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  1. is your login char set up with group value 1? if (getgroupid() == 1) goto estender;
  2. It required source editing. for that example
  3. better support ask the one who gave you eamod.
  4. just add extra connection on the clientinfo.xml
  5. which one the logo? theme/default/img/
  6. Lol read some parameter to implement this
  7. hikashin-rae

    PVP Rank

    by using bindcmd and just a display bottom.
  8. Hello you better use db/skill_damage_db.txt you dont need to touch source for this and easy to implement
  9. How many players do you cater? if you cater 200+ people select ovh have a asia dedicated server. it like 100$ a month. if starter 100 players below you can try digital ocean and i believe it can survive now days on ddos attack because if your server receive such ddos attack the attacker are going to be nulled routed.
  10. Sea region you can try digital ocean,Softsys Hosting. has a low ping.
  11. it probably the animation delay of asura.
  12. It force close on login i am using 2018 client how can i fix it? i also tried 2015 client but still same.
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