; mes "modify his creations for"; mes "some sinister purpose."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I tried to stop him,"; mes "but I ended up getting"; mes "locked inside the factory."; mes "I don't know why he wants"; mes "to do this. I still have"; mes "absolutely no clue..."; set [email protected],[email protected]+1; next; break; case 3: mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "That button Elly was"; mes "holding has ^3355FFKiehl's emblem^000000"; mes "engraved on it. Ah, and that"; mes "man in black menacing the"; mes "students? That was probably"; mes "^3355FFKaiser^000000, Kiehl's bodyguard."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Kaiser..."; mes "I don't know"; mes "anything about him."; mes "I've never even seen"; mes "his face! Kiehl just hired"; mes "him without letting me know..."; set [email protected],[email protected]+1; next; break; } if ([email protected] == 3) { mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "If you don't have"; mes "anymore questions for me,"; mes "then would you please"; mes "let me rest?? I'm still not"; mes "feeling well from the time"; mes "I was locked up in the factory."; delitem 7493,1; //Golden_Key delitem 7494,1; //Kiel_Button set KielHyreQuest,48; break; } } } else if (KielHyreQuest == 48) { mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Ah, I almost forgot."; mes "Please, take this as"; mes "a little reward for"; mes "saving my life."; getitem 12105,1; //Taming_Gift_Set getexp (checkre(3))?70000:700000,0; set KielHyreQuest,50; } else if ((KielHyreQuest >= 50) && (KielHyreQuest < 64)) { mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "If you don't have"; mes "anymore questions for me,"; mes "then would you please"; mes "let me rest?? I'm still not"; mes "feeling well from the time"; mes "I was locked up in the factory."; } else if (KielHyreQuest == 64) { cutin "kh_kyel01",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Hm? Did you"; mes "have something"; mes "that you wanted"; mes "to ask me?"; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "I don't have enough"; mes "concrete evidence yet,"; mes "but I might have some"; mes "questions soon enough."; } else if (KielHyreQuest == 68) { cutin "kh_kyel02",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Ah, "+strcharinfo(0)+"."; mes "It's you. So how can"; mes "I help you today?"; next; select("About ^3355FFAllysia^000000..."); mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "You know, I was looking"; mes "through this deserted house"; mes "in Juno, and discovered"; mes "an old portrait of a woman"; mes "that looks just like Allysia."; next; cutin "kh_kyel02",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Oh..."; mes "Is that all?"; mes "I thought you had"; mes "a robotics question."; next; cutin "kh_Kyel03",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Anyway, that's a"; mes "strange coincidence."; mes "Well, I suppose it's"; mes "not so strange to find"; mes "look-a-likes for other people..."; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "I don't think it's just"; mes "a coincidence. The woman"; mes "in that thirty year old portrait"; mes "was also named Allysia, and she"; mes "worked at Orsimier street"; mes "in Juno. Does that ring a bell?"; next; cutin "kh_kyel02",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "......"; mes "........."; mes "............"; next; cutin "kh_kyel01",2; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "Then I thought that this"; mes "Allysia must have been the"; mes "woman that you loved, and"; mes "that you based your robot's"; mes "apperance on her."; next; cutin "kh_kyel02",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "............"; next; cutin "kh_kyel01",2; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "I think this is what happened:"; mes "when you were a young, poor"; mes "man, you fell in love with"; mes "Allysia. However, she was"; mes "in love with Rosimier, who"; mes "was rich and powerful."; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "However, Rosimier was"; mes "betrothed to some other"; mes "woman, and he ended up"; mes "marrying his fiancee, thus"; mes "breaking Allysia's heart."; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "Feeling betrayed, her"; mes "heart broken, Allysia jumped"; mes "into a river. Then, you decided"; mes "to get revenge on Rosimier, so"; mes "you ended up joining"; mes "Rekenber Corporation!"; next; cutin "kh_Kyel03",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Hahahahahahaha!"; mes "Oh, what an imagination~"; mes "That's very ridiculous..."; mes "Though, I admit, maybe"; mes "I did design Allysia after"; mes "seeing that woman long ago."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I'd almost forgotten"; mes "about her! I think we"; mes "were friends... Though,"; mes "where did you get the idea"; mes "that I might have"; mes "been in love with her?"; next; select("Reveal Kiel's Portrait from Hut"); cutin "kh_kyel02",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Wh-what..."; mes "How did..."; mes "Where did you...?"; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "Kiel Hyre, I found this"; mes "portrait of you as a young"; mes "man from the house of the"; mes "man that bought Allysia's ring."; mes "I even spoke to the fisherman"; mes "that discovered Allysia's body."; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "You paid an awful lot"; mes "of money to buy Allysia's"; mes "ring. How can you not tell"; mes "me that you didn't love her?"; next; cutin "kh_Kyel03",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "*Sigh...*"; mes "You got me, you got me."; mes "I didn't want you to learn"; mes "the truth. You are correct."; mes "I loved Allysia, and designed"; mes "my robot to look just like her."