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  1. In status.hpp OPTION_IGNOREDROP = 0x20000000, Change to: OPTION_IGNOREDROP = 0x40000000,
  2. Just use google... For the sprite, you can just recycle some scroll item for it and get its sprite name inside iteminfo.lua/lub
  3. trunk/db/pre-re(or re)/skill_tree.yml: Below //Merchant Remove: 5,2544,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 //MC_CARTDECORATE#Cart Decorate# luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz/skilltreeview.lua or .lub Find: [JOBID.JT_MERCHANT] = { And below it, remove: [13] = SKID.MC_CARTDECORATE,
  4. Then try removing: clif_disp_onlyself(sd, atcmd_output, strlen(atcmd_output));
  5. Google is your friend and:
  6. if(strcharinfo(3) == "ordeal_1-2") warp strcharinfo(3),0,0; delitem 601,1;
  7. db/re/skill_db.yml: - Id: 2054 Name: AB_DUPLELIGHT Description: Duple Light MaxLevel: 10 TargetType: Self DamageFlags: NoDamage: true Hit: Single HitCount: 1 Element: Holy CopyFlags: Skill: Reproduce: true On CopyFlags, below Reproduce, add Plagiarism: true so should be: CopyFlags: Skill: Reproduce: true Plagiarism: true
  8. Then check these out: Imports: - Path: db/pre-re/item_db_usable.yml - Path: db/pre-re/item_db_equip.yml - Path: db/pre-re/item_db_etc.yml Hiniwalay na nila para mas madali.
  9. Same location, db/pre-re or re/item_db.yml Right click -> Edit/Open w/ notepad or whichever editor you're using
  10. Ah then: izlude,128,112,3 script Rental Donation 122,{ OnInit: disablenpc strnpcinfo(1); end;
  11. I'm not really sure, but view ID #1939 and #1940 are already officially taken by these: So maybe there's a view ID conflict going on here. Try using 4000+
  12. Not tested & not sure but try: izlude,128,112,3 script Rental Donation 122,{ disablenpc strnpcinfo(1); mes "[RentalNPC]"; mes "Welcome to Beginning Ragnarok!!"; mes "What Service May I Offer You ?"; next; mes "Please select your class specific Rentalthat you want to get:"; switch(select("Rental Donation Increase:Rental Donation Magic:Rental Donation Reduce")) { case 1: mes "[RentalNPC]"; mes "Here's your Rental for Increase Donation Set"; rentitem 5013,300; goto Message1; end; case 2: mes "[RentalNPC]"; mes "Here's your Rental for Magic Donation Set"; rentitem 13945,300; goto Message1; end; case 3: mes "[RentalNPC]"; mes "Here's your Rental for Reduce Donation Set"; rentitem 13945,300; goto Message1; end; } Message1: mes "[RentalNPC]"; mes "Enjoy ur WOE."; mes "If you need help. Please use @request / search for Game Staffs. Thank You."; mes "Before Expired Please Remove The Card.GM Wont Responsible if any card Lost."; close; OnSat2100: OnSun2100: enablenpc strnpcinfo(1); end; OnSat2200: OnSun2200: disablenpc strnpcinfo(1); end; }
  13. Just use woe_controller.txt inside npc/custom/ folder, load the NPC and talk to the billboard NPC and set it up there.
  14. skill.cpp Just find this: case SL_SMA: if(!(sc && sc->data[SC_SMA])) return false; break; it should be commented by your old programmer so just remove the comments, or if your old programmer removed the entire line, just add those below this: case HT_POWER: if(!(sc && sc->data[SC_COMBO] && sc->data[SC_COMBO]->val1 == AC_DOUBLE)) return false; break; And then recompile
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