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  1. Sorry, but I don't want, you can search in 'doc\script_commands.txt' and 'src\map\' to understand how it works and make it yourself. Probably you'll need make some source modification.
  2. Hey guys, how are you doing? I've seen some scripts similar, but nothing like this. This is my version of this event, 'Crack The Code'. Description: Video showing how the script works: Crack The Code V1.1 Some changes were made after this video. Features: I have one 'limited' version what I want to share with you guys. crack_the_code_v1.0_rathena.txt Limitations of this version: I'm accepting suggestions. (I'll not make changes in limited version) Sorry for my english and thank you for the attention. I hope you guys like. Special thanks to @Radian, for helping me with feedback and support me.
  3. Não funcionou por que você não fez da maneira correta... Eu postei no formato para usar no emulador do rAthena... e você tá usando Hercules... Também esqueci de colocar um detalhe mas isso não muda muita coisa. Você tem que falar essas coisas antes de pedir ajuda... se não fica complicado os emuladores são um pouco diferentes... Tenta assim: Dessa vez eu testei e está funcionando. Lembrando que esse soul link está só configurado para mercenários se você deseja colocar para outra classe, você vai ter que procurar para entender como funciona.
  4. Não testei mas deve ser isto que você quer: @EDIT Pequena correção.
  5. Just read the file.... Example using Type 'Armors'. Original rate: Modified to 75% all refine levels of 'Armors': Now just follow the example and modify to values you want for other types.
  6. Try look in 'db\pre-re\refine_db.yml' or 'db\re\refine_db.yml' depending the configuration you choosed. You don't need change anything in the script, just in the 'refine_db.yml'.
  7. I think is it: Now the Summon npc has the function to summon last MvP and Mini-Boss, the option only appears after you choose one of them, I tested and is working well. I hope it helps you.
  8. I think is it: Read the description to understand how configure, I tested and is working well. I hope it helps you.
  9. O problema está nessa parte do código, ele está verificando uma variável que não está declarada no script, variável '.lv'. Você só precisa fazer isto: De: Para: Espero que tenha entendido o problema e tenha te ajudado.
  10. The problem is '.round' variable, your script don't reset the value when executes the first time. Try this one I changed: I not tested, but I think will work. Good luck.
  11. You can see here:
  12. I think is it, you want to do:
  13. Have 2 problems in your function. First: Second:
  14. To put a announce is simple, you just need this script command: announce "<text>",<flag>{,<fontColor>{,<fontType>{,<fontSize>{,<fontAlign>{,<fontY>}}}}}; Just add the 'announce' after the 'getitem': Now, about show a countdown timer... You'll need to remake the script, changing 'addtimer' to other function. I suggest you look at 'doc/script_commands.txt' file or look for one script with hourly reward to get a example. Good luck.
  15. if (@bought_nameid[@n] == .ItList[@a]) { set @PriceT, .ItList[@a + 1] * @bought_quantity[@n]; if (#fidelidade < @PriceT) { end; } else { set #fidelidade, #fidelidade - @PriceT; getitem @bought_nameid[@n], @bought_quantity[@n]; } }