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sader's Garment Files Generator 2.1.0

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About This File

how it work :

it make data folder and copy the Garment files in it and rename them

since Garment need to renamed on the name of every classes boy and girl

you will need :

main spirit file, main act file, drop spirit file, drop act file, item bmp, collection bmp

in Version 2 ,you will have 2 files , boys_list.txt and girls_list.txt , in it you will have a list of all the classes in the game (up to before the Summoner Update) , you can add any new class there.

the files will be named with Korean

at the place where the program is it will create the data folder

inside it all the files after it done

keep in mind that you need to edit spriterobename.lua/spriterobename.lub , spriterobeid.lua/spriterobeid.lub and transparentItem.lua/transparentItem.lub

[<ItemID>] = {
   unidentifiedDisplayName = "<unidentified InGame Name>",
   unidentifiedResourceName = "<unidentified_File_Name>",
   unidentifiedDescriptionName = {
       "Weight: ^7777777^000000",
   identifiedDisplayName = = "<InGame Name>",
   identifiedResourceName = "<File_Name>",
   identifiedDescriptionName = {
       "Weight: ^7777777^000000",
   slotCount = 0,
   ClassNum = <ViewID>

RobeNameTable = {
   [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_<File_Name>] = "<File_Name>"

   ROBE_<File_Name> = <ViewID>

transparentItemlist = {
	{ <ViewID>, 255, 255, 25500 },


Source code: https://github.com/sader1992/Garment_Files_Generator

My Website: https://sader1992.com/

Contact me for Errors

What's New in Version 2.1.0   See changelog



now the classes names are from 2 files.txt
this will make it easier to add new classes
remove the hard-coded classes from the src
optimize the code.

the 2 files boys_list.txt and girls_list.txt ,must be in the same path as the program!



Just edit the output ,from a misspelling in some sort

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