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  1. Good morning, I have a problem on my server with the assasin cross, it is that when I equip a single dagger, for example, the damage is 5k, but when I equip both of them, almost half the damage, that is, 2.5k, I would like to know how to fix this
  2. Hello Gladius, I am also interested because I distrust the hosts for fear that they will sell my emulator, as it happened with some hosts that I am not going to mention, can you teach me how to use google cloud vps?
  3. Disable Packet Encrypt in your diff and re open your client
  4. Good I would like to know how I can remove this button from account data by cancel, here I leave the photo I am using Client 2015-11-04
  5. thank you very much functor I could fix it ... Solve the problem by changing these values to 0 1.Extract it and put the extracted files into your ragnarok root folder 2 open dinput.ini then adjust windows size by editing WindowWidth = 0 and WindowHeight = 0 3 done
  6. I still have the same problems here I show you the patches that I have PatchList2.log
  7. Good Morning / Good Afternoon You have two problems I don't know if they are related. It is these two that are in the photos, The first is that the setup I have does not affect the resolution of the client and the second is that it appears without Borpaco borders with the Reduce, Maximize or Close icons. Sin título.bmp Sin título2.bmp Sin título3.bmp
  8. It does not work. but to be a free script it works great..
  9. I can't get the problem fixed with the files you gave me
  10. Change client everything was fine until I tried to use alt + S it crashes and the client closes ... I was using another one more late but from the same year 2018-04-18b if I remember correctly ...
  11. If that is what I want to do. can you help me
  12. It really isn't a bug but how could you change your behavior to the traditional ex: When changing shields the skill continue and when the shield is unequiped the skills are removed
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