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  1. There are four lines but the mechanics is still the same (connect three) . It will become more competitive .
  2. Hi Leeg , can you add another line for this script? In my server the players doesn't use this anymore because they can always have a draw , unless they intentionally want to lose.
  3. The common skill combination for asura strike is like this 1. Zen 2. Critical Explosion 3. Zen 4. Asura Strike
  4. Here , https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Custom-Items .
  5. Vhost rocks is not replying to my tickets since then Is there someone managing the tickets?
  6. is vykimo still active ? He's not replying these past few days . I waited for him a whole week already
  7. Can someone give or sell me a automated event script like this ? Thank you
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