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  1. hello masters! saw this script on a forum, but it only works until waiting for player, after the game start, it stuck. can anyone fix this script? thanks in advance!!
  2. oh, i see, thanks a lot!! sorry for the asking one question after another, i just happen to bump to it unexpectedly because I use the same [email protected] variable on another script and it's working... thanks a lot!! it's working now!!!
  3. during the fight, the map got crashed...
  4. anyone has a working source edit for whitesmith parry? enable use of lv 10 Parry when soul link when using mace.
  5. hello! anyone has a working script of a monster vs monster? i want to make it automated and players can bet on which monster who will win. but just a working script of monster vs monster will be much appreciated. thanks in advance!!
  6. can i have an example how to do that? new to scripting sorry..
  7. Hello! I've a gold room script and I wanted to mark the center of the map in ordeal_3-2 as safe zone from monsters and pvp I added this on OnInit: setcell "ordeal_3-2",146,146,160,161,cell_basilica,1; player's can't attack each other (so it's working fine) but the monsters is still following and attacking the player, although it's 100% missing anyway to stop the monster from attacking?
  8. what could be the possible reason for other players can't see the sprite of headgears when equipped, but I can? they don't have any errors, just can't see the headgears edit: i gave them the copy of my folder, but still they can't see any of the headgears
  9. hello master scripters! can anyone help me make this kind of event? when the event start, there will be 5 portals spawned, 1 will proceed to the next round, 4 will warp the player back to save points, each correct portal they enter will give the player cash point as reward, the event will continue for 3 rounds.
  10. I've tried this but it's always giving me "Nobody is selling it now." then I tried this https://pastebin.com/5Kwt41h6 it's working but, I prefer the output is showing ALL available vendors, since sometimes when a vendor reaches maximum credit and his shop still has item, it will be still vending. thanks in advance! edit: i think i posted in the wrong section.. i'm sorry! how to delete this T_T
  11. didn't work it just work like a regular changelook, other players can't see the command user's headgear, and the command user can still see other player's headgear
  12. hello! using this can it be made into all headgear worn by other players will also be hidden in the player who used this command?
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