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  1. I'm try to do a npc that get a Square Position of a Character like (x1,x2) (y1,y2) position... This npcs will heal the character when its inside the square... Any Suggest? https://rathena.org/wiki/OnTouch Solved
  2. Hi, guys! Yesterday using my 2013-08-07 client with 553 Old Dye Pack, i see my cothles color...After update do 2014-10-22b the dye of Kagerou/Oborou stuck at 3...if you try to pass it, u collor will become dark/black. Any ideia?
  3. Where can increase the dificult? Are too easy to get all ranks.
  4. If you check this, https://rathena.org/wiki/Custom_Items, in Job's Area... you cant see the Super Novice or SNS Listed...Anyone know how is the Job value for this classe? I need this for create a item. 0x00000001
  5. Hi, guys! I'm getting some trouble with this issue...The server is work fine and is up-to-date and dont have any issues in server emulator screens... I have a server with 74 players, and 23 are get this problem...Look the video... http://www.ragnatrek.org/download/video-1444852140.mp4.mp4 Anyone know what is it? and Why its happen!? The users related that have a stable connection and only on my server they get this problem...The operational system is Win7 to Win10. The strange thing is that I have tested on windows 7 and windows 10 in two different locations and did not catch this error ... I'm beginning to think it is the location or any thing installed on the user machine. Otherwise...i lear in somewhere that you can disable in source the Safety AutoClose Npc Dialogs. I think that i'll do this if nobody know how to fix this issue. The client is 2013-08-07
  6. Why? I need to ask with special characters and langtype 12 do not let me enter in my server... Others langtypes make my client got some issues, like character deletion, merchant skills, unknow caracters and other...s
  7. i try it https://rathena.org/wiki/Tip_of_the_day but nothings appers...
  8. Client 2013-08-07 (Langtype 1) How to fix it? I try to type "Tést" or "Bábábá" or something with special caracters and it does work Client 20130807(Langtype 12)
  9. What's wrong here? [Error]: npc_parse_mapflag: unrecognized mapflag 'nopvp' (file '-', line '74'). pvp_n_1-3 <tab> mapflag <tab> nopvp
  10. I found a "bug" in "hunting mission"... You can use merchant skills on shop (Discount, i mean...)
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