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  1. Whitesmith Weapon Refine + Armor Refine

    Easiest logical solution here is on skill.cpp Find if(item->nameid > 0 && ditem->type == IT_WEAPON) { and replace with if(item->nameid > 0 && (ditem->type == IT_WEAPON || ditem->type == IT_ARMOR)) { Will test and update later when I get back from office.
  2. I currently have my own implementation but its too dirty of a code. looking forward for your release.
  3. October Digest 2017

    i understand that src is being moved from c to cpp. am just curious about the difference between having c and having cpp source.
  4. Download a specific commit.

    Hi rA. How to I download a specific commit (old one) from github? Thanks.
  5. Spiral Pierce Formula

    obtain a copy of eAthena svn and try looking there?
  6. Auto get stuff after killing a MVP

    You do not want to get MVP item after killing MVP? Just remove MVP Item in mob_db.txt then.
  7. battle Conf - party_size

    mostly it doesn't work on array as array initializer requires constant value.
  8. Convert any headgear/garment to costume

    I am also getting error when using the NPC.
  9. Any chance to make the CArt termination as an aoe damage

    check your skill_db.txt and find cart termination skill and modify the 6th field with the flag 0x02 or 0x06 if you want to splash and divide the damage to the affected targets.
  10. Error sa pag rerecompile

    clean and build lagi. wag rebuild.
  11. Iteminfo gets error

    @NakedWolf do you have an untouched pre-renewal itemInfo.lua?
  12. I want to modify my server to allow creating weapons with slot when no element or no star crumbs included. How can I do this?
  13. Magnificat Skill Modification Adds % MaxHP

    find in status.c static unsigned int status_calc_maxhp(struct block_list *bl, uint64 maxhp) and after int rate = 100; add this code below. int myrate = 20; // 100 = 100% if (sc->data[SC_MAGNIFICAT]) maxhp += maxhp * myrate / 100; so that your code would look like /** * Calculates a max HP based on status changes * Values can either be percentages or fixed, based on how equations are formulated * @param bl: Object's block_list data * @param maxhp: Object's current max HP * @return modified maxhp */ static unsigned int status_calc_maxhp(struct block_list *bl, uint64 maxhp) { int rate = 100; int myrate = 20; // 100 = 100% if (sc->data[SC_MAGNIFICAT]) maxhp += maxhp * myrate / 100; maxhp += status_get_hpbonus(bl,STATUS_BONUS_FIX); if ((rate += status_get_hpbonus(bl,STATUS_BONUS_RATE)) != 100) maxhp = maxhp * rate / 100; return (unsigned int)cap_value(maxhp,1,UINT_MAX); } Recompile. Edit: This is un-tested code but should probably work. Please provide feedback if anything fails.
  14. Custom Status Not Being Read?

    script_constants did the trick. thanks a bunch.
  15. Custom Status Not Being Read?

    I created a custom status but its not being recognized. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. The general idea is that I want to create a custom status that is permanent Like OW50, OW90, Pushcart, Riding, etc. Simple. Defined SC in status.h Added to permanent effects in sc_start. And recompiled. Created an NPC to check if status is active. Tried to display ID but says 0. It comes after SC_ARMOR_ELEMENT_WIND so I assumed its 672. Seems like its not. And yeah, I did tried to index it manually and set it to 1001 earlier in status.h. Still doesn't work. I am using a consumable item as trigger and script is pretty basic, 21005,StatusScroll,Scroll of Status Update,2,100,,100,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ sc_start 672,1,0; },{},{} Pretty much did what I can. What could I be doing wrong?