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  1. Tell me please!!! 20150615 the client opens without problems, 20180620 gives this error what is the reason?
  2. Hello everyone! I have a question that i could not solve on my own! I want to use all Renewal mechanics NPC etc... Everything except Defense, Mdef, Hit, Flee. As for the stats, they must remain Pre-Renewal How can I do that?
  3. Hello everyone! I have a very big request! I want to use RagexeRE 20180620 but cannot fully english full client for it. All clients have some kind of hieroglyphs ... Please give a link to a fully English client, whoever has it, since ROenglishRE and ROenglishPRE do not fully translate modern clients ... I ask for help!
  4. Good day, tell me please! For the third day I have been browsing the Internet, trying to find how to solve the problem with the fact that the program cannot put a patch on 2018-06-20eRagexeRE ... Everything is set except for this function. Always Call SelectKoreaClientinfo () It gives the following error Always Call SelectKoreaClientinfo (): Failed in step 2c - found wrong offset for iteration no. () Please tell me how you can solve this problem ??? I use:
  5. I tried but failed, and the information that I found was not enough for me. Therefore, I asked for help ...
  6. Good day, dear users of the forum rA. I ask for help from people on the part of the client. I added 5 wings (Rainbow, Dark, Gold, Bloody and Ice) I wanted to add more green and white, but after searching 5 - 7 clients I could not find! More precisely, I found white but could not find act and spr in sprite / ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ for white wings (õ »ç³¯ ° ³) and I could not find green wings at all !!! If anyone has you could you share?
  7. Good day to all, dear users! I'm currently working on the server, or rather reworking the balance of professions and builds, and faced the question of how to make the Soul Breaker (Soul Destroyer) skill completely dependent on int and matk? Thanks a lot in advance.
  8. Good day! Please, help! After changing the IP from to static, the Map-Server server issues something similar, it only enters the game until the character selection panel, and that's what Char-Server writes. HELP PLEASE! run-server.lnk
  9. You helped me a lot! Thanks a lot, fixed everything! It was enough to do: { Id: 19302 AegisName: "Wings" Name: "Wings" Type: "IT_ARMOR" Buy: 100000 Weight: 1000 Def: 5 Slots: 1 Job: { All: true Novice: false } Loc: "EQP_COSTUME_GARMENT" ViewSprite: 9 Script: <" bonus bDelayrate,-25; bonus bAspdRate,25; bonus bSpeedRate,25; "> }, ____________________________________________ Viewsprite: 9
  10. I'm just developing, in the client and server parts of creating servers, it would be nice to get a small guide, or indicate where you can see step-by-step instructions.
  11. Made the wings on the GERMENT position; the wings are not displayed at all, they are displayed only on the head. I tried to transfer the wings to the suit, the problem persists
  12. Yes I added it as a headdress. Added data / luafiles514 / lua files / spreditinfo nothing has changed ... Edit it in the Act Editor?
  13. Good day! Please tell me. Added wings to the server everything is fine everything is working everything is displayed but it is not displayed correctly! How can this be fixed?
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