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  1. no it isn't, well you can integrate it into gepard by requesting functor, this mod is hooking into client and modified some part of client function.
  2. no is out dated, for now mapflag has been simplified (click here for more info), if you want the same thing with the guide tutorial, now you can do it by following this add in src/map/map.hpp MF_YOUR_MAPFLAG, before MF_MAX add in src/map/script_constant.hpp export_constant(MF_YOUR_MAPFLAG); after export_constant(MF_SKILL_DURATION);
  3. of course not, i am still one of them :wub: i was making some event treasure hunter, where the player need to break the lock by input serial code number on treasure there is 3 tries for every player, but i was stunted when there is still a player that in process breaking the code, but the treasure have been unlocked by another so the other shouldn't have access on the treasure anymore, btw I am using thanatos tower code guessing.
  4. I just want to override the mes if the states of the npc is no longer available without conditional check, but there is warning pop up on map-server console. while setting state on variable to not longer available can do this it need extra check every continuation, but if there is multiple next or while on the script, it need multiple check after it, so how can I do it the clean or right way ?? protnera,230,273,0 script test override 112,{ attachnpctimer; initnpctimer; while(1) { mes "You are talking to this npc"; next; select("-Yes"); } close; OnTimer15000: detachnpctimer; mes "15 Seconds have passed."; close; } warning pop up on map-server console [Warning]: Unable to restore stack! Double continuation! [Debug]: Previous script (lost): [Debug]: Source (NPC): test override at prontera (230,273) [Debug]: Current script: [Debug]: Source (NPC): test override at prontera (230,273)
  5. edit this files in your grf `data\luafiles514\lua files\navigation\navi_map_krpri.lub`
  6. you should do manual patching instead using automatic one, because some line has been changed or moved
  7. is the expansion pack request are from server side only or the like client side mod will be granted too? like configured colored item, when one sloted weapon or armor sloted more than one card it will change it s color name, apparently until now is not being achieved (for public use),
  8. Hello Everyone So as of late I am playing Pokemon game on discord and there is this sub game where the bot will spawn pokemon image on the channel and the user on channel only need to guess what is the name of the pokemon, it work to substitute Poke-Ball system and I think this system not far of from disguise so I am thinking to create this one just for the fun, the code is simple and crude so here if any of you interested to make it more robust please do get the needed file here: to run it you need to fill the value required in config.json file "token" : "" "apikey" : "", "WhiteList": [""], token: you can read the guide how to obtain discord bot token from here apikey: you need to request an API key. Please register an account in forum and request a key in your profile page. WhiteList: is user id of staff that can use the command to start or stop disguise event. you can read it here for how to obtain it.
  9. +1, yes it would be great, please share the tutorial
  10. if I'm not wrong there is gm npc function inside those instance you just need to merge it to one script and make adjustment for the payment or the cost to fill your need search F_GM_NPC in the instances script
  11. maybe you need array manipulation since you need to declare empty array, here an example on both javascript var winner_rank = []; var i; for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) { winner_rank[i] = "Winner "+i; } // result will be like: Winner 0, Winner 1 athena for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < 10; [email protected]++) { [email protected]_rank$[[email protected]] = "Winner "[email protected]; // type str } // result will be like: Winner 0, Winner 1
  12. hmm... there is no need to declare an empty array, in case like java script you need declare array first before you use it later-on Also, an additional question, can we put an array inside an array? I was thinking of doing something like: setarray details[0],0,1,1,1,1,0; setarray rows[0],details; // when I call rows[0] then it will returns an array that contains 0,1,1,1,1,0 yes you can use coppyarray, maybe you need sometime to read documentation for scripting read this for reference, and for the example you can directly read inside *copyarray <destination array>[<first value>],<source array>[<first value>],<amount of data to copy>; This command lets you quickly shuffle a lot of data between arrays, which is in some cases invaluable. setarray @array[0], 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600; // So we have made @array[] copyarray @array2[0],@array[2],2; // Now, @array2[0] will be equal to @array[2] (300) and // @array2[1] will be equal to @array[3]. So using the examples above: @array[0] = 100 @array[1] = 200 @array[2] = 300 @array[3] = 400 @array[4] = 500 @array[5] = 600 New Array: @array2[0] = 300 @array2[1] = 400 @array2[2] = 0 @array2[3] = 0 Notice that @array[4] and @array[5] won't be copied to the second array, and it will return a 0.