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I could never forget her."; mes "Ever. But I would never"; mes "do anything to harm the"; mes "Rosimiers! I'm a scientist!"; mes "I hated him when I was young,"; mes "but things are different now!"; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I shed no tears when the"; mes "Rosimiers fell, but I wasn't"; mes "responsible. Besides, I didn't"; mes "have the resources or the"; mes "capability to cause it..."; next; cutin "kh_kyel02",2; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "I'm afraid that the"; mes "evidence shows otherwise."; next; select("Reveal Portrait of Rosimiers"); mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "Take a good look"; mes "at this portrait that"; mes "I found at the Rosimiers'"; mes "old house. Do you see"; mes "anything... incriminating?"; next; cutin "kh_Kyel03",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Aside from that"; mes "James Rosimier, you"; mes "mean? No! I don't see"; mes "anything wrong with"; mes "this picture at all."; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "Take a good look"; mes "at the pocketwatch"; mes "in the portrait. That's"; mes "the pocketwatch you"; mes "wear today, isn't it?"; next; cutin "kh_kyel02",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "...!!!"; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "You might not have caused"; mes "the downfall of the Rosimiers"; mes "yourself, but with the aid of"; mes "the Rekenber Corporation, I'd"; mes "say it was entirely possible!"; next; cutin "kh_Kyel03",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Well played, adventurer."; mes "Well played. I don't regret"; mes "what I did: they killed my"; mes "Allysia! If James didn't betray"; mes "her, if only he didn't drive"; mes "her to commit suicide..."; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "That's where you're wrong!"; mes "Allysia was killed, she didn't"; mes "commit suicide. Take a good"; mes "look at this note right here!"; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "What?!"; next; select("Show James's Note"); mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "What does this prove?"; mes "This doesn't show that"; mes "James didn't betray Allysia."; mes "How does this change anything?"; mes "She's dead, nothing I can do"; mes "will bring her back to me!"; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "I never said James didn't"; mes "betray her. Look at the date"; mes "on the note. James made plans"; mes "to run away with her on August"; mes "20th. However, her body was"; mes "found on the same day."; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "Ergo, Allysia must have"; mes "died on August 19th. If she"; mes "was planning to run away with"; mes "her love on the next day, then"; mes "she had no reason to kill herself!"; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "No, that's not right!"; mes "She probably couldn't"; mes "trust me! She must have"; mes "realized she was nothing"; mes "but another toy to him!"; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "Oh yeah? I say she jumped"; mes "into the river because you"; mes "met her on that day. Now,"; mes "take a good look at this!"; next; select("Show K.H.'s note"); mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "This note was written by"; mes "a man with your initials,"; mes "K.H. These initials were also"; mes "signed on her portrait. You"; mes "must have written this note:"; mes "there's too many coincidences!"; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "According to this note,"; mes "you told Allysia that you"; mes "wanted to see her again"; mes "at the place you first met."; mes "I think you did see her again..."; mes "on August 19th, the day she died!"; next; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "I'm assuming the place you"; mes "two first met was near the"; mes "river. No more of your lies:"; mes "Tell me what really happened!"; next; cutin "kh_kyel02",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "............"; mes "........."; mes "......"; next; cutin "kh_Kyel03",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Hah... Ha ha ha..."; mes "Yes... That's right..."; mes "That horrible night."; mes "I remember it well..."; mes "....................."; next; cutin "kh_kyel02",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "That night, when she came"; mes "to the river to meet me as"; mes "I had asked, I begged her to"; mes "run away with me, instead"; mes "of waiting for that James."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "She insisted that James"; mes "never betrayed her, and he"; mes "promised to take her away"; mes "with him the next day. Can"; mes "you imagine how that made"; mes "me feel? I was nothing to her."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "My feelings didn't matter to"; mes "her at all! She kept fidgeting"; mes "with that ring...I lost control"; mes "and tried to take that damned"; mes "thing away from her, and"; mes "throw it into the river..."