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  1. I think is it, you want to do:
  2. Have 2 problems in your function. First: Second:
  3. To put a announce is simple, you just need this script command: announce "<text>",<flag>{,<fontColor>{,<fontType>{,<fontSize>{,<fontAlign>{,<fontY>}}}}}; Just add the 'announce' after the 'getitem': Now, about show a countdown timer... You'll need to remake the script, changing 'addtimer' to other function. I suggest you look at 'doc/script_commands.txt' file or look for one script with hourly reward to get a example. Good luck.
  4. if (@bought_nameid[@n] == .ItList[@a]) { set @PriceT, .ItList[@a + 1] * @bought_quantity[@n]; if (#fidelidade < @PriceT) { end; } else { set #fidelidade, #fidelidade - @PriceT; getitem @bought_nameid[@n], @bought_quantity[@n]; } }
  5. Here is the problem: The script are checking if player have '#fidelidade' or 'Zeny' and if have one of them, will give the item. So you need to change only to check '#fidelidade' points or '#fidelidade' points and 'Zeny'. Like this:
  6. Yes, I saw the problem, I was using one variable not declared. ('@char[0]', '@char[1]' instead of '[email protected][0]', '[email protected][1]') You guys need change this: To: And this: To: Thanks to notify me.
  7. Name: @reload atcommand Creator: Me (@Cretino) Version: 0.1 (Initial version [Cretino]) Contributors: Q: 'What features have '@reload atcommand'?' R: Q: 'How to use these features?' R: Q: 'How Can I enable 'Reload Fast Mode'?' R: I've tested and is working well, but can have bugs. I'm accepting suggestions. If you found any bug, report in topic or send me a private message. I'll solve the problem as quickly as possible. I think is it. Note: Sorry for my English. Diff file: @reload_by_cretino_v0.1_rathena.diff
  8. I think is it you want: new_item_enchanter_v1.1.txt You can go to line '364' to configure it and see more for changes.
  9. You want to put delay after enchant and add npc usage limit? If you want enchant delay, you want for account or character or global? After NPC reaches 100 usages, players can remove enchantments or disable completely the npc?
  10. I think is it you want: new_item_enchanter_v1.0.txt I've tested and is working well... You can go to line '347' to configure it. Sorry for my English.
  11. Hey guys, try this: Change this part: To: I've not tested, but probably will work.
  12. Actually, I'm riding a "Hardcore Mode" system. It's working, I plan to post later. It even manages to identify the uses of commands to kill players and avoids the same. Thus, the player can only be killed by another player or monsters and delete it if you added the option. I'm still doing some modifications. Putting "advantages" to play in the "HardCore Mode". PS: I'm using google translator.
  13. I will still try, but congratulations. Certainly was a very difficult job. You deserve all the thanks.
  14. I found very interesting, because now I will not worry about translation of scripts, I get the official written and replace. @Yommy, +1 You won by his great project.