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  1. if(getiteminfo(getequipid(EQI_HAND_R),11)==W_BOW) { bonus bLongAtkRate,44; }
  2. Just put this in RO folder/System/Font RixSquirrel_10.eot
  3. Check luafiles514/lua files/transparentItem/transparentItem.lub Put: { insert_view_id, 255, 255, 25500 }, Before: { 0, 0, 0, 0}
  4. case ST_REJECTSWORD: sc_start(src,bl,SC_AUTOCOUNTER,(skill_lv*15),skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; Reject Sword is triggering SC_AUTOCOUNTER (Knight skill Auto Counter or not sure if this one's exclusive for Reject Sword) for this so maybe you can try and do something at KN_AUTOCOUNTER in battle.cpp
  5. You can basically just do it like this: prontera,155,139,5 script ShenRon 10500,{ function LinkItem_; [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(0); [email protected] = rand(.chances); [email protected] = 0; if( countitem(Item_ID1) < Amount && countitem(Item_ID2) < Amount && countitem(Item_ID3) < Amount ){ mes .n$; mes "You don't have any"; mes "Item_ID1 name xAmount"; mes "Item_ID2 name xAmount"; mes "Item_ID3 name xAmount"; mes "in your inventory."; mes " "; mes "Come back to me if you have it already."; close; } mes .n$; mes rand(2) ? ""+callfunc("F_Hi")+" ^0000FFI am Shenron^000000, of Prontera Rune-Midgard City." : ""+callfunc("F_Hi")+" ^0000FFI am Shenron^000000, of Prontera Rune-Midgard City."; mes "Required Item: "+.itm_a+" x "+(.itm_n$)+""; mes " "; mes "Would you risk to play this game?"; next; if( select("- Play Game","- Cancel") == 2 ) { mes .n$; mes "Alright! "+ strcharinfo(0) +" come back anytime you want."; close; } while (( [email protected] -= .item_Rate[[email protected]] ) >= 0 ) [email protected]++; progressbar "0x11CC99",.loading; specialeffect2 EF_REMOVETRAP; getitem .item_ID[[email protected]], 1; delitem Item_ID1, Amount; delitem Item_ID2, Amount; delitem Item_ID3, Amount; announce "[ Shenron ]: Player "+ [email protected]$ +" obtained 1 x "+ getitemname(.item_ID[[email protected]]) +" with "+ .item_Rate[[email protected]] +"%.",0; mes .n$; mes "You have obtained 1 x ^FF3000"+ getitemname(.item_ID[[email protected]]) +"^000000 with "+ .item_Rate[[email protected]] +"%."; close; function LinkItem_ { [email protected] = getarg(0); [email protected] = getarg(1,0); [email protected] = getitemslots([email protected]); return "<ITEM>"+([email protected]&&[email protected]?getitemname([email protected])+" ["[email protected]+"]":getitemname([email protected]))+"<INFO>"[email protected]+"</INFO></ITEM>"; } OnInit: .n$ = "[ Shenron ]"; .loading = 1; // 0 = No Delay //.itm_p = 60796; // Required Item //.itm_a = 10; // Required Amount .itm_n$ = LinkItem_(.itm_p); setarray .item_ID, 7539,35434,35390,60043,60066,60081,60068,60147,60148,60149,60150,60151,60152,7179; // Item ID List setarray .item_Rate, 90,10,10,10,10,10,10,5,5,5,5,5,5,1; // Item ID Chances [email protected] = 0; while ( .item_ID[[email protected]] ) { .chances += .item_Rate[[email protected]]; [email protected]++; } end; I'm sure there's a better way to do this, but simply can be just like this.
  6. Yeah it's LUK and base MDEF, not VIT nor soft MDEF (gained from INT). Soft MDEF var is mdef2 in src Maybe if you can provide a video that Freeze duration also lessens with INT, then you can post an issue in github
  7. Well this is how it really works in pre-re (not sure in re) VIT defense, or some people call it the soft DEF (or the + after the base def) works as final damage reduction (E.g enemy has 1000 damage to you, you have 100 vit-defense = literal -100 damage) and you gain 1 VIT def per every 1 VIT you have from base VIT or + VIT while base DEF (gained from armors & cards with DEF effects) gives you 1% physical resistance per base DEF (capped at 90) I'm not sure with soft MDEF but it should work the same. Same with base MDEF The status chances that can be resisted & reduce duration by base VIT are the following: Bleeding Curse Poison Silence Stun Each base VIT grants -1% chance for them to proc. You can read more here: https://irowiki.org/classic/Stats P.S I'm not sure if iro classic follows exactly the same mechanics as kRO, but most are identical
  8. It's because there's no more skill_cast_db on the latest rA. Then try putting 3000 on duration2 as well
  9. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/import-tmpl/mob_avail.yml
  10. I just said make pc_status_def_rate to 0... But i honestly do not know if this affects card resistances too so you better try
  11. conf/battle/status.conf // Adjustment for the natural rate of resistance from status changes. // If 50, status defense is halved, and you need twice as much stats to block // them (eg: 200 vit to completely block stun) pc_status_def_rate: 100 mob_status_def_rate: 100 pc_status_def_rate to 0
  12. Try this: Script: | changebase 4060; bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_All,5; skill "PR_KYRIE",7; bonus bStr,5; UnEquipScript: | changebase Class;
  13. You can just edit them on npc/pre-re(or re)/mobs/dungeons or fields (wherever the boss is) Example Moonlight on payon dungeon originally: pay_dun04,120,115,0,0 boss_monster Moonlight Flower 1150,1,3600000,600000,1 Her spawn time is 60 mins - 70 mins Initial spawn is 3600000 milliseconds = 60 mins Possible delay spawn is 600000 milliseconds = +10 mins Which makes it 60 ~ 70 mins So if you want it 60 seconds - 120 mins: pay_dun04,120,115,0,0 boss_monster Moonlight Flower 1150,1,60000,7200000,1 Initial spawn: 60000 milliseconds = 60 seconds Possible delay spawn: 7200000 milliseconds = 120 mins Which makes the spawn time 60 seconds ~ 120 mins. Then you can just do this on any other bosses on their respective maps in mobs folder
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