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  1. wow thanks a lot...tested and it works fine! But why does the background went black and texture/terrain/object misssing at certain distance view?
  2. Hello, does anyone have edited map of tha_scene01? I want the portal to be exactly at the tower entrance, not on top of the hill. But it is not a walkable path towards down there. I tried to add walkable path all the way downhill by myself using browedit 620 but failed. A simple task i guess, but im still new to this. Sorry.. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everyone, Hope this msg finds you well. I would like to ask, may i know what does this error means? It shows up when i warp to prontera and my custom map. Can anyone explain this? I searched for the answer everywhere but failed. Im new here, still trying to learn. Thanks in advance. download.jfif
  4. Hi everyone, Hope this msg finds you well. I would like to ask, what is the latest stable kRO and supported by rAthena currently? What about this one? https://ro.industrial-illusions.net/files/ Sorry for the noob question, im new here. Thanks in advance.
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