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Max Trap Control 1.0.0

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About This File

This mod allows you to control the number of traps that the player can use.


// Max Trap [Hyroshima]
// Functionality to control the number of active traps.
// Note:
//  skill_max_trap > Controls the number of individual active trap skills that were not been to defined parameter ActiveInstance in skill_db.yml
//  global_max_trap > Controls the maximum active trap skills for all skill traps (listed in skill.cpp -> trap_skill_id), this option overrides skill_max_trap if the definer is smaller than it
// skill_max_trap: 0 (disabled)
// global_max_trap: 0 (disabled)
skill_max_trap: 0
global_max_trap: 0
  • the option skill_max_trap only affects skills that do not have the parameter ActiveInstance in skill_db.yml
  • the option global_max_trap affects all trap skills mentioned above in the code box, the skills are listed in the function as I also inform in the description of the code box above.


Note: i am making 2 diff files available:

  • _A = Closest to current revision.
  • _B = A little older compared to the current review

As there have been some changes to how some functions receive/send parameters, I will try to maintain this standard when sending diff files.


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