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MVP Ladder only on MVP Maps with announcer 2.0

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Hi, before anything else. I just want to release a simple npc script I used for a long time since I started here in rAthena. There might be similar scripts available but I just want to give back to the community what I learned from here since then. 

Credit goes to the ppl who helped me to learn how to script! I don't remember who but here is the final result..


Yet another simple MVP Kill reward on MVP Maps Only with an announcer and now with a simple MVP Ladder

If player is in a party, the reward will be given randomly to online party members.

You can config the script easily at this part:

	setarray .p_rwd, 607,1;	// Party reward <item>,<amount>
	setarray .s_rwd, 607,1;	// Solo reward <item>,<amount>
	.chance = 50;	// Drop rate chances %
	.gm = 10;  // Prevents gm level and above to trigger the event
	// MVP Map list
	setarray .t_maps$[0],"// <MVP MAPS>

This script will also help other in-game players see if an MVP has been slain. 

I'm open for suggestions, comments, reactions and such for the betterment of this script and my skill.



Q> Why only at MVP Maps? 
A> Because some server puts MVP Rooms which the reward can be abused.


What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • Revision to work on latest server file (2023)
  • Removed 'drop chance%'
  • Added 'reward option'
  • Script clean-up
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