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  1. that happen when i try to do this
  2. Hello , how can i make sure that i enable ( enable proxy support ) in my client ?
  3. ty its work will when i change version
  4. that is mine , can you give me link for another version ?
  5. that what i do but its not start
  6. i understand that to connect patcher with client i need to put name of client on config only is that right ?
  7. this does not help me
  8. How can i link patch with cline . my patch work good but when i press start dont start client
  9. Pelo

    setup proxy

    this is for hide vps ip
  10. Pelo

    Patcher setup

    can someone give me video or learn me how to make patcher cuz i dont know any about it
  11. Pelo

    setup proxy

    Hello can some one help be to setup proxy my vps eu and sea player in philippines have delay how can i do it to remove this delay
  12. Hello when i change langtype to 19 the black screen come can someone help me to fix it ?
  13. Hello , can some one help me with this the security code not appear when register
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