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Next Development Updates that need more attention will be posted here.

Please keep up-to-date with rAthena for avoiding old bugs and please report all issue or bug on our bugtracker.

Thank you for using and supporting rAthena.

News Index:

Plagiarism and Reproduce: Updated!

commit: 5e6626e


commit: 659cc57

ReqItems column on skill_require_db.txt

commit: c70762a

  • Equip(s) (item_id) that need to be equipped for casting a skill
  • Added ReqItems column on latest column of db/[pre-]re/skill_require_db.txt
  • CAUTION: If you have custom skills, please update this yourself
Episode 14.3 Skills: Implemented!

commit: 8a66d82
Added skills:

  • GC_DARKCROW,Dark Claw
  • RA_UNLIMIT,Unlimited
  • GN_ILLUSIONDOPING,Illusion Doping
  • RK_DRAGONBREATH_WATER,Dragon Breath - Water
  • RK_LUXANIMA,Lux Anima
  • NC_MAGMA_ERUPTION,Magma Eruption
  • WM_FRIGG_SONG,Frigg's Song
  • SO_ELEMENTAL_SHIELD,Elemental Shield
  • SR_FLASHCOMBO,Flash Combo
  • SC_ESCAPE,Emergency Escape
  • AB_OFFERTORIUM,Offertorium
  • WL_TELEKINESIS_INTENSE,Intense Telekinesis
  • LG_KINGS_GRACE,King's Grace
  • ALL_FULL_THROTTLE,Full Throttle
  • SR_FLASHCOMBO_ATK_STEP1,Flash Combo Attack Step 1
  • SR_FLASHCOMBO_ATK_STEP2,Flash Combo Attack Step 2
  • SR_FLASHCOMBO_ATK_STEP3,Flash Combo Attack Step 3
  • SR_FLASHCOMBO_ATK_STEP4,Flash Combo Attack Step 4
NOTE: Need 2013 client to make this skill usable
@autoloottype: Implemented!

commit: a487746
@autoloottype <item type>

#define HP_SP_TABLES: a new core.h config

commit: af108b2
Allows you to bypass the job HP and SP tables, db/[pre-]re/job_maxhpsp_db.txt

db/item_delay.txt is moved!

commit: 100bd4a

@dropall: Modified!

commit: 341da22
@dropall <item type>

2013-08-07aRagexe Support!

commit: f056629

Rebellion: Implemented!

commit: f056629, f058c4d

  • Need 2013-08-07 client
  • The skills aren't done yet (but you can use Gunslinger's skills)
  • CAUTION: For users that use MySQL for item_db, please update your table with sql_files/item_db.sql for Pre-Renewal and sql_files/item_db_re.sql for Renewal server
  • Added 0x40000000 for item_db Job column
Rebellion Skills: Implemented!

commit: 507f047
Attempt to bring Rebellion Skills on rAthena. See more, click here.

Banking System: Implemented!

commit: 1290826

Monster Transformation: Updated!

commit: 9c438ce

  • Merged from Hercules 9692bc0
  • CAUTION: For Renewal user that use sql item_db, please update your item_db table with new sql_files/item_db_re.sql
bonus_script: Added New Script Command!

commit: 99098c19e8e3cf, sample of use dcb2572

  • This script command allows you to make 'timed item bonus'
  • CAUTION: Please upgrade your main database with sql-files/upgrades/upgrade_20131111.sql file to avoiding error and as storage of bonus_script.
Shadow Equipment System: Implemented!

commit: bd2503e, 7355677, fef6307

  • Item type: 12
  • New loc values:
    • 2^15 32768 = Ammo
    • 2^16 65536 = Shadow Armor
    • 2^17 131072 = Shadow Weapon
    • 2^18 262144 = Shadow Shield
    • 2^18 524288 = Shadow Shoes
    • 2^20 1048576 = Shadow Accessory 2
    • 2^21 2097152 = Shadow Accessory 1
  • CAUTION: Please for user who use MySQL for item_db/item_db_re/item_db2, please upgrade your tables with sql-files/upgrades/upgrade_20131115.sql first, then sql-files/upgrades/upgrade_20131115_2.sql
Initial release: Official VIP System!

