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  1. I'm not really sure but you can try. Are you soul linked tho? It'll only consume glistening coats if you're soul linked and if the enemy has chemical protection buff.
  2. Try this: case RG_STRIPWEAPON: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_WEAPON, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(src,bl,SC_STRIPWEAPON,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; case RG_STRIPSHIELD: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_SHIELD, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(src,bl,SC_STRIPSHIELD,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; case RG_STRIPARMOR: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_ARMOR, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(src,bl,SC_STRIPARMOR,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; case RG_STRIPHELM: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_HELM, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(src,bl,SC_STRIPHELM,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; You can ignore the warnings when compiling. P.S Sorry if I'm necro'ing a thread from 2 years ago, but nobody has answered this yet.
  3. Have you checked if you have correct credentials on your inter_athena.conf?
  4. One thing i did before was i removed most official datas inside my grf (mostly official spites, textures, etc) if there is any since data.grf will cover those unless if there are headgears that are only in some certain official RO servers which sometimes kRO doesn't have, and what's only inside my sprite / texture folders are only the custom / customized sprites and textures that are necessary for my server (custom items, custom loading screens / background / skin etc)
  5. Example: Hat[0] gives +10 STR to swordman class 2220,Hat,Hat,4,1000,,200,,2,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,256,,0,1,16,{ if(BaseClass==Job_Swordman) { bonus bStr,10; } },{},{} And what specific kind of item tho? Equipment or usable?
  6. It actually does under ETC tab on skill tree, skill named Enlarge Weight Limit R
  7. I'll be first, because Scylla from smite is <3
  8. Unfortunately, the github wiki still does not have it, you can try and search for references
  9. Literally they just turned TaeKwon to Padawan, Star Gladiator to Jedi and Soul Linker to Sith and replaced their skills with custom skills
  10. Scylla

    Help Fluxcp

    Remove this line: <div class="itemmall"> <ul id="my-list"> <?php foreach( $eADev['itemmall'] as $itemmall ): $mall = explode(",", $itemmall); ?> <li><img src="<?php echo $this->themePath("img/mall/{$mall[0]}") ?>" title="<?php echo "Name: {$mall[1]} <br/> Cost: {$mall[2]}"; ?>" /></li> <?php endforeach; ?> </ul> </div> EDIT: As for news, no ideas.
  11. Just copy paste this code: //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Card Trader //===== By: ================================================== //= Elias (og2) //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.4 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project; SVN r15340+ //===== Description: ========================================= //= Card and Points Trader //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 Translated from the Official [Elias] //= 1.1 Fixed variables and optimized script [Elias] //= 1.2 Fixed char being stuck with breaks [Elias] (bugreport:5374) //= 1.3 Optimized: reduced from 123kb to 7kb! [Euphy] //= 1.4 Variables don't need to load OnInit. [Euphy] //= 1.4a Misc. [Capuche] //============================================================ prontera,115,90,0 script Putty 4_F_01,{ setarray [email protected][0], 4001,4006,4009,4019,4075,4033,4012,4016,4026,4022, 4027,4028,4038,4025,4021,4050,4079,4081,4090,4094, 4101,4104,4110,4114,4119,4108,4095,4231,4280,4008, 4011,4013,4014,4015,4020,4032,4037,4039,4041,4045, 4046,4010,4023,4029,4052,4048,4056,4071,4093,4031, 4036,4034,4042,4055,4061,4087,4096,4116,4122,4170, 4215,4220,4228,4226,4212,4227,4267,4257,4278,4286, 4287,4292,4311,4315,4319,4322,4084,4078,4113,4149, 4153,4196,4240,4247,4256,4057,4066,4067,4112,4150, 4152,4186,4187,4181,4173,4167,4162,4176,4195,4193, 4200,4223,4194,4190,4189,4192,4224,4244,4248,4261, 4260,4259,4274,4275,4313,4299,4304,4294,4076,4127, 4154,4157,4156,4213,4214,4225,4235; setarray [email protected][0], 4293,4297,4288,4283,4295,4307,4308,4309,4132,4326, 4341,4335,4337,4345,4344,4331,4333,4332,4089,4161, 4177,4178,4180,4184,4191,4206,4199,4273,4282,4268, 4289,4321,4316,4343,4339,4369,4377,4385,4383,4382, 4380,4381,4378,4379,4390,4389,4388,4391,4405,4400, 4401,4402,4404,4002,4003,4004,4005,4007,4017,4024, 4030,4035,4040,4043,4044,4049,4051,4053,4058,4060, 4062,4063,4064,4065,4068,4069,4070,4072,4073,4074, 4077,4080,4082,4083,4085,4086,4088,4091,4092,4097, 4098,4099,4100,4102,4103,4106,4107,4109,4111,4115, 4117,4118,4120,4124,4125,4126,4138,4139,4141,4151, 4158,4164,4165,4182,4185,4159,4160,4166,4172,4175, 4188,4201,4202,4204,4205,4208,4209; setarray [email protected][0], 4120,4216,4217,4219,4221,4222,4230,4234,4233,4232, 4237,4238,4242,4243,4245,4246,4249,4252,4255,4258, 4262,4264,4276,4270,4271,4218,4239,4251,4253,4269, 4334,4105,4133,4136,4229,4272,4277,4279,4281,4284, 4285,4290,4296,4298,4301,4310,4314,4317,4325,4327, 4328,4329,4338,4340,4346,4347,4348,4349,4350,4351, 4353,4354,4355,4356,4358,4360,4362,4364,4366,4368, 4370,4371,4373,4375,4387,4406,4129,4155,4291,4392, 4393,4394,4409,4410,4411,4412,4413,4414,4415,4416, 4417,4418,4420,4421,4422,4423,4424,4427,4427,4428, 