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "But you know what?"; mes "She struggled, she actually"; mes "fought me! It was just a small"; mes "fight, but then, before I knew"; mes "it, the ground underneath us"; mes "collapsed and... the rains..."; next; select("........."); mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I'm not sure what it"; mes "was. The rain weakened"; mes "the ground, something went"; mes "wrong... and she just... just..."; mes "The river swallowed her..."; mes "I felt empty. She was gone. "; delitem 7499,1; //Family_Portrait delitem 7500,1; //Elysia_Portrait delitem 7501,1; //Kyll_Hyre_Letter2 delitem 7502,1; //Piece_Memo_Of_James delitem 7503,1; //Man_Portrait set KielHyreQuest,70; close2; cutin "",255; end; } else if (KielHyreQuest <= 70) { cutin "kh_kyel01",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "You already know that"; mes "she was found dead the"; mes "next day. But what really"; mes "broke my heart was that"; mes "she held that ring so tightly"; mes "in her hand, even in death..."; next; cutin "kh_kyel03",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "His family had everything"; mes "while I had nothing. And"; mes "he had the audacity to take"; mes "Allysia away from me?!"; mes "How could that be right?"; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Even though she had passed"; mes "away, I still wanted to prove"; mes "to Allysia what kind of ugly"; mes "person James really was."; mes "That was when I joined the"; mes "Rekenber Corporation."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I designed the very first"; mes "First Generation Robot, which"; mes "I named Allysia, and sold the"; mes "designs to Rekenber. I gave them"; mes "robots, and they gave me money,"; mes "power, obedient subordinates."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Of course I knew they'd use"; mes "my robots for spying and killing!"; mes "But you know what? It didn't"; mes "matter so long as they gave me"; mes "the means to my revenge. It was"; mes "the perfect partnership, really."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "You've got me right"; mes "where you want me."; mes "Who are you working"; mes "for, and what exactly"; mes "do you want? My designs?"; mes "My death? Everything...?"; next; cutin "kh_kyel01",2; mes "["+strcharinfo(0)+"]"; mes "Actually, I just want"; mes "to ask about the nature"; mes "of your professional"; mes "relationship with the"; mes "Rekenber Corporation."; mes "And about Kiehl."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Kiehl, eh? After hearing"; mes "my crazy story, I'm guessing"; mes "that you already suspect the"; mes "truth about him... He's also"; mes "a robot, specifically the first"; mes "of the Second Generation models."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "His mind was developed using."; mes "an experimental, and unstable,"; mes "form of the Condensed Magic"; mes "Spell Scrolls. He was the only"; mes "Second Generation robot that"; mes "I was allowed to keep."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I've become very attached"; mes "to Kiehl. It's not surprising,"; mes "seeing that robotics have"; mes "become my life. I even raised"; mes "him as my own son, and taught"; mes "him everything about robotics"; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Kiehl is now a genius,"; mes "and has even developed the"; mes "Third Generation of robots."; mes "Unfortunately, I failed to"; mes "properly raise him with"; mes "human morals and ethics."; next; select("......"); mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "He's been transforming"; mes "the Third Generation robots"; mes "into killing machines. That's"; mes "why I tried to put them all"; mes "into the academy, so they"; mes "could learn human behavior."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Although the academy"; mes "has delayed Kiehl's plans,"; mes "he has succeeded into"; mes "converting all of the robots"; mes "into uncontrollable engines"; mes "of mass destruction."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Yes, he's been working"; mes "closely with Rekenber."; mes "Their true objective is to"; mes "create killing machines"; mes "for Rekenber's use."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "You know all the secrets"; mes "of my past now. I'm not"; mes "upset with you or anything,"; mes "but I do have something"; mes "that I want to ask of you."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Please! Stop Kiehl!"; mes "I don't want his madness"; mes "to destroy any more robots!"; mes "I see each and every one"; mes "of them as one of my children!"; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I know that I must take"; mes "full responsibility for all"; mes "that has happened. I promise"; mes "to take any punishment for"; mes "my actions once everything"; mes "has been resolved."; next; select("Accept:Okay:Nod"); mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Thank you so much!"; mes "You can find Kiehl"; mes "in the underground"; mes "level in this mansion."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "He stays in the old room"; mes "where he was created, but"; mes "he reconstructed it as some"; mes "kind of cave to keep everyone"; mes "out, including me. Yes, he"; mes "doesn't trust anyone anymore..."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "When you find him, I want"; mes "you to take Allysia's ring"; mes "out of his heart. If you"; mes "remove it, that should stop"; mes "him from going berserk."; next; select("Allysia's Ring?"); mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Yes... Her ring is the"; mes "beginning of everything"; mes "I put that in his heart so"; mes "that I'd never forget what"; mes "the Rosimiers did to me."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "I think Kiehl's grown"; mes "so powerful that normal"; mes "weapons might not work"; mes "on him anymore. Use this"; mes "device that will cause his"; mes "power supply to fluctuate."; getitem 7504,1; //Toy_Motor next; cutin "kh_kyel03",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "If you successfully attach"; mes "this to Kiehl's body, then"; mes "he won't be able to use his"; mes "body's full power. While he's"; mes "weakened, open up his chest"; mes "and get the ring from his heart."