commit: 3064821d2ee0dd
More info, click Official VIP System
CAUTION: Please upgrade your database with sql-files/upgrades/upgrade_20131118.sql

Initial release: Item & Point Shop

commit: 32fd3ee1ce4dbf
More info, click Item and Point Shop


commit: 43c21ad
// Update enemy position while in invisible state? (Note 1)
// NOTE: Set to 'no' will make client won't update enemy position unless the players have "Intravision" effect.
//       So that will help client handling WPE - Maya Purple Hack stuff.
//       But it will screw 'the game animation display' while players in invisible state.[/topic]

Fixed cell_basilica

commit: c88b77f
Now 'cell_basilica' by 'setcell' script will works!


commit: 432cdb7
on conf/battle/skill.conf
// Using 'old' behavior for devotion vs reflect damage? (Note 2)
// Default is 0 (official). If 'devotion_rdamage' is > 0 (chance to devot the reflected damage),
// when player with devotion attacks player with reflect damage ability (item bonus or skill),
// the damage will be taken by the person who provides devotion instead the attacker.
devotion_rdamage: 0

New Item Group Structure

commit: 51074a0

  • Structure: GroupID,ItemID,Rate,Amount,Random,isAnnounced,Duration,isNamed,isBound
  • Added new script command and edited some following this change, more info
Class System

commit: dae8122, b695ab3, 8120164, 3f4c389

  • Added: Class_Normal, Class_Boss, and Class_Guardian.
  • Many many changes on this commit (and also the follow ups), click here for more info
DB Import

commit: 28ecab5, ff29c23, b9aae13
Added import folder for db files. Now you can put your mods on that folder. Like previously, db/item_db2,txt, now it's on db/import/item_db.txt

Updated Global Functions

commit: 97687ca, 834f3ba, 45c2a3a
Updated some global function. Click here for more details.


commit: 4af3145
Added a check_db on char-serv startup to ensure all sql-tables was loaded correctly and avoid error on runtime.


commit: 40f7014
Since official added new RC identification to ensure certain item only work when WoE/PvP, they added Race identifier for player.
From now on, Player is not RC_DEMIHUMAN anymore! Player is RC_PLAYER by default.
Because of this, some items that has bonus RC_DEMIHUMAN effect before, are being added with RC_PLAYER. Example for Thara Frog Card.

Updated Item Bonus: bAddMonsterIdDropItem, bonus3 bAddClassDropItem, bonus3 bAddClassDropItemGroup

commit 32713b9

  • Item bonus 'bAddClassDropItem' renamed to 'bAddMonsterIdDropItem'
  • bonus3 bAddClassDropItem,item_id,class,rate;
  • bonus3 bAddClassDropItemGroup,group_id,class,rate;
3rd Class 2011 Post Balance Update

commit 0f7ecd0
Updated many skill formulas according to 2011 Post Balance Patch.
More info: Third Class 2011 Post Balance

Added script command: *isbegin_quest

commit a3dbbe2
Check the quest status of invoker player.
More info: click here

Implemented: Kagerou/Oboro job change quest

commit b2d96cb
Also added Kagerou/Oboro support to other Ninja-related files

Implemented: iRO 2013 Halloween event NPC

commit 93c6386, 645e110

Added: Author list

commit c0e87af
File containing names of major contributors to Athena

Added: Monster spawn list for iRO 2013 Halloween event

commit c611840
Added monster spawn at npc/events/halloween_2013.txt

Added: Rebellion Trader NPCs

commit 389ac2a
Screenshots: http://rathena.org/board/topic/90115-item-db-help/page-2#entry238439

Added: idRO Cash Trader NPCs

commit d35ac5a

Added script command: *strcmp

commit d569d28
More info: click here

Implemented: Kagerou/Oboro Gear Enchants

commit 9b5798d
Added file: npc/re/merchants/enchan_ko.txt

Implemented: Mail Annex Station scripts to iRO Eden

commit 2ec01da
Also added annex tool dealer.