4429,4431,4432,4433,4434,4435,4436,4437,4438,4439, 4440,4442,4443,4444,4445,4447,4448,4449,4450,4452, 4453; setarray [email protected]_card[1], getarraysize([email protected]), getarraysize([email protected]), getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected] = oversea_event9; if ([email protected]) { mes "[Putty]"; mes "Hi there."; mes "I don't know if I can be"; mes "of any assistance, but I"; mes "am trying to help older veterans"; mes "by exchaning the cards that"; mes "they are no longer using."; next; switch(select("Ask for more information!","I don't have any cards right now.")) { case 1: mes "[Putty]"; mes "I am giving 1 point for each card that you bring me."; mes "The points can be used to exchange for items that I have."; next; mes "[Putty]"; mes "For ^CC0000100 points^000000: ^0000CC1 Old Card Album^000000."; mes "For ^CC000050 points^000000: ^0000CC20 Yggdrasil Berry^000000."; mes "For ^CC000020 points^000000: ^0000CC10 Blue Potion^000000."; mes "For ^CC00001 point^000000: ^0000CC4 Honey^000000."; next; break; case 2: mes "[Putty]"; mes "Well, remember this offer!"; close; } } else { mes "[Putty]"; mes "Welcome back!"; mes "I see you already have some"; mes "trading points. Actually, you currently have ^00cc00" + [email protected] + "^000000."; next; mes "[Putty]"; mes "Would you like to exchange these"; mes "points now, or you would like to exchange more cards?"; next; } switch(select("I would like to exchange cards.","Can I exchange the points?")) { case 1: mes "[Putty]"; mes "Please tell me what card you want to exchange."; next; input [email protected]$; [email protected]$ = "_"[email protected]$; freeloop(1); for([email protected] = 1; [email protected]<4; [email protected]++) { for([email protected] = 0; [email protected]<[email protected]_card[[email protected]]; [email protected]++) if (compare([email protected]$,"_"+getitemname(getd("[email protected]"[email protected]+"["[email protected]+"]")))) { [email protected] = getd("[email protected]"[email protected]+"["[email protected]+"]"); break; } sleep2 10; // For good measure if ([email protected]) break; } freeloop(0); mes "[Putty]"; if ([email protected]) mes "Please, come back here if you want to exchange a monster card."; else { [email protected] = countitem([email protected]); if ([email protected]) { mes "You don't have any ^0055FF"+callfunc("F_GetPlural",getitemname([email protected]))+"^000000 with you!"; close; } mes "You've got ^0055FF"+callfunc("F_InsertPlural",[email protected],getitemname([email protected]))+"^000000."; mes " "; mes "Would you like to exchange 1 point for each of them?"; next; switch(select("Yes, please!","No, thank you.")) { case 1: delitem [email protected],[email protected]; oversea_event9 = ([email protected][email protected]); mes "[Putty]"; mes "Alright, you have received ^CC0000"[email protected]+"^000000 points."; break; case 2: mes "[Putty]"; mes "Okay, let me know if I can help you with something else."; break; } } close; case 2: if ([email protected]) { mes "[Putty]"; mes "These are the items that I have."; next; switch(select("1 Old Card Album - 10 Points")) { case 1: if ([email protected] < 10) break; mes "[Putty]"; mes "Great, I wish you the best"; mes "of luck with this album. I have a"; mes "very good feeling about this one!"; oversea_event9 = [email protected] - 10; getitem 616,1; close; } mes "[Putty]"; mes "Sorry, but you don't have enough points."; close; } else { mes "[Putty]"; mes "You have 0 points. You need at least 1 point to exchange."; close; } } }
  12. All you have to do: Change this line: switch(select("1 Old Card Album - 50 Points","20 Yggdrasil Berry - 50 Points","10 Blue Potion - 20 Points","4 Honey - 1 Point","^777777Nerver mind.^000000")) { case 1: if ([email protected] < 100) break; mes "[Putty]"; mes "Great, I wish you the best"; mes "of luck with this album. I have a"; mes "very good feeling about this one!"; oversea_event9 = [email protected] - 100; getitem 616,1; close; case 2: if ([email protected] < 50) break; mes "[Putty]"; mes "Oh, you must like adventures."; mes "Here you go, just what you need!"; oversea_event9 = [email protected] - 50; getitem 607,20; close; case 3: if ([email protected] < 20) break; mes "[Putty]"; mes "Blue Potions? Are you sure?"; mes "If that's what you want, here they are!"; oversea_event9 = [email protected] - 20; getitem 505,10; close; case 4: if ([email protected] < 1) break; mes "[Putty]"; mes "It took many bees"; mes "to make all of this."; mes "Make good use of it."; oversea_event9 = [email protected] - 1; getitem 518,4; close; case 5: mes "[Putty]"; mes "Alright, come back when you have more points."; close; To this: switch(select("1 Old Card Album - 10 Points")) { case 1: if ([email protected] < 10) break; mes "[Putty]"; mes "Great, I wish you the best"; mes "of luck with this album. I have a"; mes "very good feeling about this one!"; oversea_event9 = [email protected] - 10; getitem 616,1; close;
  13. You can use this script:
  14. You can just do it like this: OnInit: monster "caspen",167,72,"Punching Bag",1905,1,strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnInit"; monster "caspen",164,72,"Punching Bag",1905,1,strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnInit";
  15. As for your first problem, It's because you called the 2nd barricade as an NPC no as a monster so you just probably have to make another line of ' monster ' to summon a 2nd one. For your 2nd prob im not sure you probably have to duplicate a barricade mob via mob_avail.txt