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  1. Just in case someone had some trouble, using the id 3030 on an old 2013 client and everything went fine (using id > 5000, and I couldn't but the spell in hotkey bar :/)
  2. I tryed again, and, I think I juste changed something in the db, the spell was a passive one. Dunno if it can help someone, I'm not sure the problme was that but well, finally I succeed withotu changing anything client side
  3. Hello, I made a custom spell using the tutorial, everything is alright source side, I can add points and it's updated in the database. but Client side, I see the spell, I can put level in it, but they don't stay on the client, you can see what is happening here : I updated this : Anything else ? I can use the spell using @useskill too. EDIT : Monster can use it too, it's purely clientside
  4. Hello, I didn't find any free script about woe/BG statistician and wanted to do it myself. I wondered what was the best idea. My idea : stocking the data in mmo.h so in the char table (adding new column). That way the data is loaded once when the char is logged and there is no more request during the WoE and it would be saved with the char. And I have access to everything when tey consume items/use spell etc. There is a better idea ? How/where should I save that kind of data ? Just a little problem, if I want to save data between WoE, I have to store it in another table, I dunno when to do it (how long between save in char table ?) and how to reset cleanly the data in mmo.h for each player. Dunno if I'm clear, sorry for grammatical error :/.
  5. Just wondering, you want "when EVERY equipment are +20 => card doubled" or, for each equipment wore, if the equipment is +20, the card effect is doubled ? In case of each equipment individually, you can use the Emistry solution. In each card, you change the script (=> you change in item_db the script), if the script is, for example the Hydra card : bonus2 bAddRace,RC_DemiHuman,20; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Player,20; You change it to : bonus2 bAddRace,RC_DemiHuman,((getrefine() >= 20) ? 40 :20 ); bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Player,((getrefine() >= 20) ? 40 : 20 ); And, voila, when the equipment is +20, the hdyra card will do +40 instead of +20.
  6. Hi, The admin (me) can use a command created by bindatcmd, but my gm can't. They have the command in their @commands list, but they can't use it. Any idea how can this happen ? They are group 12, the command in 10 and they can use some other command that are 10, but not 3 "new one"... I had to not give group to the command, so everybody can see the command (but I check the groupid inside the command, which is not clean ). bindatcmd("bari",strnpcinfo(3) + "::Onbarricade"); works bindatcmd("bari",strnpcinfo(3) + "::Onbarricade",10,10); bindatcmd("bari",strnpcinfo(3) + "::Onbarricade",10); bindatcmd("bari",strnpcinfo(3) + "::Onbarricade",12,12); bindatcmd("bari",strnpcinfo(3) + "::Onbarricade",12); doesn't work (any of them) But : bindatcmd("lb",strnpcinfo(3) + "::OnLB",10); works
  7. Thank you very much for the new link. is not pointing on this anymore ?
  8. Hi, Ai4rei was the host of this website right ? Where is this amazing work :x ?
  9. No idea ? Can someone just watch and tell me if they have the same limit ?
  10. Anybody to try and tell me if the monsters split really fast after using hiding :/ ?
  11. Oh yeah, an installer, should have use this word. Sorry English is not my main language ^^'. I'll try the one Emistry gave me, if it works I'll mark this solved !
  12. Well, sorry, I wasn't talking about this, I already have my wall client working ^^'. My bad, I wasn't clear enough. I have my client in .rar and some users using Mac want a .exe. After some research I just found that you can do that with winrar, simply. I'll try it, hope it works.
  13. Hi, I've never done this before and I'd like to know how you build a .exe for your client ?
  14. Hi, I wonder why in the char table there is a cap of 343210000 max experience stocked ? How can I increase that number ? I'd like to use the experience like another money, so, i'd like to have no limit for this value. My data :
  15. Someone have the same problem or I'm the only one ? Can someone test and tell me if the monster split really fast after the player cloak ?
  16. Thanks for trying to help, I found the stacking conf for the users, not for monsters :/.
  17. Hello, I have actually a "problem" on my server. I dunno something has changed to stick on the official behaviour or not. When a user is chased and is doing a mob train, there is a pack of monsters that follow him. When he cloaks, they all split 3 or 4 per cell. If you don't cloak, the monster stay on you and attack you. I don't remember having this split when I had a server some years ago. Any reason to do that ? Any solution ?
  18. Hi, Each time my player teleport, the guild message are printed. So, they get spammed :/. Any solution to stop this ? I'd like to just have the message when the connect. EDIT : Thanks Radian
  19. at the beginning? can u be more specific? :/ Edit the first .conf where the npc are load, and try to put your npc there. If it loads, you have maybe somewhere a npc that you can't load (because it doesn't exist) and make other npc fail loading. I don't know if it'll help, but I had this kind of problem.
  20. I had the same problem loading some custom. I tryed to load some npc that wasn't available (npc: npc/location/to/script.txt didn't exist for example), after that, I couldn't load more npc. Maybe you have the same strange things. Try to put the load at the beginning.
  21. Still no diff tool solving this ?
  22. Hi, I saw a lot of post about duplication using the mailing system, is this fixed ? I'm wondering if I should try to lock the system.
  23. Thanks a lot, I wanted to be sure.
  24. Hi, I was wondering if @var (temporary player) are consuming time. I know that too much global can make the server lagg cause it saves them every 1min, but what about the @var ? When they are created, they take some memory and after, are they just "checked" by the server when you try to modify them and when you disconnect (to delete them) ? Or they are "checked" (or something like that) when something happen (like changing map, or equip/unequip etc.) ?