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  1. I didn't. But if that pallet doesn't exist in my grf, the error would appear all the time while I'm using the mount. I think. But that error only happen when someone with mount walk for first time. And that missing pallet would affect the owner of the mount too. That's rare for me xD
  2. Well, I change my client to ignore pallets error and now this happens: Now I'm going to try to fix this making a src modification that ignore cotton pallets when you are in a mount, something like the Summer Suit or Santa Suit.
  3. @Ford, Harmony allow to GM accounts do double logins. And I'm using in total 4 GRFs, 'data.grf' 'rdata.grf' 'myprincipaldata.grf' 'updatedata.grf', are 2 custom grfs. The pallets are in 'principaldata.grf'.I used the same client and the same for both characters.
  4. @Ford, No, because I want to know if is missing some pallet. That isn't the solution, is only hide the problem I think xD
  5. I'm going to explain that with some screenshots. When I have 2 chars, in this case the assassin and the GM. The assassin has the cotton color #1 and use the command @mount2 and walk, then nothing happens. But if the Assassin use the cotton color #100 for example and walk. The GM account crash but not the assassin. The error only happens when the assassin walk with the mount and only affect the players that can see the mount but not the owner of the mount. Now... if the Assassin use the mount far away to other players and then walk close to another player, nothing happens. o.O My client date is: 2012-04-10 and I use ramod with Harmony. Thanks for the help.
  6. When I try to start my LOCAL server, this happens, and if I block that the server can't start. Why? It's normal?
  7. Bueno, tengo un gran problema. Tengo un server con rAthena con muchas modificaciones y harmony. Ya lleva un tiempo online y no se había presentado el problema hasta hace 2 semanas. El problema consiste en que el servidor prácticamente se detiene, sin ningún tipo de acción especifica o patrón de tiempo. Cuando esto sucede pasan los siguientes eventos: -No muestra ninguna clase de error o aviso en el emulador. -Según el panel de control el map, login y char server se encuentran online. -Los usuarios que estaban dentro se quedan congelados y al salir e intentar entrar nuevamente les aparece el mensaje de que ya se encuentran dentro y por eso no pueden logear. -Los usuarios que intentan entrar y no estaban dentro al momento de la caída, les permite entrar hasta la selección de personajes y cuando elijen a uno les sale el mensaje de conexión fallida. En este caso el mensaje que arroja el emulador es el siguiente: Esto sucede sin una razón aparente y tampoco sigue un patrón. Pueden pasar 3 días en que no sucede, así como hay días en que pasa hasta 5 veces. Hasta ahora la única solución que e encontrado es reiniciar el emulador y todo vuelve a la normalidad, pero como sabrán es la peor solución xD. Debido a la falta de error o algún indicio, no tengo la menor idea de donde buscar el origen del problema, nunca había visto algo parecido. Hasta ahora lo único que se me ocurre que explica la falta de algún patrón es algún tipo de ataque al servidor o desconexión en los puertos . Necesito ayuda urgente, cualquier sugerencia o idea seria de ayuda. Saludos =P
  8. Well, I have a big problem. I have a server with rathena with many modifications and harmony system. It's been an online time and hadn't had any problem. The problem started two weeks ago. The problem is that the server is stopped practically, without any specific action or time pattern. When this happens the following events happen: -Doesn't show any error or warning in the emulator. -According to the control panel the map, login and char server are ok. -Users who were inside they freeze and when they come out and try to log-in again, they look this message "server still recognizes your last log-in". -Users attempting to enter and weren't inside the time of the fall, can enter to the char-selection and when they choose one of them the server show "connection failed" message. In this case the message that throws the emulator is as follows: That happen for no apparent reason and there is a pattern. It may take 3 days when it doesn't happen anything, and there are days that it happen until 5 times. So far the only solution that I found is to restart the emulator and everything returns to normal, but as you know is the worst solution xD. Due to the lack of error or any indication, I have no idea where to find the problem, I had never seen anything like that. So far all I can think of that explains the lack of any pattern is some kind of attack to the server or disconnect ports. I need urgent help, any suggestion or idea would help.
  9. I install the latest version of rAthena emulator in my server Centos 6. I did the basic configuration to IPs and Client. But in the server every 5 minutes the screen freezes for 3~5 seconds. I thought it was the host but I tryed with another emulator "eAthena r14800" and worked well. Host Details: -Dedicate server -Centos 6 -AMD Athlon X2 -4GB Ran -100mb/s bandwidth -Client date "2010-07-20" it's old but works xD! thks =D
  10. I have a terrible problem, my server is lag and unstable. I use a Centos 5.5 with AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core & 4 GB DDR2-RAM & Unlimited traffic. Then the server has only the emulator and web services but most of 2GB to ram them are lost. I found "map-server_sql.leaks" in the log and this show memory leaks in the next lines: // src/map/npc.c CREATE(nd->, struct npc_item_list, i); //src/common/db.c CREATE(it, struct DBIterator_impl, 1); //src/map/chat.c cd = (struct chat_data *) aMalloc(sizeof(struct chat_data)); //src/map/map.c CREATE(mapit, struct s_mapiterator, 1); could anyone help? tnks =D
  11. Yeah, I installed everything. Look... Thks.
  12. I'm trying to install Athena, in a new machine Centos 64bits, I installed all, but when I try to use "make_sql" appears this error: So I try to configurate with "./configure -with-mysql", but appears this: I installed all the libraries and I reinstalled the mysql but the problem continue. Thanks.
  13. I use a modified rAthena emulator last revision. When I turn on the emulator gives no problem, but after a while it get this error: And when I try to enter to my character, appears this error: then, I removed this line and I could connect: //Check if both servers agree on the struct's size if( RFIFOW(fd,2) - 25 != sizeof(struct mmo_charstatus) ) { ShowError("chrif_authok: Data size mismatch! %d != %d\n", RFIFOW(fd,2) - 25, sizeof(struct mmo_charstatus)); return; } and when I enter to the pj. appears this error : Help me pls. Thanks. =D
  14. yes, I oppened that ports but it's the same. @Marin can u add me to my email pls : jeyner-m[arroba] thanks =D
  15. I am setting up an emulator on a dedicated server with windows 7. I configure the emulator and all is apparently well, but when I enter the client from my PC, I get a "connection failed". I reviewed many post about the note issue and tried many solutions but assumed the same thing keeps happening, some solutions make the error char_athena map_athena other the other in both. I opened the ports used by the emulator and still the same. can anyone help me?