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  2. I found on the web this very useful program to be able to compare 2 GRFs of kro and for example have a list of the only missing files to be able to make a client patch. The problem is that this program is all in Chinese... do you think it is possible to translate it via its DLL and using Google Translator? GrfCompare.rar
  3. hi i want to rent gepard with LGP monthly? how much ?
  4. I'm having crash map server error when I perform "Recall Emergency" .. in your BG extended .. would you know which fix?
  5. It will work. Don't know why they add that. In the previous version there is no code like that.
  6. Thank you! I'll try this later.
  7. //if (sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[k].bound) { // clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "Cannot buy with Bound Items."); // return; //}
  8. Hi sir after creating a character I try to login but is said failed to connect to server. Can you help me? Great tutorial and music btw!
  9. If i cant beat you in 1 hit it was just luck
  10. I was trying to make the jobmaster ask for zeny, but i'm getting error: buildin_getarg: Index (idx=2) out of range (nargs)2. i incriased the Req_*[0] arrays in level requerements like that: // Level Requirements setarray .Req_First[0],1,10,2000; // Minimum base level, job level to turn into 1st class setarray .Req_Second[0],1,40,2000; // Minimum base level, job level to turn into 2nd class setarray .Req_Rebirth[0],99,50,2000; // Minimum base level, job level to rebirth setarray .Req_Third[0],99,500,2000; // Minimum base level, job level to change to third class setarray .Req_Exp_NJ_GS[0],99,70,2000; // Minimum base level, job level to turn into Expanded Ninja and Gunslinger setarray .Req_Exp_SNOVI[0],99,99,20000; // Minimum base level, job level to turn into Expanded Super Novice .SNovice = 45,0,2000; // Minimum base level to turn into Super Novice where "2000" would be the value of the zeny that the npc would ask for. So I did: if (BaseLevel < getarg(0) || JobLevel < getarg(1) || Zeny < getarg(2)) { // <<<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here... [email protected] = getarg(0) - BaseLevel; [email protected] = getarg(1) - JobLevel; [email protected] = getarg(2) - Zeny; // <<<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here... mes "Level requirement:"; mes ((getarg(0)>1)? "^bb0000"+getarg(0)+"^000000 (^bb0000Base^000000) / ":"")+"^00bb00"+ getarg(1)+"^000000 (^00bb00Job^000000) / "+ "^00bb00"+getarg(2)+"^000000 (^00bb00Zeny^000000)"; // <<<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here... mes "You need " + (([email protected] > 0) ? "^bb0000"[email protected]+"^000000 more base levels " + (([email protected] > 0) ? "and " : "") : "") + (([email protected] > 0) ? "^00bb00"[email protected]+"^000000 more job levels " + (([email protected] > 0) ? "and " : "") : "") + (([email protected] > 0) ? "^00bb00"[email protected]+"^000000 Zeny " : "") + // <<<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here... "to continue."; close; } return; But the array is not reaching the thrid position "getarg(2)". Any help? ^^ function Job_Options { [email protected] = getargcount(); [email protected]_size = getarraysize(getarg(0)); for( [email protected] = 1; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { setarray getelementofarray(getarg(0), [email protected]_size++),getarg([email protected]); } } ???
  11. So in November I started making my own GameCube controller for the GameBoy Player and wasn't able to finish it because of school, but it's finally done and I love you guys so I'm going to share it here.
  12. sader1992

    Need a Help

    unlike your post title/body all the tutorials i know in rAthena is very informative here is our most used tutorial if you want more "informativity" i suggest you start to use the search feature
  13. use the forum search
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hello, can anyone tell me if there is any script that only changes the appearance of the transcript to 3rd? thx
  16. I got this error also did you fix it?
  17. every day at an hour predetermined?
  18. nah. what i want is countdown timer good for 1 hour
  19. add this in the lines L_start: and L_end: and Koe will start every hour
  20. 6zayn

    Need a Help

    Hi! I used to play around with a little server of my own around 10 years ago, was able to set it up, write and add npcs, edit items etc. Feeling kinda nostalgic, my friend and I decided to set up a small local server of our own. The thing is, either rAthena seems a lot different or all the tutorials are weirdly uninformative. Thanks.
  21. Actually no, I am on pre-renewal. All other stats are as they should be, only atk is off. And if I'm right, @mi command should display ATK1 and ATK2.
  22. It would be great to be able to have a guide like this on video
  23. I just modified here: function Can_Change_Third { // To change to third class you either need to be: // * Second Class // * Transcendent Second Class // * Baby Second Class if( !.ThirdClass ) return false; // Third job change disabled if( !(eaclass()&EAJL_2) ) return false; // Not second Class if( eaclass()&EAJL_THIRD ) return false; // Already Third Class if( roclass(eaclass()|EAJL_THIRD) < 0 ) return false; // Job has no third Class if( !(eaclass()&EAJL_UPPER )) // ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HERE <-------- return false; if( (eaclass()&EAJ_UPPERMASK) == EAJ_SUPER_NOVICE ) return false; // Exp. Super Novice equals 3rd Cls, but has it's own case if( Is_Baby() && (!.BabyClass || !.BabyThird) ) return false; // No Baby (Third) change allowed return true; } Then i'ts working like this: Thank You!
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