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[FREE] Event Manager 1.1.1

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About This File

Ehh since my event scripts are piling up, I decided to make an Event Manager

// Basic Event Manager
// By Mabuhay
 Currently added are the ff :
 {#} NAME - "NPC_NAME" 
 [1] Bombring - "Event_Bombring"
 [2] Dice - "Event_Dice"
 [3] Last Man Standing - "Event_LMS"
 [4] Novice V Zombie - "Event_NvZ"
 [5] Poring Catcher - "Poring_Catcher"
 [6] Poring Hunter - "Poring_Hunter" (Added 12-15-2019)
// For easier management of Event NPCs
//            NOTE:                //
// I don't support any modifications unless I want to.
// But if you want to change things especially the rewards,
// Please refer to my F_Reward Functions
// https://rathena.org/board/files/file/4068-itemvariablepoints-reward-function-for-beginners-or-lazy/
// You should be able to easily change the rewards
// If you have basic scripting knowledge

Header Settings:

	// 1 = item reward
	// 2 = variable/cashpoints reward
	// If you want to set item and variable/cashpoints rewards, do 1|2.
	// If you only want 1, just choose between 1 or 2
	$event_options = 1|2;
	// If item reward enabled
	// What items will be rewarded
	setarray $event_item_reward,
		501, 10,
		502, 5;
	// If variable reward.. set to your variable.
	// If cashpoints.. set to #CASHPOINTS / #KAFRAPOINTS (Free Cash Points)
	$event_var$ = "#EVENTVARIABLE";
	// Variable name?
	// If cash points, set to Cash Points
	// If your custom var, set to the name of that thing.
	$event_var_name$ = "Custom Points";
	// How much points gain if #VAR / #CASHPOINTS / #KAFRAPOINTS?
	$event_var_gain = 1;
	$event_item_arr = getarraysize($event_item_reward);
	// @eventstart for GM
	bindatcmd "eventstart", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnStart",60,60;
	// @eventjoin
	bindatcmd "eventjoin", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnJoinEvent";


You may now use @eventstart for GMs to select which ones to start.

@eventjoin for players to enter and see which event is currently active


Event timers / Clock are to be set here :

	// OnClock<hour><minute>: donpcevent "<npc_name>::OnStart";
	OnClock0000: donpcevent "Event_Bombring::OnStart"; end; //----- 12 mn
	OnClock0100: donpcevent "Event_Dice::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock0200: donpcevent "Event_LMS::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock0300: donpcevent "Poring_Catcher::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock0400: donpcevent "Event_NvZ::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock0500: donpcevent "Poring_Hunter::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock0600: donpcevent "Event_Bombring::OnStart"; end; //----- 6 am
	OnClock0700: donpcevent "Event_Dice::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock0800: donpcevent "Event_LMS::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock0900: donpcevent "Poring_Catcher::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock1000: donpcevent "Event_NvZ::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock1100: donpcevent "Poring_Hunter::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock1200: donpcevent "Event_Bombring::OnStart"; end; //----- 12 nn
	OnClock1300: donpcevent "Event_Dice::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock1400: donpcevent "Event_LMS::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock1500: donpcevent "Poring_Catcher::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock1600: donpcevent "Event_NvZ::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock1700: donpcevent "::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock1800: donpcevent "Event_Bombring::OnStart"; end; //----- 6 pm
	OnClock1900: donpcevent "Event_Dice::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock2000: donpcevent "Event_LMS::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock2100: donpcevent "Poring_Catcher::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock2200: donpcevent "Event_NvZ::OnStart"; end;
	OnClock2300: donpcevent "Poring_Hunter::OnStart"; end; //----- 11 pm

Currently I just alternately activate events per hour. You can change the event time as you wish. You may choose any of the ff:



I hope this helps. If you want me to add more, just PM me on an event script that needs to be updated. Thank you. 🙂

Compatibility is your responsibility.
No backward Compatibility Support.


NOTE : If you find this useful, please click the Upvote button to motivate me to do stuffs like this 🙂 And you are welcome!

What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog


Fix OnClock1700 will start all events together.

Report all bugs for faster fix.



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