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  1. Woahh! Great Job! Those sprites are really good. Keep it up!
  2. Thanks to all who supported my theme!
  3. Thanks for supporting my theme! hope i can make more soon
  4. You can definitely start a Ragnarok Web Service! Cool Design! keep up the good work.
  5. Turn off MD5 on both FluxCP and SVN
  6. Mukhang mali po ung IP na nilagay nyo.. Mukhang yan ung static IP / Dynamic IP from the router .. napancn ko lng kc 192.x.x.x sya.. Try mo muna icheck sa http://www.whatsmyip.org/ ung IP mo tapos yun ung ipalit mong IP sa CHAR at Map conf mo
  7. Amazing job! Nothing to say, just GREAT! 10/10
  8. 9/10 - Looks great! If you change the border into a cooler one, you'll prolly get 11/10
  9. Cool! I like the Staff card
  10. This isn't an automated system, everything is reviewed by human staff. So if you had contributed and decided to start a paid services thread, you would know if your contribution/s are accepted. You can also send a PM to a staff member who is in charge of the field you contributed to, in case you want to be sure about it before starting a paid services thread (I know these threads usually take time to get made). Hello, Just want to ask if how will we know if the administrator or mod in charge already reviewed our pending threads (paid services)? 'Cause it's been 2 or 3 weeks now, we still don't have any response from them. Sorry, but i just want to clarify this 'cause we don't know if our contribution is enough Thank you very much. More powers to rAthena Cheers!
  11. go to css/llg.css Then add border-radius: 10px; to the id : #content