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  1. Well it is quite rare I also have Gepard and functor when it is available it does everything very fast and well!!!! @Functor
  2. But if they were to work together to say that the gepard was sold? Yes they are friends ?
  3. hay varias ubicaciones buenas para los usuarios de sudamerica pueden ser los angeles / NYC / Canada que pueden tener buen ping!!!
  4. When I get home I can send you my patcher from that same client that I use on my server and it is stable
  5. you have to say the problem and upload the patches you put on the client
  6. si me paso en mi server con eso lo solucione!!!
  7. Good morning, I have a problem on my server with the assasin cross, it is that when I equip a single dagger, for example, the damage is 5k, but when I equip both of them, almost half the damage, that is, 2.5k, I would like to know how to fix this
  8. Hello Gladius, I am also interested because I distrust the hosts for fear that they will sell my emulator, as it happened with some hosts that I am not going to mention, can you teach me how to use google cloud vps?
  9. Disable Packet Encrypt in your diff and re open your client
  10. Good I would like to know how I can remove this button from account data by cancel, here I leave the photo I am using Client 2015-11-04
  11. thank you very much functor I could fix it ... Solve the problem by changing these values to 0 1.Extract it and put the extracted files into your ragnarok root folder 2 open dinput.ini then adjust windows size by editing WindowWidth = 0 and WindowHeight = 0 3 done
  12. I still have the same problems here I show you the patches that I have PatchList2.log
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