Added: Oktoberfest Costume

commit b818c78
NOTE: Requires client version 20131218 or newer

Implemented: 2012 Headgear Quests

commit 5d08795

Implemented: Kagerou/Oboro Equipment Quests

commit e6bd362
Added new file: npc/re/quests/ninja_quests.txt

Implemented: 2010 Headgear Quests

commit 189a46d

Implemented: Autotrade Persistency

commit 27cbc7f
Please read this topic for more info Autotrade Persistence & Live Vendor Data

Added: 2013 iRO/kRO Christmas Event

commit 3813aaa

Added item bonus: bMaxWeight

commit 0b6c542
bonus bMaxWeight,weight;

Added item package: IG_Sg_Weapon_Supply_Box

commit 0b6c542
Item package for Sg_Weapon_Supply_Box (12675)

Added new atcommand: @showrate

commit 31d9712
To disable/enable the message of rate information when VIP is enabled

Added config: vip_disp_rate

commit 31d9712
Added config 'vip_disp_rate' at conf/battle/player.conf
To set the message of rate information (EXP, Drop, and Death penalty message) is displayed or not by default

Added config: disp_serverbank_msg

commit 31d9712
Added config 'disp_serverbank_msg' at conf/battle/misc.conf
To hide "login-serv has been asked to %s the player '%.*s'." message

Added config: warg_can_falcon

commit 11e507b
Added config 'disp_serverbank_msg' at conf/battle/battle.conf, disabled by default
Enable player can has Falcon and Warg at same time

Implemented: " Script Command to block commands"

commit 0310870

  • Added config 'atcommand_enable_npc' at conf/battle/gm.conf
  • Added new script commands: enable_command and disable_command. See here for more info.
Added config: path_blown_halt

commit 61f3caa
Added config 'path_blown_halt' at conf/battle/skill.conf
For official pushback behavior: Hitting a wall will now always cause units to halt, rather than to continue sliding against the wall

Updated: @iteminfo

commit 8fff37e
Now @iteminfo will display type of ammunition instead 'Arrow/Ammunition'

Removed: Option_Mounting

commit fd063a8
Option_Mounting now is removed, changed to SC_ALL_RIDING

Added new script command: *preg_match

commit 957f495
preg_match(<regex pattern>,<string>{,<offset>})
More info click here

Added: INF2_NO_AUTOSHADOWSPELL for skill_db.txt

commit: c9cf222
This inf2 option makes the imitated skill (by Plagiarism or Reproduce) cannot be auto-casted by Shadow Chaser skill, Auto Shadow Spell
Replaced with INF2_AUTOSHADOWSPELL at b4bdaeb

Major custom folder update

commit: 163a98c
These scripts have been chosen for being unique and useful, yet structurally simple. In this way, they can serve as usable reference material for future user scripts.

  • Battleground: bg_emp (Emperium breaker), bg_pvp (PVP match)
  • Event: mvp_ladder (kill every MVP to win), devil_square (3-round monster summoning event)
  • Utility: card_seller (sells all monster cards), mvp_room (private MVP summoning room), autopot (automatically use potions when hit)
Credits to AnnieRuru for offering up her scripts and modifying them for use.
Other changes:
  • Moved previous custom battleground scripts into 'battleground/unofficial/'.
  • Moved custom holiday event scripts into 'event/holiday/
Added scripts:

commit: b4bdaeb
This inf2 option makes the imitated skill (by Plagiarism or Reproduce) can be listed by Auto Shadow Spell (SC_AUTOSHADOWSPELL) by Shadow Chaser skill.
By default, the available skills are:

