Costume Quest Story Line 1.0.1


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About This File

About This File

Story line quest that make some twist for your server


  • Easy Use just Add this script in your NPC Script and load them
  • you can change or add the reward items on this line
set [email protected],rand(1,7);
        if ([email protected] == 1) set [email protected],18747;
        else if ([email protected] == 2) set [email protected],18741;
        else if ([email protected] == 3) set [email protected],31120;        
        else if ([email protected]ble1 == 4) set [email protected],31121;
        else if ([email protected] == 5) set [email protected],20430; 
        else if ([email protected] == 6) set [email protected],20398;
        else if ([email protected] == 7) set [email protected],19985;
        getitem [email protected],1

This are the items you can get "randomly" on completing the quest



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What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


- Fixed some lines not working on latest rathena
- Fixed some language