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  1. You can use these script commands: And you need to configure your 'conf/battle/misc.conf' at this part:
  2. Look the content in the spoiler in my first post here. There has a solution with an example how to use it... You'll need change the range of rand from '100' to '10000'. Rate (1 = 0.01%, 10 = 0.10%, 100 = 1.00%, 1000 = 10.00%, 10000 = 100.00%) And change the 'if' from: if (.chance >= 1 && .chance <= 5){ To: if (rand(10000) < .chance){ And change the value of variable '.chance' to the rate you want: From: set .chance, rand(100); To: set .chance, 500; // 500 = 5.00%
  3. Yes, just change the 'range of rand' and you got it. Like this:
  4. You're trying to use a pointer variable without initialization, this is why you're receiving this errors/crashes. Just uncommend the rest of script command and this error is fixed... Or let the script command like this: And don't forget to change this to be like: And the script command will work, don't forget to compile the emulator too.
  5. Here is the problem: The script command 'countitem' is receiving a invalid item id, because you're passing the wrong variable... '$QuestItem1HM' instead of '$QuestItem1', '$QuestItem2HM' instead of '$QuestItem2' and '$QuestItem3HM' instead of '$QuestItem3'. Just change to this and the error will probably stops:
  6. Yes, but I think is better you use the second solution I showed to you, you'll never change the rand always you add new items.
  7. Here is the problem: The array '.i1' size is '2', and the '.i1rand' randomize values from '0' to '2' instead of '0' to '1'... so when you trying to give the common items prize, when '.i1rand' get value the random value '2', the array '.i1[2]' has empty values because the array has declared values until 'i1[1]'. You can do this to fix: Or this:
  8. I think is it: Tested and working. I hope it helps you.
  9. I think is it: killmonsterall_mod_by_cretino_rathena.diff I hope helped you.
  10. I really don't know why you need this rank, but you can do this: To solve the 'delay' problem getting the rank information you'll need create one table and make the changes in the script to 'save' and 'load' the 'points' there, so when you access the new table not will have so many 'characters' or 'guilds' to 'search'. I made some changes, but I think your 'delay' problem not will change. I hope it's help you.
  11. No, this one is because you trying to use the command 'getcharid(3)' without rid attached. What you are trying to do? Show the full script.
  12. Você pode executas essas queries no seu banco de dados: Lembre-se: Executar essas queries com o servidor desligado!! Elas irão zerar todo o zeny de todos os personagens e qualquer quantia que tenha nos 'e-mails (RoDex)' e caso use algum tipo de 'banqueiro' que se encontra no emulador, será apagado todas as variáveis que armazenam o zeny. (Se seu emulador for rAthena execute somente as 3 primeiras queries, se for Hercules só copiar tudo e executar no banco de dados) Espero ter ajudado.
  13. Open your 'db\castle_db.txt' and search for these values: If don't have, this is the problem. xD This error occurs because the function 'getcastledata' can't found the guild castle information located in 'db\castle_db.txt'.
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