  • MG_FIREBOLT, Firebolt
  • MG_FIREBALL, Fireball
  • MG_FIREWALL, Firewall
  • MG_COLDBOLT, Coldbolt
  • MG_FROSTDIVER, Frost diver
  • MG_LIGHTNINGBOLT, Lightning bolt
  • MG_THUNDERSTORM, Thunder storm
  • MG_NAPALMBEAT, Napalm beat
  • MG_SOULSTRIKE, Soul Strike
  • AL_HEAL, Heal
  • WZ_FIREPILLAR, Fire Pillar
  • WZ_SIGHTRASHER, Sightrasher
  • WZ_METEOR, Meteor Storm
  • WZ_JUPITEL, Jupitel Thunder
  • WZ_VERMILION, Lord of Vermilion
  • WZ_WATERBALL, Waterball
  • WZ_FROSTNOVA, Frost Nova
  • WZ_STORMGUST, Storm Gust
  • WZ_EARTHSPIKE, Earth Spike
  • WZ_HEAVENDRIVE, Heaven's Drive
Implemented: Autotrade Persistency for Buyingstore

commit: b3506fb, ff9b625, 996ee3d, 899f3c1
Just like Vending, now Buyingstore also supported by autotrade persistency.
CAUTION: Added new upgrade file, sql-files/upgrades/upgrade_20140205.sql. Import this .sql file or execute the queries inside

Implemented: @warp <map> suggestion

commit: f3777cc
To enable this feature, turn on 'feature.warp_suggestions' on conf/battle/feature.conf#L24
When invalid map name is specified while using @warp command, map name suggestion will be shown.

Added source documentation

commit: 1d77a9f
doc/source_doc.txt provides a concise overview of rAthena's source code, and is a great starting point for users looking to gain a better understanding of how the emulator works.
Maybe later, we will provide the proper source documentation for rAthena project (such UML)

"Added: pRO/twRO " Card Exchange" NPC

commit: c7e020a
Added new NPC: npc/re/merchants/card_exchange.txt

"Updated script command: *instance_enter

commit: 1f426bc, d068dff, 233d7ac
Added 2 optional parameters: *instance_enter "<instance name>",<x>,<y>);
More info, click here.

"Replaced: 'getserverdef' command with 'script_hardcoded_constants' function in source

commit: cad0a57
Contant for 'Option_' and 'VAR_' now placed on script_set_contant in src/map/script.c, not in db/const.txt anymore.

"Implemented: 'teleport_on_portal' battle config

commit: 931f260
This battle config is being used for allowing avoidance of Teleporting on top of Map Warp Portals. By defaul is set as 'no' since in official server, player never be spawned in warp portal after teleporting.

"Implemented: 'OnPCStatCalcEvent' label

commit: 27a0f3f
This label triggered when player's stats are recalculated, like when player puts on/off equipment.
Label: OnPCStatCalcEvent

"Implemented: 'countitem' and 'delitem' script command variants

commit: 01c30bf
Now, able to count or delete item in storage or cart. More info, click here.

"Added: @costume

commit: 0081e25
@costume <Costume Name>

  • Wedding
  • Xmas
  • Summer
  • Hanbok
  • Oktoberfest
"Added: Icon (SI) for SC_ITEMSCRIPT in 'val2' of sc_start

commit: e2d2494, e54a1d4
SC_ITEMSCRIPT now displaying Icon (this is should be like this), and by using script comamnd 'sc_start', the val2 is used for the SI.