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Let me know once"; mes "you're ready. Then, I'll"; mes "guide you Kiehl's room."; set KielHyreQuest,74; } else if ((KielHyreQuest >= 74) && (KielHyreQuest <= 104)) { mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Are you ready"; mes "to confront"; mes "Kiehl now?"; next; switch(select("Yes:No")) { case 1: mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "There... the secret"; mes "passage is open now."; mes "Just go to the right of"; mes "me, but be careful. Kiehl"; mes "is extremely dangerous."; close2; enablenpc "Kiehl_Room_Warp"; donpcevent "Kiehl_Room_Warp::OnEnable"; cutin "",255; end; break; case 2: mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Please take your"; mes "time. I imagine that"; mes "it won't be easy."; break; } } else if ((KielHyreQuest >= 74) && (KielHyreQuest <= 106)) { cutin "kh_kyel01",2; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "You're back...!"; mes "So were you able"; mes "to retrieve Allysia's"; mes "Ring from Kiehl's heart?"; next; if (countitem(7508) < 1) { mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "You mean... You don't have it?"; mes "Please, retrieve Allysia's Ring"; mes "from Kiehl's heart!"; next; enablenpc "Kiehl_Room_Warp"; donpcevent "Kiehl_Room_Warp::OnEnable"; close2; cutin "",255; end; } mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Wh-what happened...?"; mes "Kiehl developed a new"; mes "body for himself? Th-that"; mes "would make him a Fourth"; mes "Generation robot. I had"; mes "no idea he was this smart."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Wait, now that I think about"; mes "it, I did see robot bodies that"; mes "looked like Kiehl when I was"; mes "locked in the factory. So he"; mes "was using those copies to"; mes "develop personal upgrades."; next; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Here, please take this"; mes "Keycard which will let you"; mes "enter and investigate the"; mes "deepest levels of the factory."; mes "I'll investigate Kiehl's room."; getitem 7509,1; //Fancy_Key_Card set KielHyreQuest,108; next; if (Sex == SEX_FEMALE) { if (getpartnerid() == 0) set [email protected]$,"Miss"; else set [email protected]$,"Mrs"; } else set [email protected]$,"Mr"; mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "Kiehl is my responsibility..."; mes "No matter what the cost may"; mes "be, I've got to stop him! Oh,"; mes "and here, please take this"; mes "with my thanks for all of"; mes "your help, "[email protected]$+" "+strcharinfo(0)+"."; getitem 616,1; //Old Card Album delitem 7508,1; //Elysia_Ring getexp (checkre(3))?100000:1000000,0; } else if (KielHyreQuest >= 108) { mes "[Kiel Hyre]"; mes "......"; mes "........."; mes "............"; } close2; cutin "",255; end; } what does it mean? worth to open issue in github?
  8. OVH is pretty good to start your server VPS are cheap with a lot of upgrade options, their servers are stable (for the price)
  9. I have some question about your services, where can i contact you?

    thank you!

  10. Hi i'm trying to update my FluxCP database to my current /db/re/item_db.txt i used convert_sql.pl (pretty usefull tool!) and i created the new file item_db2.sql since the FluxCP reads this one first, right? then imported the file now the FluxCP shows all the new items and modifications in my page but with different format, it's not showing what the items do even if they have a script written (on equip, unequip, etc.) is this intented? how can i change this so it will show the current script (what does the item do)? i'm guessing i need to change something in the convert_sql.pl file?
  11. I asked for this because i tested items that give player damage reduction, such as Feather beret and Combat knife. Both of them have bonus2 bSubRace,RC_Player and RC_DemiHuman in their script but the damage reduction only applies for demihumans. damage coming from summoner class is not reduced is this intended? i use git hash c5ceda03f for valuable information
  12. Hi is this already in rA? if it is, can someone be so kind to link the revision? i want the damage from doram class reduce by items that contain this bonus2 bSubRace,RC_PLAYER,x; (not the same as having doram class traited as demi-human, i know this is an option and i don't want this) thank you in advance!
  13. +1 i tried this in 2017-05-17aRagexeRE and it instantly crashes when you go up the 27th style
  14. Hi im using 20160203, rA c5ceda03f i've recently added a few hats in my server, like white rabbit and shiba inu (animal pet costumes) my problem is that for summoner class the .act of these hats is not adapting to the job I looked into the grf and found these folders in data.grf so, since these kind of costumes are working fine on the baby class, my question is how do i make the client read from these particular folders in the grf? is there any trick to fix this? the folder contains the animal costumes im talking about and it seems they are the correct .act files but somehow they are not being read by the client or not working properly for the summoner class
  15. Hi okay first of all i really did a thorough search in the forums and google about this and i found a lot of topics that shows how to add icons in mini map (towninfo.lub), remove icons from npc heads (lua files/signboardlist.lub) and so on.. the thing i'm asking is how to add my custom map in luafiles514/lua files/navigation so i can use the script command 'navigateto' freely like in any other official map these files are huge and i tried modifying a few things without getting any results is there any guide or topic related to this? i didnt find any consistent information. id really appreciate if someone could point me where to read or share a link about this matter thank you!
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