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  1. this is team death-match, Red team vs Blue team. What I'm researching for is a script with the same setting of last man standing, free for all with the same register concept.
  2. Hello I did my research for a last man standing script without the automated event. My request is for a last man standing event where players can register to join more basically like join a chat registry to start event and not automated/timer. the screenshot is an example, instead of joining for team, they can join for a free for all deathmatch
  3. we currently have the Eamod battleground and we're having trouble on configuring the timer (On and Off) on the BG we were wondering if we could find someone to help us with the situation
  4. Yes like that and thank you @AceofSpades
  5. Hello I'm requesting to see if someone can help me out and put an announcer on this npc that will announcer the player's name that buys a donation from this npc saying the following: "@playername Thanks For Donating and Supporing BishopRO!" donate.txt
  6. I searched around forums but didn't find what I'm looking for, I'm looking for a WoE reward npc that will reward the winning team and the loosing team after WoE ends.
  7. Hello I’m currently setting up my own BG and I could get together a trading game shop. I’m requesting a shop that sells items for trading cards
  8. RARM


    Hello guys my forum name is RARM I recently came back to the ragnarok online world after taking 10 year brake. I decided to start a server(called BishopRO) with my team overall I kind of forgot a few things of my scripting knowledge so you guys will see me around this forum a lot. -Thank You
  9. RARM

    R>Bot tracker

    I’m looking for a bot tracker that would use command @hide to player and ask player a random mathematical question for example ask a player “6+4” if player gets the answer wrong 6 times then npc would use command @jail and have player(or bot) in jail for 2-5mins. If player gets the answer right then npc will leave the player alone until he relogs again.
  10. can i request gold room like this? 1.TALK to NPC but npc will have a bot check, if player gets it wrong the npc uses command @kick<player name> 2. Paid]-200k: Npc will warp the player in gold room. 3. mob example: Gold Peco - if you kill a peco it will give you a points it will random 1-5 points per Gold Peco. 4. disable @go/@warp commands or butterfly wing there will be a warper to return in the city. 5. PVP on if someone kill you your points will be gone. 6. if you warp and get back alive in the city you can exchange your points into Gold. Hopefully someone can help me with this solution and thank you
  11. Helped me out a lot and also fixed some bugs without me asking for him to do it. Price is fair I would recommend CyRo to anyone that’s looking for an honest person with a honest price. I will hire him again for future projects
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