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  1. Hello, anyone has a patch for the latest emulator?, this system it's pretty nice!.
  2. como aporte , tambien pueden ocupar el programa Xampp que contiene Mysql y Tortoisen(apache) en el mismo programa y es mas facil de usar. si tienen problemas al instalar el mysql solo.
  3. De que se puede se puede, supongo que en la Skill_db del emulador y modificar los parametros. o tambien tienes la opcion de agregar la habilidad al Arma que lo encuentro mas facil , en el item_db.
  4. i want to put navigation links in my quest log... do this work? i have a 2018-06-20e RagexeRE client. i alredy try to put a navi link in my quest log but when i click it nothing happens... sorry for my lack of english. Navigation ---------- For clients dated 2011-10-10aRagexe onwards, you can generate navigation links using HTML-like labels: <NAVI>Display Name<INFO>mapname,x,y,0,000,flag</INFO></NAVI> The "flag" parameter can be: 0: Do not open Navigation Window (default). 1: Open Navigation Window. The example below will make the [Tool Shop] text clickable and begin navigation to alberta (98,154) when clicked. mes "Have you checked out the <NAVI>[Tool Shop]<INFO>alberta,98,154,0,000,0</INFO></NAVI>?"; See also 'navigateto', which can be used for certain NPC events.
  5. hello masters of rathena, i need to know where to edit the quest log (quest list), cause questid2display does not work for me, i'm using the lastest emulator and 2018-06-20e ragexeRE client, if someone knows, please, help me.
  6. if i just change the name of the file, it should work? fixed just now tyvm!!!
  7. Hello masters of rathena... i don't really know where to post this. i'll go straigth to the point. I have been running a 2015 ragexere on a old rathena emulator and works fine as you can see... Old ragexe + old rathena emulator: recently, i has been trying the newest rathena emulator (run's ok), furthermore the newest ragexe's that nemo.herc.ws offers and run's ok, but when im going to login it does not conect with the emulator (login server) at all... not even a error... RagexeRE 2018-06-20e: Lastest rathena emulator it's running ok, but when im trying to conect it does not show anything: this is the clientinfo. I already edited the ip on the rathenas side... i dont know what i'm missing... so, i was wondering if any of you knows what i'm missing?...
  8. Cretino, muchas gracias, thank you very much, that's what i needed ...
  9. i've found the refine_db that works with my conf but there's is so much values that is difficult for me to know what i need to modify in order to change the rates ... Can you specify to me what i need to modify in order to change the success rates?, thank you very much.
  10. Some one can explain to me, how the success rate works on this NPC? ... Only then i can change it to whatever rates i want.
  11. Well, I wanted to know if anyone in this forum has information on how to configure the Ragnarok application of the And Ro community which has a free version to use and configure your own server and run through the cell phone but I can not make it work, if someone has a guide, images or video how to configure this application would be very helpful I was able to decompress the application but I can't compress it again so I can run it on my cell phone with the data from my private server
  12. Is there a socket enchanter that enables a socket of any kind of equipment with editable rates?
  13. Apreciate your help Emistry. I was thinking the same, but that's not what i want ... i want to divide the server into two pvp groups that can fight eachother wherever and whenever they encounter. I don't know if i'm being clear enough, what i need is a pvp battleground wihout respawn, map attachment/restriction, time restriction and team size restriction (A permanent global pvp that never ends between two groups, basicaly). I was researching and found the source code of the battlegrounds hoping to copyng the code and editing it to my needs, but i barely understand the lenguage to do so. If anyone can help, you're welcome.
  14. Hi veterans of rathena!, i need your help once more! I really want to add a restriction to the PK mode and i want your help guys, so, in order to understand me, i'm going to explain the context of what i did and what i want to do... What just i did is that i divided my server into two groups with an npc register setting simple variables like "group1" and "group2", and then i turn on the pk mode. What i want is modify the source code (with your help), so the player's can't hit player's that are in the same group... is that posible?
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