"Implemented: Item Flag

commit: c95be2e
db/re/item_flag.txt - db/pre-re/item_flag.txt
Available flag at this commit are:
1 - Item as 'Dead Branch' which in its usage will be logged to branch_log and cannot be used in nobranch mapflag
2 - Item is known as package container, when player use the item, there is check for player's weight so the usage will be canceled

"Added: Support for 2013-12-23c client

commit: 912b644
At least, in this client version, we can use Oktoberfest costume. /lv

"Implemented: Wolfchev's Laboratory instance

commit: dd9719d
New intance script for Wolfchev's Laboratory, npc/re/instances/WolfchevLaboratory.txt

"Added: 'feature.auction' battle_config for enabling/disabling Auction System

commit: 577079b
Enable/disable auction system. PACKETVER also decides the auction system is supported or not.

"Added item bonus: bonus2 bAddItemGroupHealRate,ig,n;

commit: 704f4f2
This item bonus replace its old bro 'bonus2 bAddItemHealRate' which also being usage for item group. Now, bonus2 bAddItemHealRate only for Item ID (iid), and bonus2 bAddItemGroupHealRate for Item Group ID (iig). See db/const.txt for Item Group (IG_)

Cleaned up the Font System

commit: 6afcdeb, 7e92017
CAUTION: Please import this sql sql-files/upgrades/upgrade_20140523.sql

Char-Server refactor!

commit: 6b9ec5f, f5ef82e
Char-Server files have been refactor by lighta.
There new files at this commit, and please check if maybe there MSVS filters file that don't include those files properly.
(IMO~) It's more cleaner and easier to understand the char-server authentication between, login-server, map-server, console, and client. Just like map-server does.

Battle Config Updates

commit: a8a4425
Added some new configs in conf/battle/player.conf
-- transcendent_status_points, stat point bonus for trans classes.
-- revive_onwarp, disable/enable to revive a dead player when set new position (warping).
-- taekwon_ranker_min_lv, minimum level bonus of Taekwon Ranker.
-- fame_taekwon_mission, fame point gained when complete Taekwon Mission.
-- fame_refine_lv1, fame point when success to refine to +10 forged weapon level 1.
-- fame_refine_lv2, fame point when success to refine to +10 forged weapon level 2.
-- fame_refine_lv3, fame point when success to refine to +10 forged weapon level 3.
-- fame_forge, fame point when success to forge level 3 weapon with 3 additional ingredients.
-- fame_pharmacy_3, fame point when success do pharmacy 3 times in a row.
-- fame_pharmacy_5, fame point when success do pharmacy 5 times in a row.
-- fame_pharmacy_7, fame point when success do pharmacy 7 times in a row.
-- fame_pharmacy_10, fame point when success do pharmacy 8 times in a row.

Edited by Cydh
Updated the list
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I liked it when im the one who first comment to this Development News Thread :) 



Keep Running rAthena :) Good Luck & Wish you Luck ...

Edited by Yoona

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ahm s rebellion with no skills available is now on hercules am i right? when will the rathena include this rebellion class? coz i dont see any rebellion class on the latest rathena

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ahm s rebellion with no skills available is now on hercules am i right? when will the rathena include this rebellion class? coz i dont see any rebellion class on the latest rathena


We no longer support the old SVN repository.  It has been dropped due to inability to maintain.  Please move to the GIT repository, using either GIT or the SVN link provided on the GitHub site.

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Yey! Rebellion!

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im still looking forward to the new skills update development eventhough the rebellion class is here /ok

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Yep, these are all great. But we better start supporting 2013 clients!  /lv

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im still looking forward to the new skills update development eventhough the rebellion class is here /ok




Yep, these are all great. But we better start supporting 2013 clients!  /lv

I hope so, but I'm not a packet expert. xD



Salute, Time to switch gears, i hope this thread is always updated

Sure, like topic header said

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Awesome updates! :D Keep up the good work.

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First post updated.  We've partially merged Banking (changed behaviour) and merged Monster Transformation.

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The time will come that this thread will be heavily moderated, Keep the good work guys!

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[info=Development Update][/info]

  • We're standardizing documentation for source, clikc here for more info.
  • Added a new script command, bonus_script, click here for more info
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woa excellent great progress o:! +1

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