Mac Anu 1.2.0

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About This File

I made this map, all the models and restored all the textures, based off the city of Mac Anu from the .dot//hack infection series.


I did edit gravity textures.




No real thanks to give out maybe besides browedit and its development team and gravity for textures.





I use alot of client features,  I didnt include the water I used cause you guys probably wont use it.





So the main difference here is your gonna have to add a file to your effect tool lub you can pm me how or post






GRF is unlocked and no weird stuff.

Your free to do as you please. Adding more effects to effecttool is just a matter of adding a new emmiter and a new number, you can test it by spawning a bunch and seeing how many are blank. 



I didnt include any music cause I dont wanna give @Mina-chan a heart attack  (you never know)



What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog




- Added BGM music 


You need to add this line


to mp3maptable in client

and add it to BGM folder in client 



Seems like i forgot to include my tga for my portal beta, here it is 

glassred.tga > Didnt rename it but I didnt include it hahhh 

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