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  1. Good day, dear members of the forum! Please help solve the logistics. I want to make the initial sets fall out of these boxes. Swordman, Mage, Acolyte, Archer, Merchant, Thief. They are given at the beginning of the game, but when one box was opened, the rest disappeared?
  2. No, unfortunately, there are no similar elements in my iteminfo.lua, there is a problem in something else...
  3. Good day! I ask for help because I cannot solve the problem on my own, no matter how I look for a solution... Please tell me how to solve this visual problem with things and a cart?
  4. Please tell me how to remove the inscription Intimacy Before confirmation
  5. My strength is gone !!! There is absolutely nothing I can not understand !!!! Please help, I am already losing heart ... All the guides that I have read are not of any use ... Step 1 ·Îºê > AV_Blood_Wings > ¿© ³² > sprite Step 2 ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ > spr, act Step 3 ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸® > ¿© ³² > spr, act Step 4 accessoryid.lub, accname.lub, accname_eng.lub, spriterobeid.lub, spriterobename.lub, spriterobename and (ENG).lub, 2dlayerdir_f.lub Step 5 I fill in idnum2itemdesctable.txt, idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt, idnum2itemresnametable.txt, itemslotcounttable.txt Step 6 iteminfo.lub Step 7 item_DB Result: WHAT AM I DOING WRONG????
  6. gamka

    rAthena su

    Good day! Dear forum users! Please tell me which files SRC, DB, CONF, etc. are responsible for this status window? I want the status window to show me the PRE-RE statistic formulas when using the RENEWAL mechanic. I have thrown item_db from pre-re to re. item_db displays equip (def, hit, flee) ok. But the Renewal mechanics themselves display overestimated values. from here the question! Please tell me which files SRC, DB, CONF, etc. are responsible for this status window? // RENEWAL_STAT doesn't help!
  7. Can you please tell me where this window is edited?
  8. It's very interesting to me too! I want to make sure that all the logistics regarding NPC Location and Modifications are Renewal, and as for the formulas of protection, evasion, protection from magic, etc., it is PRE.... Yes! I want to do this calculation inside Renewal NO!
  9. Tell me please!!! 20150615 the client opens without problems, 20180620 gives this error what is the reason?
  10. Hello everyone! I have a question that i could not solve on my own! I want to use all Renewal mechanics NPC etc... Everything except Defense, Mdef, Hit, Flee. As for the stats, they must remain Pre-Renewal How can I do that?
  11. Hello everyone! I have a very big request! I want to use RagexeRE 20180620 but cannot fully english full client for it. All clients have some kind of hieroglyphs ... Please give a link to a fully English client, whoever has it, since ROenglishRE and ROenglishPRE do not fully translate modern clients ... I ask for help!
  12. Good day, tell me please! For the third day I have been browsing the Internet, trying to find how to solve the problem with the fact that the program cannot put a patch on 2018-06-20eRagexeRE ... Everything is set except for this function. Always Call SelectKoreaClientinfo () It gives the following error Always Call SelectKoreaClientinfo (): Failed in step 2c - found wrong offset for iteration no. () Please tell me how you can solve this problem ??? I use:
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