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  1. Hello, If I read this post correctly : https://rathena.org/board/topic/116098-rathena-totally-support-import-foldersfiles/?do=findComment&comment=347766 You should edit the conf/import and not conf/import-tmpl that is only used if nothing is set.
  2. Hello, Yeah I had that one time, really annoying to fix as far as I know. If you have a test server, try to find the item making everything crash by removing major part of the item_db until you find in what range it is :/. That's how I've done it (and I don't remember what was the problem. Maybe someone else has a better solution
  3. @nickhun07Try with this? CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `z_custom_news` (`id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,`News` text NOT NULL,`Resume` text NOT NULL,`More` text NOT NULL,PRIMARY KEY (`id`))
  4. Hello, Maybe the grf is not well made? Like data inside data? Or maybe the client reads data before grf and you have the base sprites inside data and you don't erase them
  5. I'd be interested to see with what people came concerning qpet
  6. @nickhun07 What is the problem? You have some character being weird inside the npc? I used to print french accent in it without any problem
  7. Hello, Just an idea easier to put in place, jail it and make no trade on the jail map? That way they even can "save there beloved character".
  8. Yes, for a monster giving 1000 exp, instead of giving 109 to 10 players, 10 players will get 1100. But I didn't test it, you should test that before putting on live, i'm mostly guessing with how I understand but there's no test behind
  9. Comment the before this part of the script the : base_exp/=c; job_exp/=c; It'll make everyone get all the exp. So each time a monster is killed it'll give much more exp: *number of the players in the party. + stricly +1% per player on the party with your edit
  10. Ah you mean all receive 1100? If you have 10 players killing a monster giving 1000 exp, basicaly it'll give 100 exp to everybody (1000/10). You want that the monster gives the monsters exp to everyone? 1000 to everyone instead of 100 to everyone? (Then there's the 1% bonus but that's something different) With your edit everyone will get 110 exp instead of 109 if i'm not wrong
  11. That's the point of the sql save, it is saved permantaly in the sql database.
  12. Hello, Let's say 10 player, one monster giving 1000, everybody's gonna get 101 exp (+1%), that's what you want? So a monster at 1000 giving actually 1010? If I'm not wrong, actually the monster at 1000 exp with a bonus of 1% with 10 players will counte as 1090 exp and your edit will make it 1010.
  13. Thanks gidzdlcrz Added 2 new scripts : -One paid full event (with map + sprites) -A news npc
  14. @daLWeeeeelll, maybe it's not obvious but when you're a gm, talk to it again without updating it. I think that's just that? I'll make a patch making that after updating it go to the news part even for gm directly. EDIT: Patch uploaded, 1.2.0 it is
  15. View File News NPC Description A News npc that will let the players read news from the server stocked in sql. It can print colors and show an animated showevent to attract players if there's a new news. Each news is separated in 2, the resume and more. Make a short version of your news and then explain it more. That way you have more chance to spread at least the important part of it to the players. Installation -Run this sql command CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `z_custom_news` (`id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,`News` text NOT NULL,`Resume` text NOT NULL,`More` text NOT NULL,PRIMARY KEY (`id`)) -Add news -Edit the !!Modify Lines -Check if you want to edit anything in the OnInit. -Load the npc (news.txt) and voila! -The news are sql and to update in game, just make a gm talk to it, no need to reload it each time. Not making it checking each time someone talk to it (or each hour ect) make the npc less ressource consuming, but you can edit it and make the request everytime. Information -It does not make a lot of sql request, it only update when a gm talk to it and chose to update. -It saves the highest news seen and print an event to attract the attention of the player, commenting all the !!Saving Mecanism!! lines removes it. It does not save which one you saw. -You can add color using ^RRGGBB and adding new lines using # (editable) Submitter Kreustoo Submitted 05/15/2020 Category Utilities Video Content Author Kreustoo
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