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  1. I saw this https://rathena.org/board/topic/116271-different-exp-rates-on-some-maps/ and this https://rathena.org/board/topic/109192-qfloating-rates/ is there a way or a possibility to have a floating drop rate on specific maps only on a specific date and hours and after this "event" it will go back to normal
  2. Hello, I do not know where did i go wrong? I want the GTB to have 196 attack speed For example GTB From this standard: 1086,GOLDEN_BUG,Golden Thief Bug,Golden Thief Bug,64,126000,0,14300,7150,1,870,1145,60,45,65,75,35,45,85,150,10,12,2,4,43,0x628108B,100,768,768,480,7150,2610,2000,701,1000,0,0,969,1000,1524,150,2246,250,10016,500,714,300,985,2000,984,1500,0,0,0,0,4128,1 To This: 1086,GOLDEN_BUG,Golden Thief Bug,Golden Thief Bug,99,500000000,0,14300,7150,1,65000,65000,60,45,3000,500,100,1500,1500,1500,10,12,2,4,43,0x628108B,100,76,180,432,7150,2610,2000,701,1000,0,0,969,0,1524,150,2246,250,10016,500,714,300,985,2000,984,1500,0,0,0,0,4128,1 Tried using this with // Monster Database // // Structure of Database : // ID,Sprite_Name,kROName,iROName,LV,HP,SP,EXP,JEXP,Range1,ATK1,ATK2,DEF,MDEF,STR,AGI,VIT,INT,DEX,LUK,Range2,Range3,Scale,Race,Element,Mode,Speed,aDelay,aMotion,dMotion,MEXP,MVP1id,MVP1per,MVP2id,MVP2per,MVP3id,MVP3per,Drop1id,Drop1per,Drop2id,Drop2per,Drop3id,Drop3per,Drop4id,Drop4per,Drop5id,Drop5per,Drop6id,Drop6per,Drop7id,Drop7per,Drop8id,Drop8per,Drop9id,Drop9per,DropCardid,DropCardper
  3. Hi, is there a script that does WOE Kills, Death, Emp Break Announcer or Broadcast? Is it also possible to have a Godlike Announcer with Wav sounds?
  4. hi, yes tried that but i cant see the item storage of players STORAGE ITEMS OF """ There are no storage items on this account. what could be missing here or what could go wrong
  5. Greetings, FluxCP Addons: What addons is available today for viewing items of players "STORAGE ITEMs" and zeny and managing accounts? For GM purpose.
  6. hello is there an updated version of this?
  7. Hello, is there a attack on titan style raid/battleground availabe? or have someone been able to create this idea to life?
  8. The server is still under open beta stage and we have 20+ beta testers that doing stress test and item, skill testings. There are suggestions and bugs to be fixed and I am looking for another developer to help my lead developer in making this server great. We are an organize a team that performs their respective task carefully with integrity. I am looking for a developer who can do the following responsibilities: Implement or finish task assigned on time Must be an experience scripter and coder with rAthena Knowledge Fixing Codes and alteration of Codes "improvements" Updating game mechanics Bug fixing and tracking Implementation of some deliverables Document and log work Follow Development process *you will work with another lead developer* A creative mind for future enhancements & features. If you can make our dream come true (custom scripts) Then it is a bonus with good pay. Expectations: Applicants should be able to work at least 4 hours per weekday, Applicants must be able to properly and professionally communicate with other staff members and players Applicants must have a understand and religiously be: trustworthy, patient, kind, respectful, responsible, optimistic, keen to help. Payment: Will be through paypal (USD) Prices are negotiable. To Apply: PM Me here on rAthena, or add me on Discord @ DieBy#2923 Be sure to send your rAthena profile
  9. Hello, Anyone tried Amazon GameLift hosting? Any experience that you can share on how to install a ragnarok game in Amazon GameLift? I do not understand their dashboard.. I need some help
  10. How to make Other country players not lag when playing? Currently My server is hostedin singapore. Other players in New York are lagging when they are playing my server even though that I have already a New York Proxy or USA Proxy. The Game host is with Digital Ocean. The same with the VPS (Proxy) it is in Digital Ocean. Main Game Host (singaproe) "CpU Optimized" 2 vCPUs4GB / 25GB Disk VPS (Proxy) USA = New York "ordinary droplet{ 1 vCPUs1GB / 25GB Disk How to help players in USA not lag while playing my game?
  11. Hello, is it possible to have a NPC Card Slotter? This will only work for Mall items or default items? For example i went to the @mall/@gomall to purchase a footgear *Variant Shoes* then it is not slotted as default. But when i use a NPC slotter to slot the item to (1 slotted) Can it be done? The slots are predefined or defined to the game's max slot and another thing if a custom item is already slotted like 1 slot they cannot use the NPC slotter already since it is already customized.
  12. mrepic


    Hello, Is anyone able to bring this back to life? an updated version?
  13. well-done and clean this would be really be better if it can show how many players are online and a donate button going to donate shop if available
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