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  1. Why not? Is the feature not that good anymore? Were there alternatives in place?
  2. Are people still using this feature on 20180620 client? Problem: I enabled this feature, added custom keys on client and server, but server is not accepting the client connection. client keys: verified by NEMO extraction: server keys: Can somebody help me identify the problem?
  3. Is it possible for you to create torrent file for this? Or maybe have it in parts? My download keeps failing at the middle for some reason.
  4. Yes, it really wont work the way you are expecting. Let me tell you what you added. set [email protected], 300; (actually you added >300) -- What it does: this line here gives the [email protected] a value of 300 every time you use it in other parts of your script. Use: easy script set up. Editing this part will reflect in the whole script. Use like: set [email protected],5000; // Zeny required to save a build ---- setting if (Zeny<[email protected]) { message strcharinfo(0),"Not enough Zeny."; close; } ----- use in script if (Zeny<5000) { message strcharinfo(0),"Not enough Zeny."; close; } ------ this is how the script is read based on the setting For the script to work the way you want, you might need a limit on your sql table where the build is saved that will return an error. Or maybe a per stat check before saving builds. You can go ask for that in scripting request maybe.
  5. I'm using weediff and nemo..with my custom keys checked here. Check your packet db. Set the packet version to match the client you are using.
  6. Naka enable ba yung drop skull when player dies mo? Kung oo, disable mo muna, tapos try mo ulet. Pag walang naging problema, sprite ng skull ang nagccause ng error.
  7. I guess, they won't be able to connect to the server. ohh that's great. been a major headache bcoz of cheaters. can this also eliminate bots? Exactly the purpose of this feature.
  8. This is not related to client since it crashes map server. Must be in your core files. What error are you getting? Have you tried testing all of HW skills?
  9. Well... What happens after the text at the bottom disappears? Does it fail to patch? Or are you able to start the game? As for the exe to start using the patcher, 1. do not use the patch (diff) "Disable 1rag1 type parameters" and 2. Run patcher as admin I will try to upload my patcher core file that i edited to always ask to run as admin.
  10. What exactly is the error message you are getting (if there is any)?
  11. Replace the Bank button texture in your data folder (or inside your grf, whichever you are using) and replace it with the same picture size with pink color. The hex code of that pink color is FF00FF which appears transparent in ro. But i would not suggest it. Players can still access it if they click on this transparent button. It is still there, just not visible. I'd say go for client hex editing. I believe there is a guide here in the forums.
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