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  1. It's quite easy, really. You just need to have some skills in pixel art as you create your own status icon. On src side, there's already a guide. You just need to do some reading on it.
  2. I actually already dropped my project with this implementation and went with what rA currently offers with regards randomoptions. So, I'm afraid I cannot help you here. It's been a while too. I might've already already lost the patches that I made before for this specific mod.
  3. Did you click/select the horn of hilsrion item in the refining window? You still need to click the requisite item to perform the refining just as in @openrefine.
  4. Exactly what I need. Thanks for the help.
  5. I'm trying to create a script for an mob event. Ex. When a player kills a special monster, it will trigger a buff that will affect all players in the map. Is it doable? Just a hint would suffice. I can most probably deal with the rest. Thanks in advance.
  6. Those .c files are missing because we moved from .c/.h to .cpp/.hpp. Code's pretty much the same tho. Are you using an outdated version of rathena? It might be a good time to upgrade. If its the other way around (you are using latest/newer rathena but applying older patches), you need to understand the new src structure. There are a bunch of stuff that looks the same but they aren't. If you really want to apply that patch, and can't currently do it yourself, you need someone to upgrade those patches for you. Better, if you learn it yourself. Might take more time but all worth it.
  7. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Adding_new_statuses Tried to follow it, and it says Open but doesn't tell which file to open. Hope somebody updates this entry.
  8. As this is a paid release, you'll have to purchase it.
  9. Is there anybody here who can come up with a VS Code extension for rA scripting? I mean, we had the plugin for notepad++. I'm just wandering if we can have one for VS Code.
  10. This is exactly why I told you to do it manually, line by line, instead of just applying the git refine patch.
  11. First, you need an updated / compatible server files. Navigate to https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/2494 Click the Files Changed tab. Manually modify your files one-by-one based on the changes as shown in the Files Changed tab. Recompile. Those steps worked for me and I am now experimenting with the new refine UI. TIP: It is good practice to have a working copy of your server files on your PC so you can test stuff first before you commit/upload it to your working server. This always worked for me and might work for you as well.
  12. How did you figure that out? Did you try on all droppable armor and weapon?
  13. Yep. That's really a problem when you do it via scripting. That's why this proposal is more geared towards modifying the source. I have successfully implemented it with my trunk but I am currently getting issues when using @reloaditemdb and it crashes the map server. Other than that, the way the item is being dropped by mobs with random options based on what I have explained above, works; Including the randomized values. It's following the structure below. // <randopt_groupid>,<rate>,<randopt_id1>,<randopt_value_min1>,<randopt_value_max1>,{<randopt_id2>,<randopt_value_min2>,<randopt_value_max2>,...} I am still looking for that hitch that crashes the map server everytime I @reloaditemdb.
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